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Will Target’s MN Forward Donation Scare Other Companies From Donating to Political Campaigns?

I’m getting the feeling Keith Olbermann has a problem with Target’s $150,000 cash and in-kind donation to the Tom Emmer-backing MN Forward. Anybody else?

Target Doesn’t Care If It Loses Its Gay Customers In Droves

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  • Fitz

    No– because the legislation to force disclosure was killed by the republicans last month.

  • reason

    Correct me if I am wrong, but wont the political campaigns have to release the donor names in their campaign finance reports anyways? I thought the bill that was killed was to force the companies to have to say they sponsored the message in radio/television ads.

  • Dawson

    Leave it to the big O to blow things up much bigger than they need to be. The simple question is rather this guy is good for business. Target has NO requirement to support LGBT rights, especially over what is good for the actual company. Boycott Target, shop at Wal-Mart. Oh, wait we have to boycott Wal-Mart for various other things. What is left? K-Mart? Khols? The truth is if we dig in the closet for a bit we will find a reason to boycott every company ever created because companies exist to make money and will do whatever it takes to reach that goal.

  • L.

    In a word?


    (And it doesn’t even depend on donation publicity.)

  • dellisonly

    @Dawson: They have no obligation. Year after year they have. For well over a decade Target has supported equal rights. People are hurt and upset that they would switch horses mid race.

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