What The Hell Is Going On With Uganda’s Kill-The-Gays Bill?

The way Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill has become the subject of so much rumor and misinformation, you’d think it was Bigfoot—not one of the scariest pieces of legislation to surface in the 21st century.

It’s been tabled, resurrected, had it’s death-penalty clause removed and put back in, made a Christmas present by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, and even, apparently, topped the parliamentary agenda yesterday.

So what’s the real deal?

On Tuesday, the State Department confirmed the bill “is currently in committee and has not yet reached the full parliament for consideration.” If Kadaga’s stocking-stuffer promise is to come true, it’ll have to be before December 14, when the legislative session ends.

But a source at the U.S. Embassy in Kampala is telling the Washington Blade that the capital-punishment provision is still intact.

Additionally, the embassy source, who asked not to be named, said that the committee can only compile a report on the bill for recommendations to the bill, and can’t make changes to it—such as removing the death penalty provision for “aggravated homosexuality,” which media sources reported has been removed. An earlier version of the bill defined “aggravated homosexuality” as someone with HIV engaging in homosexual acts, having homosexual sex with a minor or the repeated offense of homosexuality.

Even if it’s gone, the law would still mandate life imprisonment and vastly broaden what’s considered criminal activity. Even organizing an LGBT rights group, as is touching someone with the intent to engage in gay sexual contact (whatever that is) could land you in jail.

It’s like Uganda is the Teen Mom of the world: It keeps digging itself deeper and deeper into fuckery to get attention. But unlike Jenelle, we can’t just ignore this to make it go away.

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  • Dumdum

    The global community should really crack down on these people. But even though it is worse than apartheid no one will do anything cause us Queer folk are not real people. Hitler would be so proud…

  • DaveB

    As a tolerant person I was initially pleased when the practising of homosexuality was de–criminalised. I recall, as a then practising solicitor, mitigating on behalf of a homosexual who was in a relationship with a male then deemed to be too young to participate. They were both regular stand up chaps who appeared just like everyone else, and what they did behind closed doors was their business alone. However, over the last few decades, the public face of homosexuality has radically changed. Both myself and many others find such to be utterly offensive to the point that I no longer use a tv (except for taped films) as both homosexuality and muti-culturalism are incessantly crudely pushed at viewers by way of a political message of acceptability. What in such a message (assuming it exists) is so very offensive? In essence, with regard to homosexuality, homosexuals persistently emphasise and promote their sexuality as though such is all that they are. Few messages about ‘I’m a great artist, or great athlete,’ or whatever, but simply ‘Look at me, look at my over – exaggerated feminine side.’ All very crude and in your face. So, from being 100% tolerant of homosexuality, I am now thoroughly disgusted by it, or rather the behaviour of many homosexuals. Accordingly I can understand why Uganda might wish to stamp down hard on it, if it has observed what tolerance brings forth……a remarkably changed society with sexuality being constantly pushed. In essence therefore my view is that homosexuals need to possibly re-think how they present themselves – as sexual objects, or as well rounded individuals? As things presently stand I’m all in favour of again making it illegal.

  • Dumdum

    @DaveB: WOW. Are you for real? I have several choice comments however being a gentleman I shall refrain. You are old and obviously British or perhaps even South African. I must also assume that you are a heterosexual white male. Or you are an evil minded preacher of color who lives in Uganda and are trying to defend the heinous wholesale slaughter of innocent human beings whose only crime is their sexual orientation.

  • greybat

    @DaveB: Perhaps Ugandans are watching too much television? If we believe that silly sitcoms and boisterous talk shows are representative of Real Life, it may well be time to turn the thing off.

  • Dumdum

    @DaveB: I do not believe that you were EVER tolerant. You are a sad misguided person.

  • Dionte

    @DaveB: when the planets population reaches 50 billion will you become disgusted with heterosexuals? I wish you a rebirth during that time so that you can experience what it is like.

  • GreatGatsby2011

    @DaveB: So let me get this straight. You’re fine with homosexuality as long as the homosexual knows his/her place as an inferior human being who should be ashamed of his sexual orientation and hide it from “respectable” people such as yourself so you don’t have to witness such “depravity”.

    And I’m sure it hasn’t occurred to you just how much heterosexuality is “crudely pushed” in a homosexual’s face every single day of his/her life? And not just on television either. Everywhere we turn heterosexuality is “forced” upon us. Just this morning on my way to work I saw a man and woman holding hands as they walked alongside the street. Should I feel the outrage that you apparently do, just because I witness people enjoying a life that is unlike my own?

