Will Photos of Colton Haynes Kissing Another Guy Stunt His Career?

Thus far, Colton Haynes is a no-name model-actor with bit parts on The Hills (“model,” himself), Transformers (“cafe kid,” uncredited) CSI: Miami (one episode), and Pushing Daises (one episode). So why pay him any mind? Because a series of twink-esque photos of the guy have surfaced showing him smooching on another dude — something that’s generally considered able to derail a career. But then there’s Adam Lambert! And he snogs other dudes! And everyone on the Internet can see them! So maybe these photos will just generate the porn-star-named Haynes a fanbase he wouldn’t otherwise have. The photos (below) look to be from an actual photo shoot (for XY?), but when it comes to smearing up-and-coming talent, it’s all the same. [Note: Photos removed]

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  • alan brickman

    very cute…considering he didn’t really have a career before..it can only make him more famous…and why does bh
    90210 or the new melrose place not have a gay or gay
    teen characters??….how real are these shows???

  • virga

    sweet. just what i needed on this dreary monday morning. do want.

  • John Santos

    He’s cute. But he looks very uncomfortable in those pics and gay-for-pay is a turn off.

  • Chris

    So…..wait……what career? Isn’t he is just like the 10000 other waiter-wannabees? (There are much cuter guys serving pancakes and chili at The Griddle right now.)

  • Tallskin

    Can I shag him?


    I won’t hurt him too much.

  • Alec

    He looks pretty comfortable to me.

    I’d never heard of him before, and I don’t think the XY photos will be a career breaker. Presumably he’s out.

    Also, I wouldn’t really describe this as “porn.”

  • Jack Scribe

    Yeah, didn’t he serve me a margarita last night? Cute guy and…oh, please bring me some more salsa and chips.

  • Puck

    Thats an XY photoshoot for sure, also gay for pay have never crossed the pages of XY. Pic 5 is in on of their photo collections

  • HaplessOrphan

    Looks like he’s already doing (soft) porn. Also, why are we talking about the impact of a nobody? Not really analogous, but I get the same feeling when I see pictures of Lance Bass as an “out” dude: Irrelevant.

  • rogue dandelion

    unless this is an interesting attempt to help him get an actual career- I am a bit puzzled at this article. Shouldn’t this be under morning goods or something?

  • AJ

    These pictures have been out for a long time, Queerty. Way to be on it. Also, that’s his boyfriend.

  • Lux8600

    @Chris Those waiters at the Griddle look like A&F models, smokin hot and str8 bait cute. You’re right, there are cuter guys but can they act???

  • nikko

    Gorgeous video shoot at the end…..and so is his smooch buddy. But he should know to not be caught same sex smooching on camera and not expect career ramifications in homophobic hollywood. Smarten up!

  • Michael W.

    Don’t gays have any clout in Hollywood? I thought we ran shit out there. There’s supposed to be some clique of powerful gay figures controlling things behind the scenes called the Gay Mafia or something.

    I’m sick and fucking tired of being worried about what straight people might think. All the money and intelligence between us and we don’t run shit! We get pushed around by everybody.

  • Scott

    Cute but I like men not boys. He needs to seriously work on those chicken arms. (and the rest of his twelve year-old looking body)

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    @Michael W.:

    They are but what a loada self hate you are dealing with!

  • Gggg

    fuck this is awesome.

    @Michael W.: just MY type))

  • Sam

    Here’s hoping they HELP his career. Props to NPH and others who came out after becoming successful, but the true testament to equality will be when we get a star who was out on the way up!

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


    NONE ever came out before or even after being sucessful.

    Grey’s guy WAS outed by Isiah Washington..

    NPR was outed by Perez…

    Etc, etc

    Look more to british actors/actresses..

  • hardmannyc

    It’s hard to sabotage a career when yo haven’t had one yet.

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)



  • Ell

    LOL he’s not gay

  • afrolito

    I’ve never even heard of this dude. He’s cute though.

