WATCH: Modern Family‘s Gay Kiss Is Finally Here, And It’s Beauitful(ly Hysterical)

Well after a summer of scandal that erupted in May, when the season closed with Cam and Mitch noticeably avoiding a kiss, Modern Family finally delivered its same-sex smooch last night. And boy were there a lot of dudes kissing! (Spoilers ahead.)

[flv: 650 400]

All your (unwanted) complaining finally panned out with last night’s “The Kiss” episode. All along producers claimed they purposefully left out a kiss between the show’s gay characters because they were already planning a plotline based on Mitch’s aversion to PDA. So after some fun in the media over the controversy, last night it arrived.

No kissing at the clothing store. No kissing in front of the family. All because, we learn, Mitch’s dad Jay didn’t show him enough affection when he was a boy. What’s most notable about the episode is that when we finally do see Cam and Mitch touch lips, it’s almost as an aside. It comes at the end in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene, likely a nod to producers’ belief that showing two guys kiss on national television isn’t a big deal. And it isn’t.

I’d say, the show handled the whole PDA thing perfectly. Because I was laughing the whole time. (Cam falling off the couch? Brills.)

Modern Family, FTW.

[Bottom photo: Scene from last season’s finale, the infamous “no kiss.”]

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  • Cam

    The fact that they started off last weeks episode with a forhead kiss and them holding hands would seem to show that they weren’t just saving it for a plotline, but were purposely having the characters avoid affection before and now had responded to the protests. Additionally, they could have immidiately come out with the story that they had a plot for an episode about it instead of taking a few weeks to come up with that story. So, they were keeping the gay characters as neuters, they got busted for it, and in the end it resulted in a funny episode. Nice Save Modern Family. I do think it almost went too quickly, they could have drawn that one out into a two parter, more arguments in public. lol

    They are starting off with a bang this year, last weeks look of depression on Manny’s mothers face as she admitted to the camera that his little girlfriends chocolate milk tasted better than her own was priceless!

  • Soupy

    I could relate to the episode. I was raised with no PDAs. I never touched either of my parents. I only got to kiss my mom when she was in a coma and dying. I have a partner of 16 years. I have never kissed him in public. I had girlfriends previously, and I wouldn’t kiss them in public either. I’m a hand shaker, and it is awkward for me that everyone seems to want to hug these days. It has nothing to do with “gay shame”. It’s simply my own neuroses. I’d like to get over it.

  • Kieran

    I don’t see what the big deal is, guys kiss all the time on the Sopranos.

  • Kane

    Right at the end…

    “You know it’s made of pig intestines”


  • Adam

    And we should care why about this?

  • David Ehrenstein

    Oh this is such a fun show. All the actors are perfect.

  • Sceth

    No love for the techie? 8(

  • UMB

    i DID actually miss it the first time! i was like “all that fuss, and still no kiss?! WTF?!”

    love this show.

  • wannabegay2

    1. sofia vergara is freakin funny! i cannot stop laughing.

    2. this episode was the funniest of the whole series

    3. the “gay kiss” that we’ve all been expecting was 1 second and somewhere in the background, hard to notice immediately.

    4. i do love modern family since the beginning

    5. i am dealing with lack of PDA every day. even though i live in LA people are so afraid to show any affection in public (i mean gay people)… i think its based on fear only. people need to grow up. i, for example, was kissing with my bf all day long everywhere somewhere in eastern europe and nothing happened, except for a few looks. i saw gay people kissing in hong kong as well, without being afraid of anything. i think the problem is with america in general and gay americans in particular – its some sort of “gay guilt” which is wrong: we dont wanna piss off the str8 world, we dont want them to think we’re “pushing” our gayness in public.

  • Matt

    Mitchell is a guy that does not show affection, he would call you out on an airplane for being a bigot(episode 1) but he has a hard enough time shaking his fathers hand. His sister wouldn’t have hit up the PDA in the airport if she hadn’t been drunk. The kiss between Cam and Mitch was perfect if you look at the two characters involved, short, sweet, and slightly public exactly what Mitch could handle. This show has created complex characters from multiple different ages and backgrounds, you can’t expect them to throw this couple or character into something he isn’t ready for, it would be like outing your closeted friend and expecting him or her to be 100% ok with it.

  • ait10101

    Sorry, but they look really Nelly to me.

  • scott ny'er

    that was it?!!?

    i’ll admit that the gay dude falling across the sofa was funny. But otherwise, it was ok.

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