elected bigots

We’ll Pay NH Rep. Alfred Baldasaro $10k to Resign, And Won’t Even Ask to Adopt His Kids

How can you not want to take New Hampshire State Rep. Alfred Baldasaro home in a basket, change his diaper, and nurse him back to health? Because he’s the Republican lawmaker who, in pushing a bill to repeal the state’s gay marriage law, last week told the House Judiciary Committee “I wanted to make sure everyone understood here, that this legislature sold the rights of $10,000 per kid under title four, when they said that homosexual couples, not married, can adopt. So we sold each kid to a homosexual couple that’s not married for $10,000.” And that’s when he launched into his “incestuous couples” and “polygamous Muslims” tangent.

And local Democrats are calling on him to resign? What happened to a person’s right to be elected by the people, and then spew absolute crazytalk in a public forum?

(And no, we’re not really offering to bribe an elected public official to quit.)