WATCH: This Ghetto “Beauty and The Beast” Parody Is Everything

We love Disney’s Beauty and the Beast as much as the next queen, but this video from American Idol contestant/Broadway performer Todrick Hall (Color Purple, Memphis) gives the film’s opening number a much needed…um, urban makeover, with help from YouTubers Destorm, GloZell, AlphaCat, Miles Jai, Vonzell Solomon, Katie Stevens and Tre Melvin.

As Hall says in the behind-the-scenes clip below, “Beauty and the Beat” is #epic!


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  • AshNYC

    Oh dear…….

  • hamoboy

    So Tyler Perry is making stereotypical updates to Dinsey classics now? And I thought he couldn’t shame black people more than be already has.

  • M

    @AshNYC: lol

  • jack jett

    my man antoine dobson is in this

  • Oprah

    Lol. What is this mess? Haven’t black people suffered enough?

  • Jay

    Damn this was not only r a c is t and full of bad AA/black stereotypes but painful to watch!

  • Jeremie

    Interesting how the post of this author doesn’t comment on the problems with this thing. Wow.

  • scott ny'er

    yeah, I didn’t think it was all that. Plus, MADTV did something like this, Disney Girl, awhile ago. And that is some good stuff.

  • Hank

    I loved it. Very catchy

  • Candice

    oh my gawsh!!! this is hilarious. thank you.

  • Barca

    Sorry to all you prudes, this is hilarious! LOVE IT

  • matt

    It really does not surprise me that the queerty populous would be offended by this. Grow the f_ck up.

    Part of the stereotypes and over the top performances these people do in both their own videos and collaborations like this is exactly that, over the top stereotypes… the majority of the humour comes from the fact that it’s slightly ridiculous and that prudish overly sensitive white people will think that they should be offended by it, which is compounded by the fact they usually, actually, find these performances funny – so over compensate.

    These people have a sense of black pride and embrace their stereotypes to poke fun at white people, white people who say it’s racist, who are, for saying that, probably actually a little bit racist themselves for doing so.

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