WATCH: The Close-Up SFW Video Of Jason Russell’s Super-Gay Naked Meltdown

TMZ has released a new close-up clip of Jason Russell’s naked freakout on the streets of San Diego last Thursday. And in addition to highlighting Russell’s pretty smokin’ bod, it reveals some gesturing that’s more limp-wristed than Rip Taylor trying to put our a three-alarm fire in WeHo.

 You’ve heard of the Scared Straight program? Teens who are considering going into reparative therapy should be forced to watch this as part of the Scared Gay program.

This is what happens when you try to hide in the closet and marry your “best friend,” kids!



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  • John

    Wow…pretty cringe worthy. I think he and Michelle Bachmans husband should go on vacatoin together. All I can say about this video is “Sashay, Shante!”

  • Mike

    My God, what a queen! Gurlfren should go on the next RuPaul’s Drag Race! This is karma in action… gurlfren was involved in anti-gay groups.

  • jason

    What’s he auditioning for? La Cage Aux Folles?

  • lookatme!

    that video should end at les debiles mark :D

  • Shannon1981

    Listen carefully, even in all his queened out greatness, dude is still talking about the devil.

  • Damien

    At least I know my Gaydar still works. I pegged him as gay the minute I saw him – and now this comes out and proves it!

  • FiFi

    What a fagtastic performance! Werq it gurrrrl!

  • pedro

    He needs help…I refuse to take pleasure from this man’s obvious crisis. He needs a serious life intervention and life change stat!

  • Shannon1981

    @pedro: I don’t necessarily *take pleasure,* but c mon, with all we’ve found out about that scam he runs this week, can’t really feel too sorry, either..

  • jason

    Just because he’s flapping his wings, it doesn’t mean he’s gay. Camp, yes. Gay, no.

  • Shannon1981

    @jc: Don’t be silly. There is no such thing as supernatural powers.

  • iDavid

    Queerty——is there some reason you left the comments box off the latest Michael Lucas post?

    Can’t play this movie on my android, time to kick start my desktop. Sounds naked worthy.

  • Marie Cohn

    An audition for NAKED BOYS SINGING. Without the singing.

  • QJ201

    now Shashay away…until the crystal wears off.

  • pierre

    That girl is a mess! And yes Jason, he’s a big flaming queen.

  • Michael

    Jason, are you serious? He’s 100% gay. It’s unreal you’re trying to say him acting like a HUGE queen doesn’t mean he is one.

  • Wilmer

    It’s very stressful to be closeted

  • randy

    @jason: You’re right. This is exactly how beer swilling 100% hetero males in America act when they go off the deep end.

  • LLM

    iDavid, what browser do you use on your android? I am using Dolphin Browser and can watch the video just fine. It seems like a standard flash vid and as far as I know only Apple products are unable to play flash videos. I can play it in my native browser as well and in Dolphin, but maybe Dolphin or one of the other browsers with better video and media support will fix your problem!

  • Rooney

    Jason, Jason, Jason, Kony made you out of gay.

  • iDavid

    Hey LLM, I’m using my native browser on my Bionic which plays 99.999%, but would love that extra .001. Will chk out Dolphin. Thx for the tip.
    Hey Shannon1981, Happy B’day! I like your sight. Still moving here if you can believe it. Place fell through and still looking w bags packed in car. Yikes. :/ moving soon?

  • Jamie

    This is really sad. He obviouslly has a mental illness, and this shouldn’t be taken so lightly. the guy has a child.

  • Joetx

    @iDavid: Michael Lucas is despicable, yet for some reason Queerty & The Advocate are enamored w/ him. I suspect Queerty disabled the comments box b/c they don’t like people saying what a POS Michael Lucas is.

  • ALLI



  • Shannon1981

    @iDavid: Thank You! Might update the blog later. Just click my name where you see it and it’ll take ya right there. Hopefully moving in roughly a month. Still moving?!?! How?!?! That has to blow. I’ve decided to sell a bunch of shit and fly there.

  • Mitch Trachtenberg

    Queerty has now proven itself to suffer from internalized homophobia. It takes a person that it doesn’t like, and decides to “insult” them by calling them gay.

