WATCH: The Skin I Live In Might Be The Weirdest Pedro Almodóvar Movie Yet

Queer Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar‘s latest flick is a mad-scientist thriller called La Piel Que Habito (a.k.a. The Skin I Live In). Now open in New York and L.A.—with more cities to come—it gives filmgoers a rollicking good two hours of total disturbance.

The film is adapted from Thierry Jonquet‘s 2003 novel Mygale (Tarantula), about an off-the-hinges plastic surgeon (early Almodovar discovery Antonio Banderas) who develops a synthetic super-skin for a woman he’s kidnapped. Why? Well, that’s where the subplots come in and, not to get too spoilery, it involves a gruesome revenge fantasy for the rape of his daughter.

Think Eyes Without A Face  meets Irma Vep meets Dead Ringers, Frankenstein and The Human Centipede, as directed by a gay, Technicolor-obsessed Douglas Sirk.


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  • Adonis-of-Fire

    I love Almodovar, he is a genius and I am sure this will be another great movie

  • Lefty

    Oh god, it looks like the slide into tedious overblown pretentious crap continues.
    Shame, as All About My Mother is one of the most beautiful, funny and moving films I’ve ever seen. Several of his films are, in fact.
    Hope he gets his “mojo” back soon…

  • Eminent Victorian

    Viva Pedro!

  • Eminent Victorian

    No Viva Lefty!

  • Ian

    Ahh… Banderas es muy guapo! Love Almodovar.

  • Spike

    Cool beans !

  • Pedro

    I will translate for the monolinguists out there: There are people obsessed with other people…People that are born unlucky(with bad luck)…and there are those that cause/make mankind to evolve…People that abuse their power…People that were born to fight…People that live in a violent world…And there are people born to survive/there are born survivors. The skin I inhabit/I live in.

    I usually like Almadovar, but this really does look like crap. I’ll still watch it though!

  • Lefty

    God what an absolute cunt I was in that previous comment.
    What I MEANT to say was – if I had a little more class :p – Pedro is one of the greatest directors ever; as great as any – and he’s made some of my favourite films, and one or two of the most beautiful and moving I’ve ever seen. But his most recent films aren’t so much to my taste, but I’ll still go and see this and probably enjoy it. All his films are better than the vast majority of crap that’s out there and I doubt this will be an exception.
    Viva Pedro! xxx

  • Lefty

    Also, what a sad, depressing world it would be without Pedro Almodovar films to watch and look forward to. :)

  • Lefty

    Anyone who hasn’t seen All About My Mother, go and watch it asap!
    Okay, I’ll go away now…

  • pioneer to the falls

    the other trailer is awesome

  • Alan Brickman

    Isabelle Huppert should work with Pedro!

  • AVEx

    Yay Im watching this tonight !!

  • Cinesnatch

    Saw it. It was good. Great twist in the middle.

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