Will Photos of Colton Haynes Kissing Another Guy Stunt His Career?

Thus far, Colton Haynes is a no-name model-actor with bit parts on The Hills (“model,” himself), Transformers (“cafe kid,” uncredited) CSI: Miami (one episode), and Pushing Daises (one episode). So why pay him any mind? Because a series of twink-esque photos of the guy have surfaced showing him smooching on another dude — something that’s generally considered able to derail a career. But then there’s Adam Lambert! And he snogs other dudes! And everyone on the Internet can see them! So maybe these photos will just generate the porn-star-named Haynes a fanbase he wouldn’t otherwise have. The photos (below) look to be from an actual photo shoot (for XY?), but when it comes to smearing up-and-coming talent, it’s all the same. [Note: Photos removed]