WATCH: Tom Daley Discusses Really Being In Love For The First Time With “Mystery Man”

American fans of Tom Daley — so adorable and so adorably innocent — are in luck. The must-discussed interview for UK telly which perplexed fans of the newly gay bisexual British diving champ due to his shocking revelation that he wasn’t sure his new boyfriend, presumed by many everyone to be Dustin Lance Black, is gay, can be viewed in its entirety above. Daley, a cherubic young man of 19 years, confesses about his new beau to talk show host Jonathan Ross, saying, ”I didn’t know what to do or if he was gay at first. I made the first move, I typed ‘call me’ in his notes with a smiley face on this phone and the next day he texted.” Well, from the look of things, it’s all worked out swimmingly and we wish the photogenic twosome every happiness. Take that haters!

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  • jimbryant

    Why doesn’t he just tell us who it is? Why the coyness? It just seems like a publicity stunt now.

  • amanuensis

    @jimbryant: That’d be a fair comment if the interview was live or recorded today, but it was actually recorded on Tuesday afternoon, before Dustin Lance Black had been worked out as his boyfriend. You might say, given the clues left out there he should’ve expected it to all come out by the time of the interview, but why would he if the media couldn’t work it out for 8 months previously? And even if, maybe he doesn’t want to get into discussions about why he’s dating a guy 20 years older than him, or just doesn’t want to invite new intrusion into his private life, to which I say fair enough. He clearly didn’t want to be outed, or to have to continue to maintain a false image, and now he’s answered the relationship Qs maybe he hopes to be left alone. That hope is misplaced, though. The British media is just too ruthless and uncowable.

  • Demonic darian

    I have had it the tom daley post on this website. It should be with all this shit. Could we get back to the rest of the gay world please!

  • jimbryant


    Fair enough but he’s had plenty of time to tell us in the interim. One gets the sense he’s using this as a publicity stunt.

  • amanuensis

    @jimbryant: Maybe he didn’t *want* to tell you? Maybe he thought ‘video on YouTube, small interview about it and i’m done’? Unquestionably this whole thing has been well managed, but that isn’t the same as it being a publicity stunt. It’s a guy not wanting to project a dishonest image anymore, I think. Evidently the attempts to manage things haven’t been 100% successful because there are still people like you who can find fault and have a whine. He’s probably entitled to feel he never had a chance with those people, though.

  • dougmc92

    Many people are saying he’s selling the ‘I made the first move’ story because of the chcikenhawk back lash Black has faced…he says in his video he never thought of being with a man before this realtionship sprang on him…then in Ross interview- he’s making the first move- putting his number/call me “) in a guy he says he didn’t know phone??? Doesn’t sound like a kid questioning his sexuality much….the story is getting BEYOND convoluted! Black or Daley need to just come out and say their in a relationship- they’re starting to look like media whores milking a story….the bf HAS to be DLB- if it wasn’t- after all the vicious comments spewed at him this week, he’d say so just to end that…when Aussie GQ specualted about him and Taylor Lautner- he struck back quickly and got them to print retraction- if he’s allowing all the predator stories and talk to go forward- he is definitely in this relationship.

  • Zodinsbrother

    Whatever they do, some people will complain. People would have complained if he has stayed closeted, now people complain that he is a media whore for coming out. If he had named Dustin he would have been accused of seeking attention, just as they are when he doesn’t. As for being a media whore, he did the media announcement on his own personal YouTube page and did ONE TV interview to promote his TV show which starts in January. Apart from that he’s just getting on with training quietly. All the media interest is outside his control.

    Seriously people, grow up.

  • tardis

    Why is this site so obsessed with Tom Daley? Is his coming out reminiscent of the gay experience? I don’t see what the fuss is about. Is it that he’s cute? Is that why we’re supposed to care?

  • alphang

    Christ, I don’t care about Tom Daley! That’s great that he’s found love with a man and that’s great you gays running this page have something to live for now that he’s out of the closet but really? Three posts in a row regarding him and Dustin Lance Black?

  • the other Greg

    @tardis: @alphang: You’re right and I’m starting to worry that this will cut into all the serious news about Nick Gruber and James Franco.

  • Rockery

    Tom… Girl…. Enough already, there is a thing called timing. This seems to be dragging already

  • JDJase

    @dougmc92: Huh? He said he saw the guy, got the feeling he hasn’t had before, and gave him his number…not very convoluted unless you have an IQ of 7.

    What IS convoluted is your accusation that they’re not naming names because they like the media attention. Except the ONLY media that either of them has done is Tom’s youtube video on Monday, and then this interview (which was filmed on Tuesday but not aired until Saturday). Wouldn’t someone who is milking media attention be out on a media blitz doing interviews left and right? Oh, except they’re not. This is all just gossip site obsession, for which YOU place the blame on Tom and DLB. I’m sure you were just looking for something to whine about though.

    And good god everyone, stop whining about there being too many posts about Tom Daley.

    #1: If you don’t want to read a story about Tom Daley, DON’T CLICK ON IT. It’s really so simple a 5 year old could figure that out…or maybe not since most of your guys’ whining is very similar to that of a 5 year old.

    #2: Stop with the “post real news instead of this guy!” It’s not like there is limited space and a Tom Daley post bumps another news story out. Second, THIS IS QUEERTY. If you are coming here for “real news” then you are an idiot, and hopefully a closet case because I wouldn’t want an idiot like you associated with the gays. Why don’t you head on over to TMZ and comment on every single story whining that TMZ isn’t covering real news stories.

    Seriously people, your pathetic need for whining is getting beyond ridiculous. It’s getting quite clear that the only reason you people click on a story is for the sole purpose of whining that it is a story. It’s becoming so much of an embarrassment that I never post links to Queerty stories because the comments sections are always such a horrible representation of the gay community.