    Offhand, I can think of very few people who have proven themselves more admirable than Jason Russell. (I don’t know him personally and I am not affiliated in any way with his organization.)

    Here’s what he’s done: devoted ten years of his life to trying to aid kids far away from the area where he grew up; built an organization that, if you read newspapers like the Guardian, receives high praise from other, more typical, NGOs for its willingness to take approaches they do not; created an instant viral video hit that’s received more than 80 million views. (What have you done, queerty?)

    He did this at some personal risk, using techniques that he knew would appeal to a wide audience but that would also predictablyl trigger nasty reactions from the reliably cynical and jaded crowd. He’s the “wrong color,” he’s the “great white savior,” he’s (gasp) evangelical, he’s put the focus on himself and Americans rather than on Africans. Damn right he did — he knows what WORKS.

    What’s his reward? Having his breakdown plastered all over the world. And queerty has decided that, despite his “smokin’ bod,” he’s an example for Scared Straight.

    There are so few people who have come close to this man’s accomplishments for good that he has instantly become a personal hero of mine (and I’m a gay atheist Jew, hardly an evangelical).

    Queerty should be ashamed.

  • Gigi

    Listen, I’ve been drunk and high and, well, both at the same time but I have never had a meltdown like that. Or even close to that. This is some serious stuff. The boy needs help. I doubt that he’ll get it. His handlers will just say that he was “exhausted” and chalk it up to that but there’s a lot more going on here than meets the eye. I do believe that this is a prime example of the mess that indoctrination camps can do to a person. Sad. Very sad.

  • ed riseman

    what a sad bunch of commentators …. taking pleasure in someone having a mental breakdown on the streets. Sure many of you have seen mentally disturbed people on the street acting not a lot different than this – just so happens the guy is cute, naked and in the news. How about you guys go out and film some of the other mental wrecks roaming the streets screaming and shouting at the voices in their heads and start a contest on which one deserves the title “Queen of the Streets”. That would be fun

  • Franco

    Oh seriously Queerty, really? Grrr…. I wish one day members of the gay community will learn that bullying possible closeted gay men will not erase the torment they experienced when younger. Compassion, maturity and a little common sense would be nice.

  • jerry2011

    Wow, on one hand I feel bad for this guy, who was trying to do so much good in the world. On the other, I think this is funny as hell and should be a warning against drugs.

  • Chris

    What a Mo!

  • heynow

    ok Jason…

  • J Ascher

    @Joetx: Finally! Someone else who doesn’t fawn over the Russian-born mogul. Thank you a million times over!

  • the other Greg

    The SD police were professional enough to realize this was a psychotic episode and didn’t charge him with anything. It’s mental illness, the brain going haywire, and sad. Yeah, the timing is odd, and yeah, he’s probably a repressed homo. But there are plenty of reasons to oppose IC besides his personal quirks and psychosis. And yeah, he’s cute so I’ll probably watch it (but not yet).

  • Ogre Magi

    @Franco: WTF are you talking about? He is trying to hurt us!

  • the other Greg

    @J Ascher: I’ve had this comment ready for the Michael Lucas story if they ever “fix” the comments:

    “thanks to the open bar, the evening was a bit of a blur for us.”

    So what kind of booze and drugs are you gonna give us if we watch a video of some gay Republican’s birthday that’s over 33 MINUTES LONG?

  • Kev C

    He wanted publicity, he got it. Shooting stars never stop.

  • iDavid

    Shannon1981……long story soon to b resolved. Yay!

    Manoman, Lucas is sure a hot potatoe to this group.

  • Alexa

    This is just sad. It seems to me that the pressure of instant fame and, from the look of it, being closeted and/or in denial, caused a psychotic breakdown. I don’t think alcohol or drugs were the cause because he wasn’t arrested, he was taken to hospital. I hope he gets help.

  • Gross

    Running around naked is one thing, but walking around barefoot on a public sidewalk is simply inexcusable. Gross. Dogs and people poop and pee on that sidewalk. Nasty.

  • christopher di crapito

    He was mind controlled by the CIA.

  • the other Greg

    @Gross: Yes, even in San Diego, that is a faux pas!

  • the other Greg

    What the hell, i watched it. He’s cute, I’d blow him. I’d also fuck him. But I suspect he wants a big black guy to fuck him, considering his Uganda fetish and all that.