    You, sir, are a bigot. But it sounds like you’re on the right track to fix that. Put down the remote and step away from the television. If you go out and experience the world you may realize that not all homosexuals are the stereotypical effeminate gay man portrayed on television for a few laughs. And I can’t imagine that it occurred to you that the reason you believe that all homosexuals lead with their sexuality is because most of the homosexuals you meet on a given day are doing precisely what you desire? That is to say, presenting themselves as well rounded individuals and not leading with their sexuality. Your mechanic, your waiter, your bus driver, your physician, may all be gay without your awareness because they are presenting themselves as well-rounded individuals and not ridiculous caricatures of gay men on television.

    Finally, I would deduce from your comment that you are an older gentleman. Which is unfortunate because you have a lot of growing up to do.

  • 2eo

    @DaveB: I know a South African when I read one. I lack the decorum of others, call it youthful exuberance or an acid tongue if you will but I’m glad you lost your fight over these “few decades”, and how does it feel to know that a “terrorist” in Nelson Mandela is more known and beloved in Britain than any one of your ilk ever were or will ever be.

    100% tolerant, as tolerant as apartheid, that’s all anyone good for in your world, thankfully your type are dying lonely and the world marches on from the ashes of your failures.

  • Evji108

    Uganda sounds like a lovely place, such gentle, cheerful sweet people. I think I will holiday there soonest, the natives are so friendly.

  • Aussie Col

    @DaveB: hahaha Dave you idiot troll. Obviously Uganda is teh place for you to live. Go there.
    Personally I am offended by the people that feign tolerance as long as they can keep their air of superiority and privilege.
    I’ve wasted more time on you than necessary.

  • armandt

    @DaveB. You seem to be simple minded. What are you trolling gay websites for if you hate us so? Go be bored somewhere else.
    @2eo & Dumdum. I am South African and I take offence at your generalizations. South Africa is no more homophobic than the US. In fact, protection of LGBT rights is written into our constitution, which puts us ahead of the US if I’m not mistaken. You seem to be tragically misinformed as to what goes on in the rest of the world. Also, Apartheid ended 18 years ago, and not so long before that slavery and lynchings were the order of the day in the US, so you can rid yourselves of the air of superiority. The Ugandan anti-gay legislation has the influence of American christian evangelists at its heart. The manipulate the uneducated masses by. On the convincing them gays are trying to convert their children and are molesting them. It is remarkably similar to the approach these evangelicals have used in the US with some success

  • Evji108

    Why are you guys paying attention to Dave? if everyone ignored him, he would go elsewhere. He has found a rich field of people to irritate, don’t give him the satisfaction. He’s a dick, not worth arguing with.

  • Aussie Col

    @Evji108: Agreed. damn…sucked in again ..

  • Aussie Col

    @armandt: Good on you. South Africa has far more progressive LGBT laws than the US or Australia. I can get married there to the man of my dreams, but not at home.
    I also think that some African nations have suffered dreadfully at the hands of Catholic Priests (like the children in Australia). Known pedophile priests were deliberately sent to places far away from Rome…something the current Pope in his previous Vatican position authorised and directed.

  • Papi Balenciaga

    @armandt: You my friend, I like.

  • 2eo

    @armandt: It’s a good thing you read my post completely and you understood there were no generalisations too take offense to isn’t it.

    You mean you only scan read it and assumed. Read it again, then apologise.

  • Dumdum

    @armandt: Thank you. Yes I am a stupid knuckle dragging American living in the backwoods of society. As far as we are concerned you may as well be on another planet. Our media, education,and everything else still reflects the 1950s pie in the sky June Cleaver mentality. So excuse the F**K out of me that my government keeps me barefoot and pregnant while everyone else in the world moves on. Bye the way,I have a BS in Anthropology and still get about 10 US dollars per hour after taxes. Cause that don’t mean S**T in America land of the free and home of the depraved. I have to work 10 hour days just to pay rent and bills so I have so much leisure time to learn about every one and every thing happening in this world. After I cook my supper clean my house watch a little tellie and sleep (if I can) maybe 5 hours I get to do it all again. Vacation or Holiday? as you call it? SORRY I don’t get one of those unless you count my day off which I spend doing my laundry. Aside from a year with the Peace Corps in Ethiopia in 1984 my knowledge of Africa is nothing but books by Wilbur Smith. I read every one and they were great, you are great, your country is great, I am sure that you have a giant c**k and are drop dead gorgeous and I am an ass.

  • AS

    Mandela and Tutu want equal rights for all irrespective or race creed or sexuality. These two people regarded as beacons of light in Africa, true icons. Uganda obviously cannot learn from past injustices and sadly will have to repeat them. They will continue to blame the west for their problems and refuse to admit their own failings.


    Africa, is my continent and all I seen is what the white people have done here!. Just like everywhere! you make us fucking Christian now you want to make the USA Christian. FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!. Christianity is a mental illness!. Adam A Karu.

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