Will The U.S. Force Joseph Bokombe Back To Uganda To Be Killed?

Joseph Bokombe, a musician, came to the United States five years ago. He arrived, on a cultural exchange visa, from Uganda. He settled in San Diego. But right now, he’s in the custody of American immigration officials, and is being threatened with deportation back to Uganda for overstaying his visa. Oh, one other thing: Bokombe is gay, and he fears for his life if he’s sent back to Uganda. So do his friend.

A petition drive has been launched and apparently has attracted a paltry 240 signatures, pressing immigration officials to keep Bokombe from being forced back to Uganda. It’s unclear whether Bokombe has formally filed for asylum.

“It’s so painful to me,” said friend Awichu Akwanya. […] Akwanya, a Ugandan native, said he believes Bokombe would face a similar fate. “Actually I don’t think even past the airport. They just get him and then put him in detention. In detention, he can get poisoned or [they will] hire some people in jail to kill him,” said Akwanya.

Because 240 signatures don’t match the two million that supporters of Uganda’s Kill The Gays bill claim to have submitted to Parliament. And as we all know, gay men are targeted there, and sometimes they are murdered.