White Rapper Slaine Latest Hip-Hop Artist To Get All Anti-Gay On Twitter

We don’t follow what the kids are listening to these days—so it was up to Queerty reader Nonplussed Gay to tip us off that Boston rapper Slaine was dropping serious F-bombs on his Twitter feed.

Detained by cops while on a European tour, Slaine (born George Carroll) went off on a series of tweet rants calling the sexuality of police officers into question:

“I love my fans in Europe… But I feel bad for you guys cause you live in a world of faggot police and dicksucking socialist politicians.”

“Cops are faggots everywhere. Its Universal. Im trying to calm down and stop swearing at them cuz Im 36 hours from Boston.”

When YourMumIsDead teased the rapper about his comments, Slaine replied, “I cant even call you faggot enough times you fuckin fag fag faggot.”

For a lyricist, this guy’s got a pretty limited vocabulary.

He’s certainly pulled the fag card before: His song “Say I Was Slaine” features the lyrics, “I wave a gun at the government with the flag in my face/Point a pistol at the president, the faggot’s erased.”

Maybe George is overcompensating for the fact that he’s a white Boston hoser in a genre dominated by African-Americans? That’s it—he’s just trying to nail down some street cred! He’s got the knee-jerk homophobia down. And he’s done the movie thing, appearing in Ben Affleck’s The Town and the upcoming Brad Pitt flick Cogan’s Trade. All that’s left is for him to get shot 12 times and survive.

Not that we’re endorsing violence or anything.