When Shopping for Gay Cars, Know Your Buzzwords: Tail Pipe, Stick Shift, Rims

What makes a car … gay? We’re pretty sure there’s a blog dedicated to answering just that question, but at the New York Auto Show, reps from car makers like General Motors were on hand to explain it.

Aside from learning Saturn is the most popular GM brand for transsexuals, gossipeuse Ben Widdicombe traipsed among the new paint jobs and hears from GM’s LGBT spokesman Joe LaMuraglia, who founded the site Gay Wheels, that it “isn’t the person’s sexuality, it’s the person’s lifestyle” that connects a queer with a car. “And when you’re in marketing or market research or product planning, it’s all about life-stages and lifestyles. A gay or lesbian couple in their forties with no kids are very different from a straight couple in their forties with four kids. So it’s not really that their sexuality has anything to do with the car they’re driving, it’s more where their life-stage is.”

And thus, GM’s gay-targeted marketing isn’t about showing how its autos are perfect for the modern homosexual, but how they’re perfect for the modern homosexual lifestyle.

You know, the “alternative” one you’re leading right this moment! Vroom vroom, y’all!

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