Why Is Michigan AG Andrew Shirvell Cyber Bullying Gay College Student Prez Chris Armstrong?

The deputy of Michigan’s Attorney General Mike Cox is, uh, being one. Assistant AG Andrew Shirvell has a problem with Chris Armstrong, the gay president of University of Michigan’s Student Assembly, who is apparently on his radar! Shrivell has a blog where he’s dedicated more than 20 posts to attacking Armstrong, whose “agenda was … to promote the radical homosexual agenda at the University of Michigan, and to use his position to promote that cause.” Loves it!

Armstrong is “Nazi-like,” a “fierce advocate” for “the cult that is homosexuality,” a “viciously militant homosexual activist,” and a supporter of a racist agenda, according to Shirvell’s blog Chris Armstrong Watch, which touts “EXCLUSIVE photos and video” of a police raid on Armstrong’s home during a “gay rush party,” the goal of which “was to liquor-up underage freshmen and promote homosexual activity in an effort to recruit them to the homosexual lifestyle.”

Oh, and Shirvell, a U Mich alum, adds this: Armstrong is “Satan’s representative on the Student Assembly.” Holy crap this is amazing. And that’s not even the best part! Shirvell also says Armstrong has been hosting gay orgies in his dorm room (at least the one in 2009), and that Armstrong broke the law by attending a binge drinking event. (Armstrong was out of town that evening.)

Them’s be fighting words from a freakin’ AG. Especially since Shirvall’s claims are a blatant example of cyber bullying — something his boss, AG Mike Cox, teaches students about in classroom videos — but very possibly amount to defamation.

Why Shirvall is spending so much off-the-clock time attacking a college student is still unknown, though it appears Armstrong merely being gay is the biggest factor. Says Shirvall: “Did he think he was just going to get some free pass just because he’s gay or whatever?” Apparently not. In one post Shirvell “exposes” Armstrong is dating the Student Assembly’s vice president Jason Raymond (pictured). Armstrong “seduced” Raymond, claims Shirvell.

Now who else, after watching this video of Shirvell speak, thinks there’s about to be a leak about a certain assistant attorney general enjoying the company of men? Because my gaydar is about to need a repairman it’s beeping so loudly. In my wildest scandal dreams, me thinks maybe Mr. Shirvell and Mr. Armstrong had a lover’s quarrel? Or fought over the some freshman twink? Or something equally salacious?

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  • Rando

    My gaydar is giving me a headache. He’s more fey than the guy he’s attacking so blatantly. Maybe it’s his inner turmoil that’s forcing him to act the way he is. He can’t stand seeing someone who is so openly comfortable in their (homo)sexuality.

    Time to get off the self-hate train.

  • Adam

    One can only imagine him beating off furiously while typing

    “As reported EXCLUSIVELY on this watch site in the immediately preceding post, the aim of this “party” was to liquor-up underage freshmen and promote homosexual activity in an effort to recruit them to the homosexual lifestyle.”

    with one hand.

  • Mysanthropic Destiny

    Some empirical evidence would validate his argument, but all I’ve heard is hearsay, defamation, and petty rumor-making.

    It would be cool if this was just some psychological experiment.

  • Dave

    I used to be a students’ union exec at the University of Toronto and people can be pretty vicious with student politics, but this takes the cake….

  • wmcarpenter

    This guy is obsessed with Armstrong, clearly.

    “Immaturity and lack of judgment” indeed.

  • Kev C

    Andy claims Chris stole his bike and is hiding it in the basement of the Alamo.

  • pete

    This is infuriating!! Aside from the bullshit this guy spews, he is 100% a classic closet case. He’s gayer than most of Chelsea, and he looks like Pee Wee Herman! He’s among the lowest form of scum on this earth!

  • whatever

    Another tolerant Republican. The stuff on his website is pretty standard so-con stuff anyway. He is on auto pilot.

  • Joseph

    His name should be Mike likes Cox lol

  • David

    I’m utterly dumbfounded. Speechless. I’m sure when it sinks in I’ll get angry but for now I can only imagine that Shirvell is mentally unstable and that is the reason for his attacks.

  • Faketroll

    What is this I don’t even…

  • Charlie

    Hmmm it’s unfortunate that crazed accusations like this could follow Chris if he pursues politics… but most people probably have a BS detector strong enough to get past these statements.

    But really… is this the professional behavior of an assistant attorney general?

  • Tony

    He’s like an alternate-universe Perez Hilton, with that scrawling-on-facepix routine.

  • JamesinLA

    Yeesh…what a breathtakingly awful person Andrew Shirvall seems. Andrew, just face it – Chris Armstrong is just not that into you. Leave him be.

  • Tony

    Classic closet case projecting his own self loathing onto others.

