WATCH: Who Made The Cut For RuPaul’s Drag Race: All-Stars

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Watching this black-light trailer for RuPaul‘s Drag Race: All-Stars makes us feel like we’re back at Twilo and the Special K has just kicked in. Can you tell who’s made the cut? We think we see Latrice and Jiggly—but who else do you think is appearing in the all-star season? Throw some shade in the comments section!

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  • sheena

    manila latrice and pandora…..but jiggly….NO FREAKIN WAY WHO WOULD WANT HER ON ALL STARS thats a waste of space really

  • Lollipop

    Shannel, Nina, Raven, Jujubee, Pandora, Mimi (ew), Alexis, Yara, Latrice. The other ones look like they could be Tammie, Chad and Phi Phi (ew). Here hoping for Manila and Willam.

  • tookietookie

    I thought one looked like Morgan.

  • Brian

    I think one looks like Willam.

  • Jonathonz

    @Lollipop: Me too…they were the best…

  • yoyo

    Shannel, Nina, Raven, Jujubee, Pandora, Mimi, Alexis, Yara, Latrice, Manila, Willam, and Shangela.

    6 Episodes, teams of 2

  • Spike

    All-Stars or desperate for 10 more seconds of reality TV fame?

    Reminds me of all the kids from MTV’s Real World that keep coming back to do the competition reality show in search of continued d-list fame. Sad. Would seem that Ru has run out of Drag Queens for her little show so time to recycle.

  • realgay

    My prediction: Season One – Shannel, Nina Flowers, BeBe Zahara Benet; Season Two – Morgan McMichaels, Jujubee, Pandora Boxx; Season Three – Mimi Imfurst, Alexis Mateo, Yara Sofia, Mariah; Season Four – Latrice Royale, Phi Phi O’Hara.

  • David

    Jiggly? Oh Hell no, there’s just no fucking way. Also why would they allow that fame whore Shangela back for a 3rd time? What a failure of “All Stars”…

  • Bee

    I think one looked like Morgan defintiely saw Chad, Latrice, Yara, Alexis, i know Pandora is one, Raven, maybe Phi Phi (kinda hope not) Jiggly doe i liked her she shouldn’t be on all stars and i hopeeee all of y’all are right about Jujubee, Nina, Shannel, and Mariah but i couldnt really see all that good

  • Michael

    What is it with gay blogs and bitter f’n bitches? If you don’t want to watch the friggin program then don’t watch it but coming in here to bitch about it is pathetic.

  • Ken

    Everyone thinks they see Morgan, but I realized that there is one Queen with better arms and a chin like that… NINA FLOWERS (I have Nina on the brain since I downloaded Season 1 from iTunes and burned it to DVD’s)…

    My guesses: Mimi (UGH), Alexis Mateo, JuJuBee, Latrice Royale, Yara Sofia (LOVE HER), Jiggly Caliente (Not sure how I feel about her), Nina Flowers (Not Morgan), Raven (can’t miss those LIPS), Pandora Boxx, Manila Luzon, Shannel, Kenya Michaels [Possibly, not sure… could be PhiPhi (DOUBLE UGH)]

  • disgsuted gay american

    I think Comment no#8 has it

  • yoyo


    Oh, and when they are paired up Mimi and Pandora box are eliminated first.

  • scott ny'er

    this show has an ALL-STARS show already? Sheesh. That was fast.

  • realgay

    Upon looking at screencaps from the commercial again I have to revise my list and take off BeBe Zahara Benet, Morgan McMichaels and Mariah and add Tammie Brown, Raven and Chad Michaels.

  • sheena

    i dont think mimi is in all starts first everyone hates her for shes annoying second she cheated on the voting system for drag race and everyone knows that….. its gonna be raja manila latrice pandora alexis and raven…..hopefully tatianna morgan delta stacy yara and nina flowers…..and ONGINA!!!…….sonique and carmen should be on all stars but since drag race is full of bigotry and segregation towards trans performers even if other queens have things done to them as well they wont make the cut…………..as for sharon needles and shangela….its unfair if shangela is back she had her TURNS!!!…..and for sharon she just won….its too soon….so i dont think they will put her back….hopefully phi phi and jiggly wont be there they are just disgusting….and yes im a filipino myself but these 2 are disgrace….only manila and ongina gave the filipino queens pride….also i wish JUJUBEE is there which im sure she is

  • Craig

    An allstars show would be pointless without Miss Delta Work

  • thegaybeaner

    – My guess is Raven, Latrice Royale and Alexis Mateo. I spy them all!! ;)

  • Scott3843

    Anybody but Delta Werk and PhiPhi. Evil ones. Anyone else will do. Rooting for Pandora and Latrice.

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