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  • Larkin

    Yay! Let’s here it for my adopted state!

  • Andy Peters

    Not to kill the buzz, Larkin, but it’s not your adopted state that should get praise. Your adopted state voted to ban gay marriage. But, definitely, let’s hear it for Madison and Dane County, a shining liberal oasis in an otherwise depressing quagmire of backwoods thinking. (Former Wisconsinite here. I love my old home but nowadays, when I go back to visit, I look around and think “When did Wisconsin become the Deep South? That’s not how I remember it growing up.”)

  • Larkin

    You killed the buzz. I am not Wisconsin. I enjoy this state and I enjoy living in Madison — tho it IS NOT the oasis some would say. And by leaving the state, are you not partly responsible for its “depressing quagmire of backwoods thinking”?

  • Andy Peters

    I know, I know. But the quagmire was sucking me in. Madison may not be an oasis but you gotta admit it’s certainly more gay-friendly than most locales in the state.

  • Farrin

    So would this include the largest employer…UWM? I’m a Chicago resident that longs for the slower pace of a progressive place like Madison. But I get so disgusted every time I try to convince myself to look for jobs with UWM. How can you be as “progressive” as most say of Madison and still not provide exceptional DP benefits? Chicago is the only “oasis” of the midwest…head for the coasts I say! :)

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