Wendy Williams is bleeding followers as her longest-running fan page calls it quits

Wendy Williams’ longest-running fan page on Instagram, @wendysteam, has announced it will be taking an indefinite hiatus after the embattled talk show host’s recent string of controversies.

On Tuesday, the page, which has over 30K followers, posted a photo of Williams along with the caption,“We love you Wendy, but we will be taking a break from this page.”

Last week, Williams drew criticism when she said gay men shouldn’t wear skirts and that anyone who doesn’t menstruate will “never be the women that we are.” Afterwards, she issued a teary-eyed apology promising to “do better.”

Her efforts were short-lived, however, because on Monday she made a truly vile joke about the death of celebrity therapist Dr. Amie Harwick, who was likely pushed off her balcony by a stalker ex-boyfriend. Williams has not apologized for joke, despite Harwick’s grieving brother publicly asking her to.

@wendysteam’s post has received almost 950 likes and 180 comments.

“Thank you,” one person wrote. “Amie was a good friend of mine. I have spent two days bawling. Her life wasn’t a joke or a punchline.”

“I am taking a break from Wendy period,” another said. “I have watched her from the beginning but I just cannot support her comments any longer.”

The fan page shuttering comes after the hashtags #CancelWendyWilliams and #FireWendyWilliams began trending on Twitter earlier this week and multiple online petitions calling for Williams to have her show yanked started circulating.

Neither Williams nor FoxTV have issued any comment on the controversy.

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