If you’re not in the Parks & Recreation Is The Greatest Show Ever camp, you’ve gotta be in the Modern Family Is The Greatest Show Ever. Or maybe you’re in both! Because Modern Family is easily one of television’s greatest new shows. But while it showcases a hysterically neurotic-but-sweet gay couple, is the ABC sitcom actually fearful of The Gay?

All you have to do is notice this screenshot that shows how the heteros get to kiss, while the gays only get to hug. (The scene shows the couples reunited at the airport after an arduous search to secure the driver’s license of Mitchell, the red-headed gay, which he forgot at home.) In fact, Mitchell and Cam have never shared a single kiss in the 23 episodes that have aired so far.

This is even news to Jesse Tyler Ferguson, the gay actor who plays Mitchell. Appearing on Bravo’s Watch What Happens last month, Ferguson was asked (by a viewer, and relayed by Andy Cohen) why he and Cam don’t get to kiss. He said he never really thought about it. (He also mentioned, jokingly, how his career was hanging on by strings.)

Good As You‘s Jeremy Hooper says after watching the episode: “I don’t want to imply homophobia. This show is far from it. ABC as a network is far from it.”

Hooper is right. ABC has included gay characters (Ugly Betty), lesbian characters (Grey’s Anatomy), and yes, even trans characters (Ugly Betty, Dirty Sexy Money). But you know what ABC doesn’t like? Same-sex kissing. Let’s not forget how ABC handled Adam Lambert’s American Music Awards smooch. And while ABC has been commended, including by that GLAAD thing, for its same-sex relationship on One Life To Live, producers also blamed that storyline for the show’s ratings decline.

We don’t necessarily need a Facebook group for this. But it would be nice for Modern Family — a hilarious show that manages to include gay jokes that aren’t offensive or inserted for straight-only audiences to laugh at the fags — to go all the way.

Update: And … there’s a Facebook group.

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