  • GayIsTheWay

    He’s not gay? Everything about him says gay. I think he’s hot, btw.

  • petted

    Well its not stunting from where I sit ;)

  • Ell

    He has a girlfriend. I know her

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


    Why do you know her? How did you find this site? Were you googling your friends boyfriend….??

    Your random.


  • voyager

    Gay, gay, gay, but has no career. Alas, who cares.

  • jason

    How do you know he’s gay? He could be bisexual for all you know. In any case, one wonders if the media would be making a big deal if it was two females. I doubt it.

    America and its media have a double standard.

  • Whoddafunk?

    Queerty is old… it’s 2010… these types of things aren’t necessarily a career-breaker, especially for people who don’t have an established image in the media yet.

  • eyesiq

    those were HOT

  • Edwin Williams

    It gets so old and boring to hear about pics of actors kissing another guy turning up on the Internet. So Colton kissed another guy. So what? BIG FRIGGIN DEAL!!!! Like that’s a surprise. Whether he’s gay, straight or bi, that’s his business. I wish Hollywood would stop making making all of the actors’ lives miserable. All that matters is his acting abilities, and I just watched him on the series premiere of The Gates. It’s very good so far.


    He’s straight, surrrre. I’ve made made out with guys before, no homo. And I had a girlfriend to prove it.

    Bottom line is who gives a damn, so he has tongued wrestled with a guy here or there. Big Fing deal it’s fun. :)

  • jimstoic

    I would like to see a movie of that.

  • Lol

    Yah, Im straight to so is my boyfriend…..
    But pretty sure this will help his career :) Just heard of him today..

  • Lol

    Also, he looks nervous not uncomfortable, the psychology of physiology (say that 10x fast) has taught me that his muscles would be contracted in different ways if he was uncomfortable, more rigid and contracted.

  • Mike

    He’s on the Gates now.


    LOVE this picture no matter what the intention was on anyone’s part!….and kids today KNOW very well if they are in the public eye,photographed….it’s a “free for all” online..so he knew what he was doing…even if he was HALF “shit faced”!


  • Rob Moore

    @Mike: I checked to see which character he plays. Ironically he plays a jock with a huge secret that was almost revealed to his girlfriend and the new guy in town. His part is a big on in the series so I guess he does have the beginnings of a career.

  • Donald

    His boyfriend looks cuter than he does.
    The pictures look like a 19 yr. old making out with a 14 yr old. eew.
    And in picture #3, I just want to feed him a salad so I can’t count the ribs.

  • Phil

    Those are his serratus muscles, if you didn’t know. Thanks for the bitter snark though. Skank.

  • ChrisH

    O.o everytime i see this picture in the bar underneath stories i always just have to click it. He is so dreamy

  • Endless Men

    boy that is super hot !

  • Taylor Siluwé

    Now I wanna see The Gates. Had no interest ’til now. Super hot indeed ….

  • Michael W.

    I wish to make love to him in his butt.

  • chele

    I love how you all have comments about him just being another guy and look at him now! Ha ha ha and you are probably still sitting there

  • Star

    I remember him from this. It was a while back when myspace first took off. Him and the other perosn in the picture were suposedly together at the time and working on becoming modles then both deleted thier accouts. I kind of forgot about it but seeing the pictures just jogged my memory. With that in mind I am sure the this person is a gay.

  • David

    break my dick off that!

  • brittt

    Thats not even him..i know the family really well. Thats not him what so ever. Sorry.

  • brittt

    Thats not even him..i know his family really well. Thats not him what so ever. Sorry.

  • Vix

    There are SO many claims that he’s gay and then a bunch claiming he’s straight…
    Can we just enjoy the man candy?
    He’s so adorable, I love love LOVE his freckles.

  • nineinchnail

    He has a really cute smile. He’s a little hottie!

  • ossurworld

    Is his fifteen minutes up yet?

  • Bill

    This is so hot, I’m getting a fever.

