Who Is Behind MA’s Transphobic “Bathroom Bill” Radio Ads?

Right now Massachusettes is debating a Transgender Equal Rights Bill that would provide public accommodations bill for the state’s trans-citizens. So of course here come the radio ads talking about how men dressed like women are gonna rape your daughter and wife in the public bathroom instead of just taking a dump like normal people. So who’s behind these latest ads?

One hint: it’s a hate group.

The ad’s creators openly mention their BFFs:

Created to compliment the work of the Massachusetts Family Institute, MFI Action expands our latitude and flexibility in advocating for pro-family polices in the public policy arena in Massachusetts.  It is consistent with the creation of Focus on the Family, Action; and Family Research Council, Action; as well as a majority of our sister family policy councils in the other states. 

Hmmm… Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council. Why do those sound so familiar? Maybe it’s because The Southern Poverty Law Center has described FoF as one of a “dozen major groups [which] help drive the religious right’s anti-gay crusade” and has flat out called the FRC a “hate group”.

As you know public accommodation rights protect Ts from discrimination in public transit, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and bathrooms. Any firm doing business with “the public” must fall into line. But of course, trans-phobic opponents have skipped all that and focused just on the place where mommy and child make bam-bam.

Let’s take a look at their slanted arguments:

Designed to help gender-confused individuals, the Bathroom Bill would add the vague category of “gender identity or expression” to the state ban on discrimination. Among the negative consequences of this law are: a) school children would be taught that they can change their gender if they want and b) women and children would be put at risk since access to sensitive areas such as single-sex bathrooms, locker rooms, and c) women-only fitness facilities would be open to anyone, regardless of biological sex, and d) anyone speaking out against it could be charged with a “hate crime.”

Wow. Slippery slope much? Interesting how a public accommodations bill will suddenly teach young boys to become girls and outlaw free speech. As if anyone who questions the bill will automatically fall prey to the thought police. Where’s Winston Smith when you need him?

In 2005, the state of Maine approved its own version of the “Bathroom Bill” and the consequences of this move are being felt. The state’s Human Rights Commission ruled that an elementary-aged boy petitioning for access to the girls’ bathroom could not be required to use a separate bathroom, he must be allowed access to the girls room. This ruling is expected to negatively impact all of Maine. The school’s actions seem reasonable as they protect the privacy and modesty of prepubescent little girls, while also addressing any safety issues regarding the young boy with gender confusion. But the Human Rights Commission, armed with the state’s “Bathroom Bill,” were unsatisfied with this solution.

We love that phrase “prepubescent little girls.” Who the hell wrote this? Lewis Carroll? And the case they’re talking about wasn’t about a boy, it was a male-to-female trans kid. Yes, trans kids exist. And simply acting like they’re just boys who wanna get into the girls’ room perpetuates violence against ALL transpeople. After all, why should proper, civil society tolerate perverts and sexual deviants? KILL THE BASTERDS!!!

The “Bathroom Bill” would protect the rights of people with Gender Identity Disorder (cross-dressers, those changing their gender surgically, or simply those who “fee” differently-gendered) to use the bathrooms, locker rooms, and shelters reserved for the opposite sex. Transgendered is self-defined by the claimant, and based solely on one’s conception of oneself on that particular day. There’s no requirement of a doctor’s proclamation, surgery, or hormone therapy.

Gender Identity Disorder. That’s the controversial designation in the fourth version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders that describes the emotional distress that trans folks might feel in their physical bodies. Not only is the “diagnosis” extremely problematic (as it stigmatizes trans-identitified people as mentally ill), but the further claim that “Transgendered is self-defined by the claimant, and based solely on one’s conception of oneself on that particular day,” is complete bullshit.

It’s basically saying that if I wake up and wanna put on a wig and start using women’s restrooms that I can, when any actual trans-person usually has a verifiable history of some sort lending credence to their gender identity. That is, it’s not an arbitrary choice and anyone who genuinely identifies as trans has much bigger fish to fry and most likely more self-respect and compassion that to even consider the villainous pedophilia, misogyny, and rape that such ads suggest.

