Will Lou Dobbs Ask To Be Charged With a Felony For Employing Undocumented Workers?


Lou Dobbs, the CNN anchor who “resigned” last fall, was infamous for railing against anyone who dared hire illegal workers. Guess who was just discovered to be employing undocumented folks to tend the grounds at his mansions?

In 2006 Dobbs exclaimed “illegal employers who hire illegal aliens” should be charged with felonies.” Earlier this year he insisted “the illegal employer is the central issue in this entire mess” of immigration. Now employees are coming forward, through an investigation by The Nation, saying they worked for Dobbs — caring for his horses, his grass — while in the country illegally. Dobbs denies the allegations.

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  • gray hunt

    Update foe you Queerity: Reporter for The Nation (far left trash publication that you have never read) made up the lies about Dobbs and admited it on his show. She was hired freelance to smear him and the only “proof” she had was that A lawn service he used had illegals….big deal, guess we are all guilty if that is the standard. Do you check the status of someone that serves you at Starbucks ? Ever been to a carwash and checked the status of the guys drying off your car. Ever eaten in a Restaurant ? Checked the kitchen hepl for papers? Libs are such cheap low class fools, just look at their leader.

  • Chris H

    I’m pretty sure liberals are FINE with employing illegal workers. What I personally take issue with are assholes who rail against illegal workers and then employ them themselves. Hypocrisy is outraging, not the practice of hiring illegals.

    And as a sidenote, your speech and use of politically dividing catch-phrases to ad hom “liberals” just shows you personally are an ignorant, low class fool.

  • Soupy

    Since it’s a fact that the current administration has deported far more illegals than the previous republican one, exactly who is doing something about the issue?

  • CJ

    Is he supposed to check the status of the employees of subcontractors that are hired to work at his houses? How is anyone supposed to do THAT? Good luck! If you hire someone to build a house for you (or do repairs) they usually bring their own labor with them. These are THEIR employees. I don’t hire them, pay them or give them any benefits. I’m just paying the contractor and he takes compare of his own employees. It’s completely ridiculous if I’m supposed to chase down everyone that’s apart of the multi-layered system.

  • Michael

    @Soupy: Deportations doubled under Bush and Obama has continued the trend. 2009 had Obama deporting about 40k more than Bush. Bush barely made a dent in the problem, and neither has Obama.

  • Soupy

    If you are going to make a platform on being “tough on illegals” like Dobbs and Meg Whitman have, you better make damn sure that they are not working for you. It’s the same thing as closeted people speaking out against gay rights.

  • gregger

    @ CJ, yes you are supposed to do that. All employers are required to do verify employment status via an I-9 form. If you are a reactionary douche bag who has been screaming about illegals working, like Dobbs, you make sure that everyone (even independent contractors) complies with the federal standards.

    Over the last 20 years, as an agent for an employer, I have had to turn people away on the the first day of a job because they did not come in with enough accepted identification to fill out an I-9. If I let it slide and let an undocumented worker start and the person was caught I would have been terminated on the spot.

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