WATCH: Was Bristol Palin’s Gay Dust Up in West Hollywood Staged?

Bristol Palin was heading into the Saddle Ranch in West Hollywood over the weekend when she was harassed by a middle-aged man shouted that her “mother’s a whore” and “a fucking devil.” Confronting the loudmouth inside the hetero bar/restaurant, Palin asked “Is it because you’re a homosexual?” That’s why you hate her?”

Oh Bristol, you don’t have to be a baloney smuggler to hate your mom.

Her attacker responded “Why’d you say I’m a homosexual?” before clutching his pearls and swooning into a bed of hydrangeas.

But all isn’t how it appears: The incident just happened to be recorded by a crew filming Palin for an upcoming reality series about her move from Alaska to Los Angeles. And her heckler—47-year-old Stephen Hanks—is a Hollywood agent who reps, among other people, Alias‘ Michael Vartan. We smell a surgically altered rat!

A rep for Palin told TMZ that, “the situation ended with no incident, and accusing her of homophobia is completely unfounded and totally misstates her views.”

That’s true: Levi Johnston’s baby mama would actually have to formulate her own opinion for it to be misstated.

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  • Little Kiwi

    actually, her specific use of the word “homosexual” proves that she is indeed homophobic.

    people to need wise up and realize the specific reasons for selective vocabulary usage. there’s a reason the anti-gay Right chooses to use the word HOMOSEXUAL – time and time again it is the word used by the Conservative Right, and I’m hoping people are intelligent enough to see *why*.

    it’s something to be aware of.

    but Bristol is herself a pious little hypocrite. she makes more than a quarter of a million dollars touring the country to promote abstinence. yeah. right. if she actually believed her message she’d be doing for free, or donating that money to women’s shelters or homes for unwed mothers. Making that much coin? Please, having a baby out of wedlock was the best financial move of her entire life. It’s the reason she’s raking it in!

    And remember, this is also the young woman who is now accusing her baby-daddy of rape. Yeah. Right. Y’all heard it? She was out camping with Levi and friends, tried alcohol “for the first time” (suuuuuuure) got drunk, passed out, woke up and realized Levi had had sex with her while she was passed out, they decided to never do it again, then decided to do it again with no protection a few days later. BOOM. pregnant.

    yeah. right.
    keep trying Bristol. P.s. love the new chin

  • macmantoo

    She needs to assume her favorite position and stfu. (You know on her back with her legs in the air).

  • Michael

    This dense girl is just as insignificant as her cunt mother who thinks she can see Russia from her front porch.Her opinions and ANY Palins opinions are irrelevant and should ALWAYS be irrelevant.

  • phallus

    And yet there are brain dead idiots who will watch her stupid white trash reality show. You really have to be a total ass clown to find that entertaining. Sheech. Too bad we can’t all ignore this poor excuse for a person so maybe she just might go away…. better yet back to Alaska.

  • fredo777

    “Her attacker responded “Why’d you say I’m a homosexual?” before clutching his pearls and swooning into a bed of hydrangeas.”


    Btw, is it significant that the agent she argued with reps Michael Vartan or are we just name-checking Vartan because he’s a sexy piece of ass (which he is)?

  • Parevenu

    As usual, I’m confused…what does Hanks being an agent have to do with anything? This is another example of Qweerty’s light leaning. When there is little to say, you make things up. This is also one of the strangest pieces of writing encountered in the blogosphere, or is that just a summoning of Truman Capote:”before clutching his pearls and swooning into a bed of hydrangeas”.

  • fredo777

    @Parevenu: If by strangest, you mean most hilarious, I agree.

  • Dave

    Of course it was staged. Apparently she has a reality TV show now.

    BTW I’m gay and I don’t see anything wrong with someone saying I’m homosexual or using the term homosexual to describe my sexuality since that’s what it does.

    I’ve never been sexually attracted to the opposite gender at all, which would make me bisexual if I was, so I’m homosexual.

  • Rob

    My father who is in his mid 70s has said, “Bristol Palin is a pig!” and my mom who is 70 thinks Bristol is trashy and a total mess.

  • Mike Phil

    That guy was completely drunk and out of line, which is understandable because he was drunk!

    What’s her excuse for being sober and making those comments, especially knowing her family has a history of homophobic slur throwing. She could have just asked him why he was being disrespectful and why he feels her mother is an evil whore (not that she even cares). But she chose to assume for one, that he was gay, and two that the gentleman next to him was also. That all gays hate her mother and feel she should die. What an ignorant move! I would have felt sympathy for her other wise, but no.

