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Which Former Boy Bander Might Be Outed via His Fashion Designer Affair?

BLIND ITEMS — “This former A list boy bander is struggling to stay in the closet, but he might be emerging thanks to his affair with this male A list fashion designer who is supposedly very attached to his current boyfriend.” [CDAN]

(Note: Accompanying photos do not indicate any relationship to the report.)

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  • spyke

    one day I hope to understand what the POINT of these blind items is…

  • Cam

    How many former boybanders are there?

  • REBELComx

    Hmmm New Kids on the Block: 4 (one came out)
    Backstreet Boys: 5 (still waiting for Nick or Howie)
    NSYNC: 4 (Lance came out)
    98*: 4
    Westlife: 4
    Boyzone: 4 (lost Stephen)
    Take That: 4
    Menudo, LFO, Otown, BBMak, Youngstown,BoyzIIMen, Jacksons, Osmonds, Jonas, Hansons…
    There’s A LOT of options

  • Meowzer

    My guess is JC Chaze or Howie. Chris Kirkpatric does something with fashion, so maybe him?

  • Enron

    A-List Boy Band: Immediately Backstreet Boys comes to mind
    Affair: suggest he is in a relationship or married

    This suggest then its either: Kevin Richardson, Howie Dorough or Brian Littrell

    All of them are married, but only one is not in the band, and thats Kevin.

    The only other A-List Boy Band is N-Sync and we know Justin ain’t gay, neither is JC, and the two other members except for Lance who is out.

  • fredo777

    JC Chasez + Marc Jacobs. Just a guess.

  • Mike

    It’s so odd to me that people are still baffled (and angered) by the notion of a blind item.

    This form of gossip is not new, folks, and certainly not invented by Queerty.

    A blind item is a news story, usually gossip, in which the details of the matter are reported while the identities of the people involved are not revealed. The invention of the blind item is credited to William d’Alton Mann (1829 – 1920), publisher of Town Topics.

    Get it?

    So if they bug you, don’t click on them.

  • fredo777

    @fredo777: Oh, my bad. I wasn’t aware that Jacobs + his bf went through with the marriage. I thought they were still engaged.

  • terrwill

    @REBELComx: No NKOTB has officially came out…………

    JC Chazaz has a line of clothes and there was a Gay themed story ’bout him in the last few years…….He would be the guess

  • Caleb


    There were 5 NKOTB boy banders. And I don’t know that Jonathan Knight, rumored to be gay, actually ever officially came out. He was outed by Enquirer and some blogs (this one included) but I don’t recall him ever actually admitting it.

    Also there were FIVE in ‘Nsync and FIVE in Boyzone.

  • Erick

    Most obvious boy bander: JC
    Most obvious A Lister designer with a know relationship, in order of obviousness: Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen (is he still A List?), Tom Ford.

  • Bill

    Wouldn’t the list be shorter if we asked Which Former Boy Bander ISN’T gay?

  • Justin

    Boybander: JC Chasez
    Designer: Tom Ford (tho my personal guess is Marc Jacobs whom is “very attached”)

    Is the general consensus on other sites posting this blind item

  • Jake

    JC Chasez most likely although I hope that Justin Timberlake is a closeted power bottom lol

  • sal(the original)


  • ossurworld

    From among several hundred Menudo candidates, who knows?

  • George

    My vote is for JC from nsync. I doubt that Justin will come out from behind his various beards due to fear of ruining his “star” power.

    Backstreet? Only one “ex” in the group-Kevin Richardson. But he’s not been hanging around with models or the fashion world in general.

  • Paschal

    @REBELComx: Westlife’s Mark Feehily has a boyfriend and they’re getting a civil partnershipin the U.K.

  • Okie

    Wasn’t Ricky Martin in a boy band?

  • Char


    JC Chasez is as gay as they come…he cruised me in the bathroom of the Time Warner Center in NYC.

  • craigers

    @Mike: Bravo Mike, Bravo!

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @Char: I never understand why someone famous would cruise for sex. That’s the easiest way to get caught. yet, I know they do cruise for sex.

  • REBELComx

    Yes there were FIVE people in each of those bands. But I said 4 because in parentheses I mentioned that one has already come out. So obviously, we wouldn’t need a blind item for their “possible homo activities” if we already knew about them, meaning there were 4 LEFT in each group. I remember the NKOTB thing, wasn’t sure it was official as i couldn’t remember which one it was… I wasn’t a fan.

    @Paschal: Thank you, I didn’t know about that one. So i guess that’s 3 left from that group. Interestingly enough, his BF is also a member of a defunct British boyband: V.

  • Tired Old Queen

    @REBELComx: Isn’t LFO all gay?

  • The Artist

    Honestly, who cares? Drugs and crime spreading on the street and people can’t find enough to eat. Our kids can’t go out and play, this is the State of the World today. PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • Marcus

    @D’oh, The Magnificent:

    The mindset is that they won’t get caught–and if they do, the media won’t report it.

    A friend of mine was cruised by Matt Bomer a year ago.

    BTW, my former bosses assistant told me he has seen JC at gay bars in L.A. numerous times ogling the guys there.

  • Woody

    MANY years ago when I lived in Orlando, Fl. I worked at a restaurant and bar when Chris Kirkpatrick was a busboy. He hung out at the DJ’s house (who was gay). Chris was said to be straight but seemed to be asexual or a future mo. A few years after that when insync hit it big a female friend who was a beatiful hawaiian hostess at a Disney theme restaurant supposedly had a one night stand with JC.

  • Max

    How about JC Chasez and the designer from Heatherette?

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