Will You Be Attending Tony Perkins’ 3-Day Hate Conference?


The Value Voters Summit, a three-day circle jerk for conspiracy theories sponsored by the Family Research Council, kicks off tomorrow. Among the bullet points Tony Perkins & Co. will go over?

How global warming is a farce! How Obama wants to murder grandma! And, king of all ridiculous arguments, how the gays are ruining America. Yes, still.

In fact, so concerned with homosexuals, attendees of VVS will be treated to more anti-gay rhetoric than any other subject. There will even be a special screening of Speechless: Silencing the Christians, the feel good lying movie of the year.

But wait. There’s more!

In addition to screening Speechless, the conference will also host two single-issue sessions about gay rights.

Focus on the Family Action Educational Analyst Candi Cushman will told a breakout session on countering the “homosexual agenda” in public schools on Saturday, September 19. Later the same day, a panel of conservatives will discuss why gay marriage threatens religious liberty.

No matter that, uh, it doesn’t.

And remember: All of America’s leading zealots will be there, so be sure to bring plenty of merch for them to sign. We want to see a signed Rep. Michele Bachmann t-shirt, people!

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  • YellowRanger

    How do I get tickets?

    This sounds like the comedy event of the year.

  • Jason

    When events like Values Voters Summit and CPAC hit DC, the number of ads looking for “discreet” sex in the M4M section of Craigslist increase in HUGE numbers.

  • stevenelliot

    Oh the money and power these bigots have gained at our expense. They have nothing to offer this country but a very old playcard that used to also include desegregation.

    Reagan ruined this country by getting in bed with these theocrats. Now Im afraid they have so much power it will be only time that clears up this cancer. That time will be when the humans in this country over the age of 50 have died off.

    Please God, give me strength and patience

  • Brian

    No, won’t be attending. I’m not religious. These hate-fests are only for the religious people.

  • terrwill

    We always hear about those stray metorites which can come out of the sky and vaporize anything they hit……….

  • KyleR

    I have been thinking about this little gathering. What if, God forbid; HRC or GLAAD had a meeting like this with a presentation called ‘Countering the Conservative Agenda.’ How quick would it be for Faux News, NOM, FRC and their ilk to start screaming their usual crap. Yet, if you call the people that attend this place bigots or hate mongers, their all offended and hurt? That they claim their right to free speech? I have the right to my free speech in calling those people stupid, dumb, ignorant bigots.

  • ricky

    i am shocked, shocked i tells ya, that tony perkins personaly apologized to an msnbc reporter who was hasseled by attendee’s during a live feed.

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