  • Kim

    A feel sorry for him but his reps made it worse by blaming it on exhaustion/ dehydration. Didn’t Demi Moore go to ER due to exhaustion GMAFB

  • Randy

    Looks more like a psychotic moment.

  • Adam

    @Mitch Trachtenberg: They’re not insulting him by calling him gay, they’re insulting him by calling him closeted. Big difference.

  • lizcivious

    @Mike: Willam Belli, current contestant on Drag Race and actor, could have his breakthrough role of a lifetime should the Jason Russell story be made into a film. After some snickering, I actually feel sorry for this guy after watching his PB wingding. It must be horrible to deny the very being you are and live a lie your whole life.

  • DouggSeven

    No one else thinks this might be a publicity stunt? 2 weeks ago I never heard about this Kony 2012 movement – now it’s all I hear about. I don’t know many missionaries with PR agents. I think he’s playing the media like a fiddle.

  • finalexile

    I personally wish we can drop the hang-up on if this guy if he’s gay or not. It’s becoming more and more disheartening and hypocritical to see that the same marginalized community that is bullied, nit-picked and stigmatized holds not qualms to do it on potential other members of the same flock.

    We have the right to voice our opinion but not to harass, pressure and humiliate someone on purely superficial grounds. It’s funny cause I would expect better judgement, but it looks like we’re in the “open” clique targeting the others. Great for you if you accept yourself, love & appreciate but I bet you sure would be pissed if someone said “big deal” because it surely isn’t something you can buy at the local pharmacy.

    His sexuality is personally not important to me, but what is his non-profit is plagued with conspiracy that I wish there would be more light shed on it to resolve my confusion and indecision on the movement.

  • Mitch Trachtenberg

    @Adam: Closeted, in denial, or gay-acting straight. What business is it of queerty’s, yours, or mine? He isn’t making money or votes off of gay-bashing. His sexuality is his business.

    Who’s making money? Queerty is, sticking his worst moment on screen because he’s naked and in the news. Pathetic.

  • Franco

    @Ogre Magi: With your logic, then yes, he deserves everything he gets. Like I said, compassion, even for perceived enemies, make us all better human beings.

  • greenapples

    Am I the only one who doesn’t find this at all funny? I am bipolar and living with a mental illness has made my life incredibly hard. I’ve also had a few “mental breakdowns” (though nothing like this) and let me tell you that they are horrifying and traumatizing to experience. Also, they don’t just end there. After you go to a hospital, must quit whatever you were doing at the time (job, school, etc.) and get your brain pumped full of different drugs in which you have no say over. This lasts for several weeks or months.

    I shutter to think what he’s experiencing at the moment in the video. What exactly did he do that’s SO TERRIIBLE that we must make fun of him during an incredibly dark moment in his life?

  • vixlad

    What a queen and repressed closet case!

  • dave

    “mental breakdown” pffft. This is classic meth-head behavior. I see it all the time when I drive thru my local cracked-out neighborhood nearby. And yes, he is probably gay.

  • Steven

    No snark, no jokes and no pleasure here.

    To my knowledge, he never espoused anti-gay views. But he did have nice things to say about anti-gay pastors in Uganda and never spoke up about the genocidal legislation pending in Uganda. So I think it is safe to say that he is a hypocrite.

    At the same time, he is a victim of evangelical Christianity, which instills self-hatred and shame in all of its followers. I can’t imagine going through 4 years of Liberty University and then another 10 years of a fake life surrounded by evangelicals. This is what happens.

  • Mitch Trachtenberg

    @Steven: Sorry, Steven. After you’ve worked with people for ten years towards a common goal, go try and see whether you choose to denounce them or continue working with them. Unless you have privileged knowledge, you can’t even know whether he’s tried to discuss things with his friends in private.

    For that matter, there are people — even gay people — who think gay is sinful. I think they’re wrong, but I don’t think they’re hypocrites.

    If every evangelical would work as hard for a just world as this man has, it would be a true miracle.

    If he is gay, it’s hard to imagine a better way to alienate him from potential support. If he’s not gay and has truly been raised as a bigot, it’s hard to imagine a better way to ensure he has zero respect for the gay community than to have it plaster his “smokin hot” bod, photographed during his nervous breakdown, on a gay “news” aggregator.

