West Virginia Supreme Court Declares: Gay Parents Just As Good for Foster Child

“The state Supreme Court has allowed an infant to stay with her same-sex foster parents in Fayette County. In a unanimous decision released on Friday, the justices determined that Fayette Circuit Judge Paul Blake erred when he allowed the state Department of Health and Human Resources to approve the infant’s removal from her foster home. The child had lived with Kathryn Kutil and Cheryl Hess, a same-sex couple who had already been approved as foster parents, for her entire life after having been born to drug-addicted mother in December 2007. Blake agreed with Thomas Fast, the child’s court-appointed guardian-ad-litem, and the DHHR’s recommendation to relocate the child, and decided that the child would be better off in a home with a ‘traditional’ family, i.e. a married mother and father.” [Charleston Gazette]