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What Are America’s Gayest Restaurant Chains?

Despite reasonable assumptions, neither Big Boy nor Hardee’s are gay restaurant chains. But these nirvanas of homos and hamburgers do exist — we just need your help in finding them. Reading about how Hamburger Mary’s, the diner that serves its checks in high heels and started in 1972 in San Francisco, has expanded to Kansas City got us thinking: What are the other gay-oriented franchises out there?

With 10 locations across the U.S., Mary’s just might be the largest, and with an always-friendly serving staff, perhaps the nicest, too. But they aren’t alone in this quest to queer America’s food. So help us: If you’re hometown — or a lovely place you’ve visited — featured a gay eatery (a definition we’re gonna play loose with), tell us about it. We wants names, locations, websites, and if you can remember, you favorite menu item.

Because while we love playing Is It A Steakhouse Or A Gay Bar?, we’ll be damned if Jann Wenner’s new Rolling Stone restaurant is going to be America’s best known gay gastro franchise.

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