WATCH: Pro-Gay Pastas Get Drenched In Sauce By Hunky Nude Chef

Gay social networking app MISTER (the app for men) decided to sponsor this video sent to them by another mister, gay singer-songwriter Mister Chase and we can’t really blame them. Featuring a chef wearing nothing but an apron (it’s a tad NSFW-ish) and an adorable couple going at a noodle from both ends Lady and the Tramp style, the video is not only hot but also promotes some gay-friendly pasta brands in the wake of Barilla-gate: Bertolli, Buitoni, Garofalo and Ronzoni. They forgot to mention this one, however:

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  • Red_Dragon_888

    Thank you Jimmy.

  • Volvoguy

    Really nice, butt. Thanks

  • Jayson

    Cute! But breaking the spaghetti in half is a sin in a genuine Italian household! ;)

  • Fael

    Horrible, that way no one will want to do advertisements with gay couples. What is the need of nudity while cooking? Even if it’s for a gay dating app, it’s kinda disgusting! And by the way, even the meal does not look good.

  • Spike

    Who wouldn’t want a personal chef that looks like that and wears only an apron???

  • MikeE

    minor detail.. but couldn’t they at least have found a piece of Italian music instead of a Strauss waltz?

  • kurt_t

    “What is the need of nudity while cooking?”

    I’ll tell you what’s unnecessary is that damn apron.

  • scotshot

    @Fael: Fael….”or take description by engaging in grossly pathetic acts of awfulness” (there’s more too-look it up)…I’d say it’s an apt description of a troll. Ciao bitch!

  • DonW

    This Italian enjoyed watching it but protests that “Amore” is not spelled “Amoré.”

  • Katbox

    @Jayson: Pfft- I’m not even italian and I know that….

    His ass is…missing? Just like nico sky’s.

  • ncman

    Does anyone on Queerty’s staff know what the definition of “nude” is? Why do they keep using that word in their headlines when it isn’t an accurate description of their stories? This chef isn’t “nude”.

  • Fael

    @kurt_t: Unnecessary? Why? Just because my opinion is different from yours I should not say it? I did not offend anyone with my comment, so I do not see it as inappropriate or unnecessary.

  • Fael

    @scotshot: I have no idea what you are talking about… bitch!

  • pauleky

    Really? Why does everything gay-related have to be about sex? Why is the chef nude. The couple at dinner was great – and they were enough. I’m with Fael on this one…

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