    Oh, wait. There is a better way. Have him read the comments. Over and out, queerty. Good riddance.

  • Blake

    Isn’t it obvious that the man is suffering from a mental illness? I don’t see how people can assume anything about this man’s sexuality based on his manic rantings.

    Moreover, why do people care that he may or may not be gay? What homophobic acts has he committed? None to my knowledge.

  • Christian

    This is an odd one for sure….
    guy dedicates life to helping those kids …so I want to like him
    guy seems gay so I want to be proud of him as a gay man…

    guy may be evangelical christian and antigay- so I want to feel sympathy for him (self loathing gay christian and all) but I also want to smack him in the head if he is indeed antigay.

    guy gets caught on corner, nude, screaming about the devil and playing patty cakes with the pavement… so now I feel like is someone with issues … but so what? we all have issues.

    If his film saves five of those kids lives then he’s ok by me, regardless of whether he hates gays, hates me for being gay, is gay and hates himself or whatever. The film is a story- if you think it is lop-sided, then google the info and find out for yourself and decide. but its the story he told and good for him.

    I wish him and his family strength at what must be a very harrowing time.

  • Chris

    Way to go Queerty. You’ve published video of a man suffering extreme pain from a serious and incurable illness and invited people to laugh at it.

  • CBRad

    Another reason to despise this guy was for his ego. Called himself “Jason ‘Radical’ Russell”. Lots of face shots of him and the other two closet gays, looking brave and concerned in Uganda, in that film of his. Actually said…something like if Stephen Spielberg and Walt Disney had a kid…it would be him. I mean….really !?

  • gus


  • CBRad

    @gus: Queerty has always sucked journalistically. That don’t matter here. Russell is, at the very LEAST, nothing but bloated ego who is getting off easy if this is the worst thing that ever happens to him.

  • Ogre Magi

    @Franco: Screw that, throw his ass to the Lions of the Media!

  • Ogre Magi

    @Mitch Trachtenberg: Stop being such a Doo-Doo ! Why don’t you go to the 700 Club website, it is more your style!

  • SanDe

    Pity on this guy. It is sad to see a gay guy like this. Well, ah, what a emotion. Anyway. Why would the gays undergo like this? You know what? I do not what to say. I have not heard at all talking about the devil because it is blocked of his obscene language and also of his private parts.

  • SanDe

    JoeTx,I am also like Michael Lucas. Not because whatever. I like him for personal reasons. I like the birthmark on his penis. I really like it. It is sexy. Anyway. If it would be not for this birthmark on his penis, then I would not have taken noticed of him. Even though, Michael Lucas is sexy.

  • Grant Littleton

    Where is the non-blurred version?! I want to see some junk!

  • FunMe

    This is what the American Taliban does to their children when they are forced/pressured to be something they are not. They guy married when he was 25 … and now 8 years later with 2 kids and still having to pretend he’s something he’s not (poor straight girl), he goes unhinged.

    If he could only “come out, come out” where he is, he will find himself so much happier.

    The evidence is obvious the guy is gay:


    “But according to one source close to the inner circle we received the following statement:
    “…..meaning one of the board members is so in denial they all are standing by the dehydration & stress story…. she actually suggested it was “sick” for saying it could be anything more… i told her out of compassion that if they continue to treat him with gatoraid lol & prayer hes likely to end up in a bad situation… as in he needs mental health care & or drug intervention because lets fact it that was no act of dehydration malnutrition and stress… i was diagnosed when i came back from xxxxxx dehydrated & mal nurished i had enlarged liver because of this & my mind was in no way altered like his was in the video… i honestly believe hes closet gay & its that secret thats eating him up & i truly fear for his life… mental or drugs whatever mixed with that kind of inner turmoil is a recipe for suicide or other harmful behavior.’”

    Check the article for revelations from an insider.

  • FunMe

    @FunMe: AND in the article someone wrote:
    “I went to high school with Jason in a redneck suburb of San Diego and was a brief member of his parent’s Christian Youth Theater, a breeding ground for closet gays. Everyone remembers the most flaming guy from high school. That was Jason. When he ran for student body president his slogan was “hustle, hustle, vote for Russell.” Enough said?’

