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WATCH: TV host comes out on live broadcast

Well, that’s one way to do it.

Viewers of the October 11 broadcast of the popular Univision morning show Despierta America got more than they bargained for. The host of the show used the occasion–which happened to coincide with National Coming Out Day–to open up about his own sexuality.

Luis Sandoval, age 38, has worked as a reporter/host for Despierta America since 2005. In an emotional declaration, Sandoval felt a need to address his sexuality with viewers.  “I do not live in the closet,” he uttered through tears. “My family knows it. I have a partner that I am happy with and if I cry it is because this moment is very emotional for me.”

Sandoval grew up in Nayarit, Mexico before coming to Los Angeles to pursue acting. He landed his gig hosting Despierta America at age 25. He’s remained the show’s lead reporter ever since.

During his coming out, Sandoval added that the suicide of 9-year-old Jamel Myles prompted him to go public about his sexuality. Myles had killed himself shortly after coming out to his family and at school, where he encountered a good deal of bullying. “Imagine a mother’s pain,” Sandoval said while coming out. “Losing your nine-year-old son and then I started to see people criticizing the lady, ‘this is your fault, you exposed your son to these things, you deserve it.'”

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He added that he came out to his own family years before and that his mother has always supported him. She even showed up later in the broadcast to show her love.

Shortly thereafter, and amid an outpouring of support from viewers and the LGBTQ community, Sandoval also opened up about his partner on Instagram:

“What’s next after leaving the closet? ? He is Renato [Perez], my life partner and is a psychotherapist,” Sandoval said in his post.

Given their professions–not to mention their considerable good looks–we can’t help but wonder if Sandoval and Perez might end up the next LGBTQ power couple. In any case, we congratulate Luis for his courage and conviction in going public. It’s what National Coming Out Day is all about.

Watch below if your Spanish is up to speed: