Will Facebook Add Gender Neutral Sex Option For Trans And Genderqueer Users?

Google+ is the hip new social networking site just like MySpace once was… and Friendster. So of course, Facebook will desperately fight for its market share by fucking up Facebook chat adopting some of Google+’s best features. For example, Google+ allows its users to keep their gender private or to choose “their” as a gender pronoun instead of the binary “he” or “she”. So will Facebook acquiesce to an online petition asking them to provide similar gender options for intersexuals, transexuals, and genderqueers as well as pangender, genderless, androgynous, trigender and multi-gender users? Hmmm… With so many options other than “male” or “female” maybe Facebook will just add a choice saying, “It’s complicated.” But for those of us who don’t fit neatly into the male and female checkboxes, adding a third gender seems like the simplest solution by far.

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  • David

    How is “their” an alternative for “he” or “she”? Maybe as an alternative for “his” or”her”. “They” would be a gender-neutral alternative for “he” or “she”.

  • jj


  • Three-Dollar Bill

    @David: That’s what they probably meant. Duh.

  • James

    This is completely pointless. Even people who are Trans define themselves as either Transman or Transwoman.

  • Opinionated

    Wow. Hilarious.

  • Robbie K.

    Oh no “their” didn’t…hmmm doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  • Christine Boyd

    This is actually funny. But I think our gay friends wouldn’t mind. It’s a pointless issue compared to DOMA and what-have-you. On the other hand, Facebook should stop fukcing with its apps. Seriously.

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  • Elijah

    @James: Not everyone. I, and many other trans* people, identify as genderqueer. I’m also transmasculine, and specifically reject the term trans man. There are also transfeminine people, and people who identify as both male and female, neither male nor female, another gender entirely, or no gender at all.

  • BenTen

    @Christine Boyd: Yeah Facebook chat sucks.

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