  • Cain

    Feel bad for the guy. Anyone could of been in that position. He seemed like he was kind of not really himself. I hope he gets some help. But when I heard about the Kony 2012 campaign I automatically knew it was a piece of flying crap. The Ugandan government is responsible for some of the most reprehensible crimes/laws in human rights. And we are worrying about some rebel? If anything I think the government is kind of in agreeance with Kony. Seeing that he is motivated by the bible and the 10 commandments. A lot of policy in Uganda is motivated by theological scripture. And in this case the situation is too sensitive for any U.S. headbutting. I think we should just leave Kony’s capture to the citizens and government of that region. When will Americans realize they’re not superhero’s and you can’t save a mortal world.

  • I have to ask this...

    How many of the people expressing “horror” over this story would be silent if, instead of a fit, attractive younger man, Russell was instead a 55-year-old, balding, overweight man?

  • shannon


  • Jack

    he says “iPhone Siri” at 0:18

  • Oh, ok.

    Got to love when white gay men call anti-gay homophobes, murderers, gay bashers, etc, “hot”.

    Seriously a white guy with visible abs can get away with literally anything to most white gay men. I don’t get it.

    He should make you want to vomit. Instead you sympathize with him because you want to bang him…wow. Rub one out before you post.

  • pietro

    Either Kony got a powerful Ugandan witchdoor with far reaching voodoo powers or this guy is queen of the mean street. I thought he was gay from the first time I saw him and now this just confirms everything. Gaydar don’t lie. He was snapping fiercely.

  • Shannon1981

    @dave: Meth or crack. Not proud of it, but in my younger years I did and sold lots of shit. On my “NOT EVEN ONCE” list are crack, heroin, and meth. I have a liberal view of drug use and think drugs should be legal and that the war on drugs is stupid. However, I have seen far too many folks either OD or go nuts on those three to EVER try them. Not saying that this is what he is on, but it’s classic methhead/crackhead behavior.

  • Sed

    OMG he is so gay I can’t believe it. I mean I figured he was gay after the interview I saw but I didn’t know he was flamming queen gay.

    Do any of you think someone may have slipped something into his drink or food or something? The timeing of his breakdown is quite suspicious.

    Let’s hope Tim Tebow never gets drunk.

  • Damien

    To those defending him: he has supported anti-gay pastors who recommend the death penalty for gays and lesbians. So get off your high horses and stop sticking up for the closeted, repressed HYPOCRITE.

  • aa72dallas

    The world would be a better place if we all stripped naked, ran down to the street corner, and ROYALLY QUEENED OUT every once in a while!!!

  • Truthie

    I’ve been studying this scam campaign and this Jason Russell and associates and think it’s important people don’t reduce this story to one or two flashy elements and overlook the rest.

    There are multiple things going on here simultaneously:

    1) There is a brilliantly designed “non-profit” 501(c)(3) that has taken someone who is essentially a bogeyman- unknowable, vague, on the other side of the world in a place few Americans know anything about – and built him up into a personification of Satan in order to bring in massive donations both from big donors and the naive public. This venture has allowed several friends who have no other known involvement with Africa or politics to earn a very good living while having fun making the kind of music videos and commercials Russell has always dreamed of making. The people in this organization pay themselves handsomely given their scant CVs, and a huge amount of money is spent on toys, travel, entertainment, etc.

    2) This is also an integrated part of the fundamentalist Evangelical Christian movement to turn parts of Africa into their own social experiments. Russell comes out of a completely fundamentalist Christian world and IC has worked since the beginning arm in arm with other fundamentalists involved in Africa. They have received massive amounts of money from right-wing organizations and have actively lobbied for political causes that directly benefit the oppressive government of Uganda. The same people and the same government that has made oppressing gay people a very public priority.

    3) The entire IC campaign is shamefully targeted at minors who are the most naive about political realities and the most easily swayed by music videos and social networking. Even more sickeningly, IC tugs at the heartstrings with claims of “child soldiers” (ignoring the Ugandan government’s child soldiers, etc) while soliciting money from children in order to support a military intervention to….wait for it….KILL Kony’s abducted child soldiers!