    Start acting like adults. If a story doesn’t interest you, don’t click on it.

  • Zodinsbrother

    You know, the sense of entitlement, bitterness and unjustified cynicism all over the LGBT and wider internet, not just here, is a bloody disgrace. This is a 19 year old lad going through the pains and pleasures of discovering his sexuality and relationships. The only difference is that he is doing so under an unimaginable media spotlight that has followed him everywhere since he was a kid. All of us had the luxury of doing that in private, without thousands of anonymous know it alls on the internet dissecting our every move.

    Tom has been thrust in to the spotlight as a kid for simply being good at something and better at it them people twice his age were. He’s had to endure horrendous bullying in real life, the slow and terrible death of a parent and years of insinuation and vile abuse on the internet.

    I think there are a lot of people who need to get of their impossibly high horses and have a reality check. Tom has behaved with tremendous dignity, openness and good humour through all this, which is more than can be said of everyone else.

    I am genuinely sickened by the behaviour and attitudes I have seen.

  • Rockery


    **FANGIRL ALERT** (or Tom himself)

    Don’t be stupid. Tom posted that video on all of his sites Twitter & Facebook.

    STATS 1.6 million Likes on Facebook, 2.5 million followers on Twitter and 130,000 subscribers on Youtube, all of these are open to the public so think about all the people that don’t have accounts that watch.

    DLB added to it and came out and made some comment (tweet?) about being in Russia or something like that.

    So don’t say ONLY like he privately revealed this story. He blasted it across all social media. If Tom could do a blitz, he probably would. But I doubt GMA, Leno, MTV etc even called him. They might now though.

    Don’t act as if Tom is a shrinking violet. I applaud Tom for coming out, but he is a media wh*re.

  • Zodinsbrother


    Tom has done one YouTube video, something he does pretty regularly to talk about all sorts of things. He has also done one TV interview, probably set up ages ago to promote the Second series of his TV series starting in January.

    Beyond the odd tweet of gratitude and one coy tweet from DLB there has been complete radio silence.

    No, Tom is not a shrinking violent but neither is he a media whore. He’s a young guy in the public eye who uses social media. Just like every single other person of his type. But when Chris Mears poses shirtless and talks about his girlfriends then it’s not a problem.

    I think it’s really daft that, just because Tom is dating a guy and has told people about it, that he’s suddenly being held to standards that not a single straight celebrity is judged by.

    How can we call for fairness and equality for ourselves, if we can’t even treat each other with dignity.

  • Rockery


    OK maybe media whore is a little strong. He, like anyone who avidly uses Social Media and has their page open, is attention starved. That is the whole point of Twitter & Instagram “look at me”. He KNEW that that “one video” would do, and you see the result. Let’s not be naive.

    I don’t hold him to a different standard than straight people. You are confounding things. I have no problem with Tom posing shirtless or Tom talking about his boyfriend. But when he posts this video everywhere in the manner he did it seemed like an attention grab, telling us a story that would lead to the next question.. Who?. I say the same thing about Gaga, any of the celebs selling baby pics etc.

    But I do think it’s good he came out, and this is actually shows that I am not biased, I thought he was an attention whore before he came out and that is what framed my view of him coming out. I don’t know why me pointing out he is a person that likes attention is bad. Matt Dallas came out also using social media but not in an attention seeking way, but just as open.

  • Zodinsbrother

    But Tom didn’t “post his video everywhere”. He posted it on his personal YouTube Channel, something he does regularly. There are dozens of videos there posted over the last three years. Most of them only get looked at by his narrow fanbase. The reason you think it has been posted “everywhere” is that dozens of media outlets have picked it up with it and run with it. In the video and in interviews Tom has explicitly said he doesn’t think it should be an issue and doing this is partly to stop having to be constantly asked about it.

    Tom might have expected some media coverage but there is no way in hell that he could have predicted the way so many media outlets, gay and mainstream, would run so heavily with it. They don’t normally with such things. The fact that they did is more reflective of public interest than anything Tom has done.

    Because the reason that Queerty and other places cover this is because they see the page hits they get with the story and want to maximise that.

    That this is happening isn’t Tom’s doing and to then hold that against him, is unquestionable unfair

  • Rockery


    You might be a bit older and might not know how this works (since it seems like you did some research on his YouTube)

    Read my comments again, you missed it. That is exactly MY POINT. He posts videos regularly, and leaves them on YouTube and I guess the viewership, as you say, is lower. With THIS video only, he posted his on HIS TWITTER. That has 2.5 million followers and he also posted to his Facebook as well that has 1.6 million likes. You do the math, he knows it would get retweeted on Twitter & shared on Facebook, which EASE. Yes this is his right, I’m just pointing it out. He knew the gay outlets would run with it, especially since he posed it as a “mystery man”.

    Why didn’t he do this with his other “regularly posted” videos on his YouTube? Might it be that he had a different plan for the viewership of this video?

    It’s quite clear, what was done and what expectation he had

  • Zodinsbrother

    So your problem is that, just like everyone else who makes YouTube videos that he tweeted that he was uploading it to let people know it was there just as he had before?

    Seriously I don’t see your point, because it appears to be simply that he is a media whore because he is popular.

  • newecreator

    OMG! That pun! #swimmingly!

  • Gans

    @jimbryant: He just came out publicly EIGHT DAYS AGO. Does it affect your life in any way about confirmation of their relationship? He came out as gay with this telly programme to end the speculation. He wanted to end the bitchy chat about being gay before the rags outed him. He’s a nice man. Let’s allow him some time to have his public debut for when they are ready. I think we could focus on our lives for now.

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