WATCH: WWE Superstar John Cena Says He’s “Actually Really Proud Of” Darren Young

It’s been less than a week since Darren Young casually came out at an LAX baggage claim belt, making himself the first openly gay WWE Superstar. His major “first” didn’t provoke the kind of negative commentary Jason Collins’ did when he became the first openly gay NBA star in April—in fact, Young has received overwhelming support from his coworkers and fans (and probably his boyfriend!) alike.

Could it be a sign of progress?

Above, watch John Cena become the first WWE Superstar to react to the news on camera. Without batting an eyelash, Cena says “Oh wonderful! Good for him!” He also mentions that his oldest brother is gay, and doesn’t think Young will be causing any locker room shenanigans. “It’s all about being professional,” he said, “and Darren Young is a consummate professional. I’m actually really proud of him for doing that.”

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  • TampaBayTed

    John Cena is one of sexiest, hottest men on the planet. I think he’s even hotter now that he showed not his muscles, but his compassion. Booyah!

  • tdx3fan

    WWE is so well known for pulling stunts like this, and they know how to pull off a hoax better than anyone. I am still waiting to find out this was a publicity stunt.

  • Gigi Gee

    I don’t follow the WWE and I’ve never heard of John Cena but I like the way he handled himself in this interview.

  • Brian

    WWE people can be more open-minded than the liberals of New York.

  • mpwaite

    I can’t stand TMZ reporters or their stupid show! They are so immature and obtrusive!! I watched one show and was thoroughly disgusted..

    I’m very happy about John Cena though. What a great compassionate guy!

  • fredhotman

    I admire John Cena. I think he is tops in every way.
    It is a supportive comment for Darren Young to be appreciated.
    Love John you are some guy.

  • Icebloo

    Once again the idiot gays get sucked in by a guy’s looks and don’t do their research ! John Cena is well known for calling his opponents “faggots” all the time when he is on TV. He is NOT an ally of ours.

  • nf0603

    @Icebloo: He hasn’t in a long time though. He used to early on during his rapper days but GLAAD made a big stink about it and since then he’s been doing the Anti-Bullying thing.

    Plus, he says he has an older brother who is gay. Maybe he’s not Ben Cohen in the ally athlete department, but I don’t think he’s exactly Tim Tebow either as an enemy.

  • Geoff B

    I don’t think this is a hoax. In spite of it being “sports entertainment” , most of the talent and upper management are very progressive on this issue. Even when Linda McMahon ran for CT senator as a Repub, she was openly pro gay.

  • andyinchicago

    I know it’s completely wrong, but anyone know if his brother is single?

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