Rep. Joe Sestak’s Calm, Eloquent and Kick-Ass Rebuttal of DADT Supporters

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Rep. Joe Sestak, the Pennsylvania Democrat, is hoping to upgrade to the U.S. Senate as he faces off against sitting Sen. Arlen Specter in November. But it’s not just Sestak’s political ambitions that factor into his support for a DADT repeal; it’s his record as a three star admiral in the Navy.

These are the conversations we need to be having — the ones here between Sestak and NPR callers. These are, to some, reasonable concerns being raised by NPR listeners, and Sestak very eloquently shoots each of them down. Continue the dialogue. Continue “debating” this issue. If only because the men and women serving America will be the ones who are eventually given the opportunity to prove they are not only equipped to keep this country safe, but to keep respect their comrades of any stripe.

(It’ll also have the added benefit of continuing to make people like this be written into history as fringe lunatics.)