Westboro Baptists Blame Gay Marriage For CT Tragedy, Anonymous Strikes Back

The cultists of the Westboro Baptist Church have reared their ugly heads again, this time to blame the advent of marriage equality in Connecticut for the tragic shooting spree in Newtown that took 26 lives.

The hate group has also announced it will protest the funerals of children killed in the massacre: Shirley Phelps-Roper, daughter of head nutjob Fred Phelps, tweeted, “Westboro will picket Sandy Hook Elementary School to sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment.”

Fred later tweeted “That’s the message that this evil nation and world need: that God Almighty is on the march & nothing is gonna stop Him.”

The hackers of Anonymous struck back by releasing private information of Westboro members online, including email addresses, phone numbers and home addresses. “We have decided to execute an agenda which will progressively dismantle your institution of deceitful pretext and extreme bias,” the group announced in a video clip (below). “We will waste no time, money, effort and enjoyment in tearing your resolves into pieces.”




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  • pierre

    I live in Connecticut. Everyone is still shocked by this massacre. If WBC shows up with their ugliness and hate, I fear a nasty and undignified confrontation. And probably all shown on TV.

  • 2eo

    As long as they remember the proper steps to stay Anonymous, don’t want to give Phelp’s lawyers any ability to go after any of them.

    Kudos to Anonymous, destroy them, drive them to suicide, anything is fair game to get rid of them.

  • trelin

    I still cannot understand why someone has yet to run these people over in a car.

    If it were a member of my family that had passed in a horrific situation like this, I do NOT think I’d have the strength to stop myself from a physical confrontation, which I believe would end up very bloody. And I’d go after Shirley first. I wouldn’t care about the consequence as long as I made her life a bit more horrid than she’s making everyone else’s.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    “Now let’s wait and see which puffy, white, middle-aged, snake-eyed, someone with the word “Family” in the name of their organization, mealy-mouthed, hateful bigot will somehow blame gays for this.”

    Dated Dec 15th–Sure didn’t have to wait long.

  • Mooz

    It seems like your government is providing them jobs; at the Department of Corrections and Kansas Juvenile Justice Authority. Yikes!

  • cartoondude3535

    Perhaps one more rampage… at Westboro Baptist Church is in order.
    For that, I wouldn’t weep.
    For 20 beautiful, innocent children, I do.

  • 2eo

    @cartoondude3535: Be careful, we have a few members who’ll be jumping down your throat with an irrelevant moral equivalent.

    I, and every other sane person here and elsewhere is hoping for the same thing, the world felt the tragedy of the children and those brave enough to stand up to evil. We will feel no pain for those willingly projecting gods actual face onto a tragedy and his horrible viage living through the Phelp’s family.

    The sooner they are killed, the better the world becomes.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    The Westboro Baptist Church has actually helped our cause more than we know, as it gave a shameful face to this sort of hate. Besides, our documentary, in the future, will be so much more entertaining with their verbiage sprinkled throughout. Mid-night showings will have youngsters throwing things on cue, in unison.

  • rand503

    When Old Man Phelps dies, people from all over the country will picket and celebrate his funeral. These people are so stupid they don’t realize it’s going to come down on them 100 times harder than they ever gave it.

  • sfbeast

    good for anonymous. but i think the video is intellectually over their heads.

  • Mjl-428

    well that didn’t take long. -______-

    @2eo: they’re stupid but they’re not that stupid. at this point I don’t think a single person in this country that isn’t an idiot is gonna allow those asshats to come within 30 miles of the funeral now. At best, they’re gonna join in when people start ??k?i?l?l?i?n?g? counter-protesting these freaks. at worst, they’re gonna look away and pretend it never happened

  • The Village Elder

    The Westboro Baptist Church group is simply the visible soul of the right wing republican hatemongers here in our country. They are a visible toxin parading about begging for attention from any source. They are a manifestation of disease, a social virus, a festering cancer on the soul of mankind. Like any disease they are opportunistic, morals decency or respect is not a barrier to this illness. It strikes whenever it gets the chance. It needs to be treated and regarded as such. We must strive to find the cause, the vector of this disease and like other great and horrendous plagues, we need to eliminate it if possible. Eliminate it or at least contain and weaken it so its affect is minimized. We are mistaken when we think of it in terms of morals or justices or good vs evil. It simply exists and it shouldn’t.