  • Jorge

    Haha. :) I didn’t know Colton had any level of fame, but to all of the people claiming he’s straight or that’s not him -hate to disappoint, but it’s true. The guy he’s with is Jared, he was “Dr. Sexy” on myspace for a while, and they were dating and doing other stuff… :) VERY GAY.

  • Michael W.

    “Is his fifteen minutes up yet?”

    Me and him are gonna need a lot more than 15 minutes (unless it was a work day, in which case 15 minutes will do fine cause I’ll be tired as hell).

  • Jules

    What are you guys talking about…he didn’t have a career? These pictures are obviously very old because i’ve seen him on The Gates, which finished it’s first season a while ago. And on that show he is a buff jock. So these pics had to have been taken years ago. And in hollywood that shoot is no big deal especially when it’s a paid mag gig.

  • regulargayguy

    Not gay. Giveaway is lack of eye contact in pic 6.

  • prohomo

    @regulargayguy: Wha?! Are you serious?

  • unknown guy

    WOW these pics are nice

  • Anon

    He’s quite yummy. I’d love to tap that.

    But does anyone think his bf looks like RPatz, at least from the side?

  • Fruitfly

    He makes me wish I were a dude, so I could poke him.

  • nudegayguy

    he is definitely cute. never heard of him before; i hope he’s gay but if not oh well. maybe some experience with me would scuttle negative comments. i’d snog him and more.

  • Jason

    Is XY still around? I miss that magazine.

  • yogi

    My gaydar goes crazy just looking at those pics, if any of you GIRLS, yes ,girls think he’s “straight” you’re complete MORONS.Face it, not all the hot guys are going to be straight, us gay boys have tons of crushes on straight guys and we never complain about it or deny their heterosexuality. But Colton is GAY, there’s no question in my mind about it.

  • prohomo

    @yogi: We gays never complain about guys being straight?! You crazy?! I’m alkways offended how almost all the guys I’m attracted to are not gay…arggrrr!!

  • nudegayguy

    it would not matter to me whether or not he’s gay, but he can park his dick in my mouth for the next twenty five years or so.

  • rogerklemaster

    whats the pob people its just a kiss we have other thing to think about like same sex couples being able to get together as one

  • Matthew Rettenmund

    Anyone have a photo credit for the photographer of the kissing pictures? They’re being removed all over the ‘Net and I’m curious if the photographer did this or if Haynes, Inc., is saying they’re the owners and asking for them to be removed? Email me if you know or if you’re the photographer.

  • Jack

    Let me guess, Queerty got a cease-and-desist letter from Haynes’ lawyer and took the pictures down?

    How spineless.

    Is it really that hard to see that you can’t possibly base an invasion of privacy claim on a magazine photo that was taken, for payment, and published? And that it clearly is not pornography?

    What the attorney is doing here is not only legally insupportable, but also incredibly unethical.

    Shame on queerty for folding so easily.

  • Steerpike

    I think any queer should have an issue with a gay man who instructed his lawyer to describe those pictures as ‘sordid’ and ‘perverted’: last time I looked, describing gay kissing as such was HATE SPEECH. Also, they are palpably NOT private in any way: his lawyer is telling a pack of lies backed up by nothing, and if a queer like me, who cares nothing for Hollywood gossip, is looking at these stories, then the WHOLE GAY WORLD and most of the MTV watching audience must be aware of it.

  • Alex Montero

    So what if he is? That would be awesome. A hot guy like Colton Haynes is gay! WOW. One of the reasons why I watched Teen Wolf on MTV.com. I love you Colton, marry me.

  • Rob Moore

    Gosh, I hope they don’t come get me because I downloaded his kissing photos!!!

    Yeah right. That genie popped out of the bottle ages ago and ain’t goin’ back. The naivete exhibited by some people regarding pictures and videos on the internet is always amazing. He has a lot in common with a number of members of Congress who thought no one would ever see their texts and photographs. Makes you wonder if they ever just watch the news and think “maybe I should not send a picture of my dick via the internet or a picture of me swapping spit with another dude or soliciting working girls and rent boys.”