    Russell may or may not be a nice guy despite his sleazy hustling and politicking disguised as “humanitarian activism”, but people need to be clear both on how corrupt and fraudulent an idea the entire IC campaign is. And given how fake everything else about them has proven to be, it’s only fair to ask questions about the mastermind’s obviously repressed sexuality, the anti-gay funders of IC, the anti-gay activities in Uganda, and any ties that may exist to similar anti-gay groups operating in Uganda.

    This man has made a big show out of his purported family life – highlighting his son in his film and talking about wanting to have 9 more children in his bizarre web site. He literally grew up in a fundamentalist Christian children’s theater group that put on musicals. Russell needs to accept himself, come clean about IC, and assist in the investigation of the organization and its. He has undoubtedly had a terrible life trying to be what he is not, but he needs to make right the wrong he’s done.

  • anton

    it’s been a while since i drank. better get a glass of water before i dehydrate and turn into a naked, raging, rampant gay guy!!!

  • Paul

    @Oh, ok.: Oh, RE-lax, Oh, ok. He may be anti-gay, or “white” (btw…why did you feel you had to include that…twice?) And he can’t get away with everything just because of nice abs. But hey, if someone’s hot, they’re hot, and that’s seperate from the rest of it…no need to sympathize with him just because he had a meltdown. Who gives a shit. If he’s bangable, just put his head in the pillow so you don’t have to hear him. Sounds like you need to rub one out…I hear a bit of repression going on in your head.

    Oh yeah, and he’s hot. ;)

  • D P

    Reminds me of that scene in “Victor/Victoria” where the character Toddy is teaching Victoria how to embellish drag movements. “Broader! …with TONS of shoulders…!”

  • Jeremy

    Queerty, I’m fairly sure you had Jason pegged the moment you heard the word “evangelical”. It’s funny how intolerant a discriminated minority group can be, isn’t it?

    It’s gay people like you that are the reason why legitimately straight men try and overcompensate by becoming over-masculine, femmme-fearing, close minded douchebags instead of feeling free to express themselves and be who they are without fear of being told to come out.

    No I didn’t really care much about the Kony video, purely because causes as black and white as child sex slavery don’t provoke my passion- I much prefer defending an underdog viewpoint, such as my sexuality, atheism or smoking.

    But the simple fact is the guy has tried to make the world a better place for people and we have tried to make it unbearable for him. Pathetic.

  • Oh, ok.

    @Paul: Are you on crack or just incapable of comprehending what you’re reading?

  • CJ

    I’ve been on week-long coke & speed benders but never ended up pulling this kind of shit.. I’m sure my friends would have it on video if I didn’t remember.

  • iDavid

    Because of gay marriage wins + hypocrisy, this is what every RW Christian does at home usually on weekends. And they do it drug free, cept for large doses of coffee. He just took it outside. It’s really a no brainer.

  • frenke

    Wow, Jason Russell is sooooooooooooooo gay..that if he wasn’t it would be an absolute shock to me! He is just so flambouyant and prissy with his hands as he is yelling…perhaps his marriage to a woman is a sham for the public. I just didn’t think that in this day and age………….any man feels the need to hide who he is behind a woman!!!! That and drugs caused the meltdown probably. They said he suffered from mental anguish, dehydration ect…………..all the things most people have after a binge with drugs.

  • Seaguy

    He’s not straight I can tell you that much. I don’t care what she says.

  • Ricky

    This is the worst breakdown I’ve ever seen. I’m skeptical of Kony 2012 and the IC, but I don’t think there was much maliciousness meant by what he was doing. His wife is probably right that the public attention has probably got to him…and in probably the worst way. Having you’re movie that probably has good intent behind, but as well as it may or was liked, it also came under major scrutiny…especially by people who actually live in the areas of discussion.

    Then to top it all off his sexuality comes under PUBLIC scrutiny after being married and having two kids. I was near to the point of suicide the days following my major decision to come out. I can’t imagine having to come out to the public and the dark days that would follow me. I feel terrible for him.

  • purple2

    @FiFi: Why are gay men referred to as “gurl” since they’re males, or do they see themselves as ‘secretly’ being ‘women’ inside?? Thanks for your response.

  • menuga

    What’s the shocking part? Typical gay man needing attention.

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