  • Michael


    Understandable but the way Bitchol said homosexual it was clearly in a patronizing way .Not to mention thats not all she said for instance if you look at one specific part she was mocking him and making fun of his being gay.Even mocking his mannerisms as the stereotypical way most bigots do when it comes to people who are gay.

  • Jakey

    @Dave: Yeah, but you have to realize that anti-gay people love using the word “homosexual” because (a) it sounds more clinical and is a leftover from when it was considered a disorder, and (b) it has “sex” as one of its syllables, which of course is a help when you want to focus on that to the exclusion of everything else about being gay. These are pretty much the only people who use the word “homosexual” in 2011 in normal conversation, and they mostly are angry that “gay” is used so prevalently…because doesn’t sound as bad. (Seriously, they really are.)

  • Ruhlmann

    Whatever Bristol Palin is she was a young girl out on the town who was loudly called a whore in a bar. While on the floor she was told it was her favourite position. She was publicly humiliated and verbally assaulted. Sound familiar? I am not a champion of any of the Palins but I am embarrased for and by this guy. A 47 year old man calling a twenty-one year old woman a whore because he hates her mother is just silly and as pointless as pieing or glittering people. There is nothing noble or dignified in this mans behaviour. He’s just another asshole in a bar.

  • MBear

    Bristol who?

  • B

    No. 14 · Ruhlmann wrote, “Whatever Bristol Palin is she was a young girl out on the town who was loudly called a whore in a bar.”

    … not true. She wasn’t being called ‘a whore.” She allegedly heard someone call her mother “a whore,” which in some usages of the word “whore” may be true (e.g, “media whore”). I’ll refer interested readers otherwise to the editor of the New York Times for a discussion as to when to use “whore” versus “slut” versus “pre-maritally sexually active” versus whatever word or phrase fits the facts.

    Otherwise as to Bristol’s mom being called a whore, I think real prostitutes would have every reason to object to having her put in the same category!

  • Patsy Stoned

    It HAD to be staged. Why else would a 47 year-old would go to the Saddle Ranch?

  • Riker

    @Michael: You do know that she never said she ca see Russia from her house right? That was Tina Fey.

    There are definitely many valid criticisms to be made of the Palins, you don’t need to lie about them and make something up.

  • Riker

    @Michael: No, what she said was “They’re our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska”.

    Which is completely true.

  • Michael


    Whatever arrogant one.

  • Anthony

    @Mike Phil: Ummm…. did you watch the whole video? She says multiple times “give me one example of why my mother is a whore” He couldn’t.

  • Anthony

    @B: So you’re saying it’s not as bad because he called her mom a whore? Or that he may have meant media whore? Seriously? If a stranger walked up to you in a bar and called your mom a whore, would you say “Well, at least he didn’t call me a whore. Or maybe he meant she was a media whore. All is forgiven. Let me buy you a shot.”

  • Michael


    Realistically speaking neither one of them acted with grace or refinement.Yes it was wrong of that guy to just shout those things out unprovoked .He is indeed the one who initiated the entire debacle that occurred.But then Bristol made an ass out of herself as usual though regardless of whether she was provoked or not.Hell this little girl does crap like this all the time shes a publicity attention whore just like her dear old bitchy mom.

    The fact still remains that even though this guy provoked her she still acted just as unclassy as he did.Neither of them are innocent in this idiocy period.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    @Mike Phil:
    “That guy was completely drunk and out of line, which is understandable because he was drunk!”

    I guess a group of DRUNK straight men beating the living shit out of a gay man walking out of a gay bar is UNDERSTANDABLE.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    Why does it seem that when gay men make sexist jokes or comments it’s funny but when straight men do it they’re labeled pigs? This just proves that our community’s fight for equality can sometimes be self serving.

    Sexual orientation and politics aside, a grown man sexually harassed a young female and that is unacceptable. What Stephen Hanks did is a form of bullying: a crime our community strongly detests and fights against. What good does it do us if we’re just cheering him on? An excuse could be, “Well for all the things Bristol has said or done in the past, she had what was fucking coming to her.” Don’t you think homophobes who berate their gay and lesbian peers in school felt that in some twisted way that these fags deserved what was coming to them?

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