Rep. Joe Sestak’s Calm, Eloquent and Kick-Ass Rebuttal of DADT Supporters

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Rep. Joe Sestak, the Pennsylvania Democrat, is hoping to upgrade to the U.S. Senate as he faces off against sitting Sen. Arlen Specter in November. But it’s not just Sestak’s political ambitions that factor into his support for a DADT repeal; it’s his record as a three star admiral in the Navy.

These are the conversations we need to be having — the ones here between Sestak and NPR callers. These are, to some, reasonable concerns being raised by NPR listeners, and Sestak very eloquently shoots each of them down. Continue the dialogue. Continue “debating” this issue. If only because the men and women serving America will be the ones who are eventually given the opportunity to prove they are not only equipped to keep this country safe, but to keep respect their comrades of any stripe.

(It’ll also have the added benefit of continuing to make people like this be written into history as fringe lunatics.)

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  • AlanInSLCutah

    I think I finally found someone within congress that I can actually admire.

  • Meowzer

    It almost makes me feel proud to be from Pennsylvania. Almost. We still don’t have gay marriage. THEN, I’ll be totally proud.

    The one point the caller makes about being back home and sharing a shower with gays, the straight men feeling uncomfortable. Get over it! It’s like all gay men are out to “get” a straight guy. We can’t control ourselves. We instinctivly want to look, touch, grope. C’mon.

  • schlukitz

    You go, Joe.

  • Jude

    @Meowzer: You practically took the words right out of my mouth. I couldn’t agree more.

    I, too, am an almost proud Pennsylvanian. I am very impressed with Patrick Murphy (PA) lead sponsor of the repeal of DADT, and now with Joe Sestak.

    Murphy and Sestak are both thoughtful, intelligent, articulate members of Congress.

    I considered voting for Arlen Specter because I thought he had a decent record on gay rights and that his seniority might give him (and our state) more influence. Now that I’ve watched this piece, I’m probably changing my mind.

    Are any fellow Queerty readers familiar with Specter’s record?

    I’m tired of hearing about this “sharing the shower” crap. When stupid rebuttals like this are brought up, I think a good response might be that most other free nations in the world allow gays in their military, and it hasn’t been an issue.

  • Dane

    @Jude: You are correct.

    In addition to being “thoughtful, intelligent, and articulate,” they are both veterans.

    Their military experience has to have given them insight in to all sides of the DADT issue.

    Not only did Murphy teach law at USMA (West Point), he is an Iraq war veteran who earned the rank of Captain in the 82nd Airborne Division.

    Sestak had a 30+ year career in the Navy, rising to the rank of 3 star Admiral, who commanded an entire aircraft carrier battlegroup.

    Here are two ranking veterans from two different branches of the military. This should give them enormous credibility.

    Sadly, this will probably mean nothing to the wingnut McCain supporters.

  • Michael

    Once again the argument of appeasing the homophobe is about the only excuse people can come up with in order to keep DADT. It’s unreal we would seek to pacify someone’s bigotry and hate.

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