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WATCH: Russia’s new reality show takes homophobia to a weird new level

I’m Not Gay

Fans of reality television, prepare to pour a stiff one.

Russia has released its latest attempt at being the most homophobic country on the planet: a reality show in which contestants attempt to prove they’re not gay.

I’m Not Gay pits eight Russian men against each other, all attempting to prove how stereotypically “straight” they are. Each episode sees another contestant eliminated via a vote by the cast following contests such as a swimwear pageant and getting lap dances from female strippers. Hidden in the cast is an actual gay man (and we feel really bad for him); the show concludes once he is rooted out.

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Russian politician Vitaly Milonov hosts the series. Readers might recognize him as the mind behind the nation’s harsh “anti-gay propaganda” laws which demonize LGBTQ people, and encourages violent treatment of them. The laws have encouraged queer people to flee Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe in recent years. Reports amid the country’s invasion of Ukraine also detail increased violence toward queer citizens.

The irony is that the premise of the show is pretty gay unto itself. The opening credits to the series, set to “All Along The Watchtower,” is also as gay as anything we’ve ever seen on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Here’s hoping Ru & company has a parody of I’m Not Gay in the works.

I’m Not Gay streams on YouTube (paging moderators!) for anyone who needs to waste an hour of his life…not to mention brain cells.

Of course, with the release of the first episode of the show, Twitter has some very confused thoughts about the series…