  • MileHighJoe

    It’s amazing to me that this turd gets away with this. I understand that the Attorney General himself might be restricted from disciplining this turd so long as this turd pulls this shit on his own time. The AG’s hands are tied.

    But this turd is also regulated by the State of Michigan as a registered attorney in that state. Surely this type of conduct reflects badly on Michigan attorneys and should not be tolerated from any attorney, especially this turd.

    Perhaps we should express our shock and displeasure with the Michigan Attorney Discipline Board:

  • Dan

    This is what happens when you turn people down on dating sites. Perhaps if he got rid of the ultra-high drag queen eyebrows he’d be more popular with the fellas. They say you aren’t really famous until you have a STALKER.

  • Steve

    Someone’s in love.

  • ML

    A seriously disturbed individual. His delusional rants are mind-boggling even for a closet case.

    He really should go to Texas to find that bike.

  • Bill Courson

    This kind of hurtful, juvenile idiocy is intolerable, all the more coming from a state Assistant Attorney General.

    Andrew Shirvell is an assistant AG in the appellate department of the Michigan AG’s office. His place of wo…rk is on the Fourth Floor of the G. Mennen Williams Building (525 W. Ottawa) in Lansing. His telephone no. at work is (517) 373-4875 and his fax no. is (517) 373-4916.

    Do please feel free to call or fax Andy, or even pay him a visit on his lunch hour. Perhaps if it were explained to him personally that bullying of this sort just isn’t cricket, he’d change his ways.

  • Tres

    Join the movement on facebook:

    fire andrew shirvell

  • L.

    Close your eyes, and you’ll think it’s a voice-over job by Davey Wavey.

    Most disturbing.

  • L.

    (The PrideSource article linked to by Tanner mentions that “Shirvell has worked under cocks for several years”. Well, figures.)

  • Mike in Asheville

    @No. 2 Adam

    Thanks for the link, I checked it out. OMFG! This creep is beyond delusional and in need of serious mental health help.

  • Who Cares?

    Closet case attacks gay racist. Fuck them both!

  • Bryce

    As Mariah Carey says, “Why you so obsessed with me?”

  • mmmexperimental

    This guy admits sitting 3 hours outside a gay bar watching? This is an extreme, extremely disturbed person who has no business in an official capacity in any government post. He is seriously stalkerish and disturbed. Why is he so obsessed with gay men? There is something going on in that guy’s head that is not right! Armstrong needs to file a restraining order and have this guy’s actions investigated. dangerous

  • L.

    @mmmexperimental: I hadn’t seen the 3-hour thing. That actually sends chills down my spine. If only on account of that, the guy should be at worst given a restraining order, and at best restrained, period.

  • kayla

    This freak obviously wants to fuck the kid! He’s probably one of those repressed homosexuals, he is lusting after that young man, but because the BIBLe says it’s a sin, he can only express it through this stalkerish, obsessive behavior, just a freaking middle-aged creeep! ewww!

  • B

    While “Andrew Shirvell has a problem with Chris Armstrong,” Shirvell will have a real problem if he inadvertently convicts someone who is innocent and if Shervill was found to have made errors that suggest misconduct (e.g., not turning over evidence to the defense that might exculpate the defendant): his treatment of Armstrong is pretty good evidence that this guy acts with malice towards anyone he doesn’t like.

    I think Shirvell should be fired – not because of his opinions regarding Armstrong, idiotic as those may be, but because he is obviously malicious and the last thing an innocent defendant wants to have to deal with is a D.A. who is out to get him at all costs, the truth be damned.

    What Attorney General Mike Cox should do immediately is to keep Shirvell away from any case involving a gay person, whether as a victim of a crime, a perpetrator, or a witness.

  • wompman

    Sorry, but the fact that the news team and the idiot Attorney General act as though this person should be anywhere but a mental institution is insane. He is batshit, utterly CRAZY! And the closeted freak is clearly a danger to the college boy he’s crushing on. Wow, I once had a semi-stalker, but he was NOTHING compared to this lunatic.

    This can’t end well…hopefully the worst that will happen will be a boiled bunny, but I can’t help but be worried for the collge kid.

  • B

    No. 33 · wompman wrote, “Sorry, but the fact that the news team and the idiot Attorney General act as though this person should be anywhere but a mental institution is insane.”

    The problem is that “this person” is a lawyer and the “idiot attorney general” is smart enough to not say something that would land him in court.

  • fizzydrink

    My favorite quote from the stalker-blog:

    “[A]n out-of-control crowd of drunken homosexual ‘party-goers’ were amassed all over the residence’s front and back lawns, freely walking around with open containers of alcohol while loud music blared from inside the house.”

    Imagine: college kids wandering around a flop house with Dixie cups and loud music. I don’t know if I can unsee that shocking mental image!

  • B

    No. 8 · pete wrote, “This is infuriating!! Aside from the bullshit this guy spews, he is 100% a classic closet case.” But do you really want him on your team?