  • Matthew

    So then none of you believe in free speech? They have every right to protest this funeral and should not be stopped. Remember if we use the power of violence, or the government to stop them then that same violence and government power is justified in use against us when we exercise our free speech rights to protest actions that have been brought against us.

  • Mooz

    @Matthew: The American way of “Freedom of Speech” is part of you’re extremist society. That’s is why there is so much violence, hatred and blatant lying. It has become acceptable. Explain to the rest of us how protesting at a funeral is helping America? Would you feel restricted in your freedom if you could not protest at someones funeral but could do it anywhere else?

    Do you see how their actions of hate is causing reactions of hate and violence, right here on this site, by Anonymous and anywhere else on the Internet? Maybe it is time to add some common decency to your the laws of freedom of speech.

    “What is common decency”? That is what your society needs to discuss. You are not just individuals, you are the United States of America. What does unite you? Protesting at funerals could be as starting point. Stop the cycle.

  • Mooz

    @Matthew: Adding:
    From Europe’s point of view there is a lot of censorship when it comes to American freedom of speech. “Think of the children!” when it comes to swearing and nudity on television. Hilarious! But graphic scenes of killing: No problem?!

  • Mjl-428

    @Matthew: well i said the usual ones weren’t stupid enough to defend the WBC. I didn’t say shit about random new members who sign up just to leave one comment

  • Mjl-428

    @Mooz: Matthew just seems to be a stupid troll because if he’s anything of a real person, he’ll respond to this

  • Mooz

    @Mjl-428: He probably is. But he’s not unique in his way of thinking nor is it unique for America. It is the ‘sliding slope’ fallacy. It’s used everywhere.

    I hear Obama discussing on how to prevent more tragedies like this. Stricter gun control? And “Is this the price of our freedom?”

    Why is freedom of speech more important than the freedom to express your mourning with dignity?

  • Charlie in Charge

    @Matthew: The Supreme Court has ruled many, many time on the limitations of free speech. This is how we get concepts like libel and slander.

    Protesting at the funerals of murdered children. I just can see Jesus co-signing on that one. It’s time for them to be finished.

  • Redpalacebulleaglesox

    In honor of my cousin, Karl Lehrberburger, murdered at Dachau on 25 May 1933 for being Gay, Jewish and an active political opponent of Julius Streicher and the Nazis, I will personally confront the Westboro bigots both on the streets and on the Internet.

  • Redpalacebulleaglesox

    I apologize for the tyo in post #20, my cousins name is Karl Lehrburger.

  • Mjl-428

    @Mooz: I don’t know why. the only thing I know is that the idiots like Matthew and WBC like to abuse the hell out of it and ignore the fine print. the same with the 2nd Amendment, divorce and a few other things which is why we have so many problems in the U.S. now

  • Billysees

    @Matthew: 13

    Correctly said.

  • Billysees

    Gee, if I had read further, I wouldn’t have complimented Matthew No 13’s comment.

    But, I still think it’s a more correct attitude.

    Let that WBC bunch continue to make fools of themselves and at the same time they are representing other religious fundamentalist manifestations.

    Let the WHOLE WORLD see their profound folly.

    Fundamentalism of any religion in typically mean spirited and intolerant.

    What does the Book suggest about matters like this, “overcome evil with good”.

    I think that’s the way to go here.

  • Pete

    I wonder what their meetings are like? I’ll bet they’re like The Church of the Quivering Brethren “they’ll be no butter in hell!”

  • Billysees

    @The Village Elder: 12

    Interesting comment.

    Basically true and beyond argument.

    But I would add to what you’ve said by repeating what I said earlier —

    “Overcome evil with good”.

    I think that’ll do the “best” job of dealing with what you so well describe as “a visible toxin parading about begging for attention from any source” and that we need to “eliminate it or at least contain and weaken it so its affect is minimized”.

    The question now then is, what kind of “good” will do the job ?

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