  • Martine

    First of all he is straight. He did a photo shoot for pay. Heck, you can tell he is straight just by looking. He definitely has a career, and often he is pictured as a love interest, so it might hurt his career. But I doubt it. As he gets more and more famous there are more and more pics of him and his girlfriend out there. He is dating the girl that stared with him in the Gates. the red haired one.

  • Martine

    @Jack: Its more ethical to show questionable pictures of a minor? he is NOT gay. thats the whole point, he doesn’t want to be labeled something he is not. It was a paid photoshoot by an unethical photographer. The photos are detrimental to the actor because he is the leading man type, and to him personaly because they show him as something he is not.

  • Michael W.

    Where the hell are the photos? I came back here to beat my dick to them, as I’ve done many times before.

  • MikeyNYC

    @alan brickman: Who in the heck cares whether or not he’s gay? There are so many ridiculous gossip queens who feel the need to question the sexual preference of most any handsome actor or model. I have no idea why their sexual preference matters in the least. Its not like any of these gossip queens who won’t let this die is going to get a date, so why bother in the first place? And please don’t come back with, “well, he should shout from the rooftops that he’s a fag, so young fags can have a role model!” These idiots should think about trying to be a role model as well, which means showing out younger brothers that sexual preference doesn’t matter and when an actor or model says he’s straight, that should be the end of the matter. Memberrs of the gay community are getting to be more invasive and insulting that the run-of-the-mill homophobic rednecks!

  • alan Balehead

    so hawt..so it won’t matter…

  • Vinny B

    I’ve seen the photos, cause I own the XY edition they were posted in as well as many other issues of the same mag. I can assure you the purpose behind the mag was to have positive examples to other younger gay teens so they didn’t feel so awkward at a young age. Although I do agree the pages were overly editorial at times, but the subjects were true to form and I didn’t sense any gay for pay teens in the pages or the stories.

    If Colton has some reason to be straight or bi now, like pressure from his or MTV’s PR companies I can understand all the backtracking from the XY photos. There is also the posssibility that he felt gay at a young age, and maybe not so much any more; but my money is on him being gay , and is just trying (and not very well either) to hide it so his reputation wont get tarnished on his way up in hollywood.

    Also one PR friend said to me, no news is bad news. Let the XY pic’s fly us making a fuss just might help him out.

  • Todd

    Counter-clockwise hair whirl…

  • ousooner1997

    Love me some Colton Haynes. Laughing at all the jealous haters on here that wish they were doing something with their lives other than being bitter and jaded.

  • dwndckd

    In terms of having a career, I think this young man is doing very well… Others commenting on this article, should be so lucky!

    BTW, filmography from this “no-body” can be read below:

    2007 CSI: Miami
    2008 Privileged
    2008 Pushing Daisies
    2009 Melrose Place
    2010 Look
    2011 The Nine Lives of Chloe King
    2011–2012 Teen Wolf
    2013–present Arrow
    2007 Transformers
    2011 Yearbook
    2012 Self Rehearsal

  • robho3

    don’t know who this is nor do i care

  • Daggerman

    …Mr Haynes is and will always be a sexual devil…he can go to bed with whoever he chooses…I think the World not just America should shut up and put up! So what!!!!

  • michaelmt1009

    If he needs an acting role they can cast him as Rob Lowe’s son. He even has the same smile.

  • oldman57

    I can understand his concern…………but these days kids come out and wear their lives out and on their sleeves……….will it stereotype them, only if they allow themselves not to grow beyond any one role……..really Neil Patrick Harris is a great example….the popular TV series he was on….he was a womanizer and you believed it…..people and our community can be mean…….we as a community are the worst critics of anyone and everyone with any kind of talent and beauty….so Kiddo stay strong and ignore and breath………you’ll make it if you are meant too and are truly good/great at your passion/craft…

  • ShaunNJ

    @robho3: Yet here you are.

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