  • B

    “Imagine: college kids wandering around a flop house with Dixie cups and loud music.”

    … at least it is not a pool hall that he’s trying to use to scare them: .

  • Zach

    Clearly he would have hated the annual Spring event at my college then. We drank and drank in flip flops,the girls would be wearing two piece suits and *gasp* some of the guys were shirtless.

  • Jeffree

    @Zach: #38: You’re half right :-) The reason the Asst AG would “hate” it so much is because he would secretly enjoy it *too* much and be unable to deal with those feelings !!

  • Zach

    I think he should be fired but I also think Armstrong and Raymond should have some protection for themselves.
    This man has devoted himself to attacking Armstrong with post after posts of lies and insults,has shown up at his house and has stalked the facebook pages of others in his war against him.
    This is a man whom I would take precautions against.


    His posiiton is the defacto “face” of the legal system of the state. He is supposed to set an example of how one should live under and adhere to the legal system. Clearly this scumbag is borderline stalker has serious mental issues and is an absolute disgrace to the states legal system. Each state has a system for removal of any official be it by legal proceedings or a recall. Michigan needs to start a movement immediatley…………

  • DR

    This guy is crazy. He clearly has problems with gays, white kids, rich kids, and societies which probably wanted nothing to do with him when he was in college or law school.

    I can’t tell if this is homophobia, white man’s burden, jealousy, mental instability or all of the above. But clearly this is going beyond expressing his first amendment rights and shifting into criminal behavior. I am fairly certain that even if this doesn’t qualify as “cyber bullying” it still qualifies as “cyber-stalking”. That’s gotta be a crime.

  • DMR

    If you think the blog is bad, take a look at these e-mails Shirvell allegedly sent. All together, these rantings so indicate a seriously disturbed mind that intervention should be considered before he harms himself or others. At a minimum, AG Cox should fire him immediately. Sad, sad self-repressed nut job. See

  • Jeffree

    I had a stalker about 3.5 years ago. Danced with a nice-looking guy at a club, we exchanged phone #s, went out for coffee the next day & he was literally incapable of conversation: three word answers to my questions, no questions in return. No facial expression. I ended the date after 20″ and he proceded to call me every day for about the next three months. “Jeff, I need to talk to you”

    I called him about 3 times saying just “Please stop calling me, you’re sort of freaking me out.” He continued. Eventually he started parking his car in front of my house at times, and would periodically appear in various restaurants/clubs where my friends I would hang out.

    Hard to explain the effects on me other than that I felt seriously scared. He never made a threat. I stopped going out for almost 9 months

    My aunt’s ex-hub who was ex-cop now psychologist said to file a report with the police but that unless he made a threat there was nothing the police could do unless he had prior similar incidents. I did file the report, and the police guy did tell me (maybe he wasn’t supposed to?)
    that they had no other reports on the guy.

    He would ‘periodically call me for about another year and I eventually went away to school for 3 semesters, and he hasn’t re-surfaced since, but I have to say it was very scary. I’m still not sure he’s gone for good.

    You learn to not trust other people, feel like you’re constantly being watched, and are always looking out of the corner of your eye to see if they’ve resurfaced.
    That’s no way to live.

    Shirvill, by contrast is cyberstalking, in a position of power, and Chris has many more reasons to be afraid than I did/ do.

    I hope someone puts a stop to Shirvell.


    @Jeffree: J, I had one who stalked me for years. Finally I put 3,000 miles between us and things were ok. Stupid me decided to join MySpace and suddenly guess who tracked me down? (never again any social site!) It got physical a few times and even after sending him to the hospital it didn’t stop him. I figured soon I was going to be on the wrong end of a murder suicide and I had to go the legal route. The coppers wern’t too concerned with a Gay stalking incident. I then tried to contact GOAL and they worked with me, they advised I arrange a meeting with loonytoon and four of the GOAL members showed up. They made it clear that they have taken a personal interest in the case and would find a way to bring serious charges that would stick and finally he gave up.

    As to this asshat:

    Hit this guy where it will hurt the most. He stood and protested with the westboro baptist church at one of their protests…. Call the Michigan Attorney General’s office at 517-373-1110. Ask why an official from his office stood in solidarity with a group whom celebrates the deaths of United States soldiers killed in action. According to the receptionist they are getting many calls…..

  • Zach

    Am I missing something, or did he (heresay, of course) just out Aaron Schock?

  • Zach


    Am I missing something, or did he (heresay, of course) just out Aaron Schock?

  • Reece

    I like how Chris is such a big person, by not dignifying Shirvell’s hate speech. I honestly think that this dude is just jealous because he’s never had the balls to come out of the closet and stand up for what he really is, homosexual.