Disgusting advertisements brought to you from people who compare homosexuality to shit-eating and animal fucking.

Luckily 135 clergy throughout the state of Massachusetts actually support the Transgender Equal Rights bill.

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  • Matthew Dimick

    Yeah, AFI is a bunch of creeps. An LGBT grassroots organization (Join the Impact MA [JTIMA]) called on the Attorney General Martha Coakley in Feb. to investigate the deceptive fundraising practices of the Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI). JTIMA is asking for an order that the MFI stop all unfair and deceptive fundraising practices- including assertions that contributions to support lobbying are eligible for federal tax deductions.

    According to JTIMA’s research, the MFI is in violation of federal and Massachusetts state law governing the solicitations of contributions for a charitable organization.

    See the link below.

    Hopefully people will start taking notice of this.

  • missanthrope

    The MFI has actually come to transgender conferences to videotape and spy on some of my activist friends. They are a bunch of very creepy thugs.

  • Gregor

    Question is how can we hit those type of punks where it hurts when they have no dignity to lose?

  • Sarah

    @Gregor: By helping to get the bill passed? Right now it’s floundering, and these ads are the only significant advocacy I’ve seen on either side of the issue. A counter-attack by LGBT orgs would be nice

  • Jimmy Fury

    3 quick points for these MFI goons.

    1: What exactly is wrong with school children being taught that they can “change their gender” if they want?
    They can. So I’m confused on why it’s a bad thing to tell them they can do something that they can do… Especially when telling them that can save some of them years of depression and anguish as they try to reconcile their feelings with a world that keeps insisting those feelings are wrong. :|

    2: You /do/ know there’s no magical gender-detecting force field on bathrooms now right? You’re talking like bathrooms are magical rape proof utopias where little girls can flee if a predator is attacking them. Worse than that, you act like predators are actually being stopped by the current rules. If the laws telling them NOT TO RAPE PEOPLE don’t work why the fuck do you ass hats think the sign saying “women only” on the door is going to stop them!? WTF?

    3: You talk like passing this bill will result in every dude in the state running to a women’s room to perv on their ladybits. Have you ever actually seen the inside of a women’s room? The vaaaaast majority have stalls with walls and doors with locks just like the men’s room. They aren’t some open air tinkle pools where everyone’s vajayjay is on display and girls give each other breast exams and have pillow fights.

  • Sweetbrandigirl2004

    @Jimmy Fury: Uh to begin with NO ONE should change genders unless it’s diagnosis as being needed. Wanting to when theirs No need to is a sign of mental instability

  • justnow

    ok then so they can use the men’s bathroom? Why oh why are you reporting this- it only gets people irritated.

  • justnow

    i for one dont give damn about this dumb assed bill and refuse to give attention to fearmongering social conservatives

  • Jessica Mink

    What was scary was that when I talked my (MA) state rep’s aide on Transgender Lobby Day, he echoed back the bathroom argument, and I could not get past it no matter how hard I tried. This is a meme that sticks in middle-aged men’s brains and generally bypasses women’s, according to a Mass Equality volunteer I discussed it with. The younger male aide to my state senator had no such qualms about the transgender rights bill, not did a female aide to my state rep with whom I discussed it a few months earlier.

  • David Gervais

    An aside to No. 7 · justnow :

    ok then so they can use the men’s bathroom?

    Just an observation… There are some older public event building in the city that were built with less than sufficient women’s bathrooms. At events where the line for women is much longer than the men’s, it is not unusual for women to use the men’s. No-one seems to notice, except sometimes a man tries to chat up the woman waiting in line next to him.
    This is not new, it has been the case for decades.

  • xrk9854

    Transsexual people don’t change gender, they change their body to match their gender.

  • Kberg

    The MFI has struck to a low that they have to resort to fear mongering , a predator willenter anyways regardless of the sign at the door, in fact if there where men another stall canstop
    the preadtor, ever think of that.

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