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With D.C. Saying Yes to Marriage, Will Archbishop Wuerl Quit Helping Homeless?

Don Wuerl

By a vote of 11-2, the D.C. City Council voted today to finally put an end this marriage battle business, and approved same-sex marriage in the nation’s capital. While we expected to see Councilman Marion Barry’s name among the dissenters, Yvette Alexander also voted against the bill. For reasons our pay grade doesn’t allow us to understand (okay, the bill requires a “full” Council vote on Dec. 15), another vote is needed in two weeks, and then the bill goes to Mayor Adrian Fenty’s desk, where he’s promised to sign it. And now it’s time to call the bluff of Archbishop Donald Wuerl (pictured): Are you really going to invoke Jesus’ name and revoke the Catholic Church’s social services programs?