    Shirvell is a sick, sick man and I hope someone outs him for the bible beating closet-case that so many anti-gay rights advocates are. Too afraid to face themselves in the mirror, they hide behind their false “religious” beliefs.

    I personally am not gay, but I do believe you should never try to hide who you are on the inside. How can some people be SO ignorant, they don’t even know themselves? If you can’t be yourself then why is life worth living? To get to those pearly gates and fluffy clouds? Come on, can we grow up now?

  • greenmanTN

    It’s all fun and games until somebody boils a bunny!

    This is *almost* funny but it’s too clear that Shirvell is off his rocker, the most obvious explanation being that he either wants to have sex with Armstrong or, more likely, BE him. It’s got to be like a stake in Shirvell’s repressed, tormented fundamentalist Christian heart that Armstrong is an out gay man and also popular and successful. Someone that twisted actually could be dangerous so it’s hard to laugh, but Shirvell doesn’t just *ping* on my gaydar, it’s more like the sound of a garbage truck in reverse!

    This could easily be a case study for a psychiatric medical journal.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    By most standards, Armstrong is the babe everybody wants.

    By those same standards, Shirvell is the loser psycho sort who leaves candy on doorsteps and creeps everyone out.

    Anyone who’s ever had a psycho stalker knows there is nothing funny about it. I had one once in Atlanta. First, the box of chocolates was on my doorstep little flattering, but still a little strange being that he was just a one night stand because I was lonely and bored.

    But then the notes started, and the unexpected visits, and his obvious disappointment that I wasn’t happy about him showing up in the middle of the night to bring me a flower.

    My stalker turned out to be a harmless guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly. But this Shrivell character is on another level. His obsessive nature, obvious literal hard-on for Armstrong, and his religious rantings make him an extremely dangerous man.

    Armstrong needs to watch his back, because Shirvell has already snapped.

  • Rip

    He is a repressed homosexual: A La Ted Haggard ! He has a crush on this 21 year old….its mental anguish….amazing how a human being so repressive of his sexual identity can turn all that energy on the subject of his interest. Thanks anderson for exposing him. We are with the 21 year old .

  • leephil

    Even worse (I was going to say worst part, but it is all bad…) is that on Shirvell’s facebook profile pic, he has his arm around a woman. I dearly hope that is his sister.

    Honey, we need to tell you something about your “boyfriend”…

  • Gene

    Shirvell being an alum of the university speaks volumes to lack of intellectual standards to matriculate from that school. He is no credit to the university or to the state of Michigan. However, he is an example of the type of shysters that discredit the law profession.

  • Claire

    He’s a self loathing gay without a doubt. He needs to seek help. If he truly had anyone in his life that gave a damn about him they would be begging him to seek help NOW. I hope Armstrong is able to make it through his senior year without being academically scarred by this hateful unwarranted harassment.

  • Cyberbullying

    Cyberbullying has been around for as long as I can remember. I agree it is very detrimental and hopefully it will be stopped but as to how, im not to sure.

  • Dave

    According to his own twitter account post he has been Hetro since 2002, i.e. was gay before that I would assume. In another post he says he prayed that out of him a long time ago. So if you believe in his power of prayer, but I think he need to pray for mercy for himself.

  • scott ny'er

    @Dave: Shut up!!! He did not say that, did he? He’s a lawyer, so he should know how to word things carefully. If this is true, that’s good stuff and really explains and proves a lot.

  • Bill Courson

    I’ve just filed a complaint with Michigan’s Attorney Grievances Commission. I think that substantial grounds exist for – at a minimum – his disciplining or suspension, and the potential for actual disbarment.

    The basis of my complaint was – in addition to his clearly unlawful conduct relating to his harrassment of Mr. Armstrong (see Michigan’s Criminal Stalking Law, MCL § 750.411h as well as most§ 750.411s) – perhaps his grave breach of normative standards of professional conduct seen in Mr. Shervill’s invidious, vituperative and unprofessional observations on the conduct of the Hon. Vaughn Walker of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in the latter’s recent decision in the Prop 8 case, this taken in light of the decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth circuit in the case of Fieger vs. Michigan Supreme Court (2007) and in view of Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct (MRPC) 3.5(c) and 6.5(a).

    I do sincerely hope my efforts help to leash this particular pit bull.

  • Kevin_BGFH

    @Dave: Actually, it’s my understanding that the Twitter account is a parody impersonation.

    After watching Anderson Cooper’s interview with him, it sounds like he may have Asperger syndrome.

  • ACE

    Andrew Shirvell is a little man with no life,always remember those who bark loudest usually have something to hide

  • Gene

    Shirvell seems to be a latent queer with an unresolved lust for Armstrong. His conflict with his religious hangups has caused him to be abusive and act out in pathological manner.

  • Kayak

    OMG, this guy comes off as a really bitter queen. He must be in love with the guy or something.

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