You won’t believe what Judi Dench just compared her ‘Cats’ costume to

Oscar-winning legend Dame Judi Dench has provided a bit of insight about her involvement in the Cats debacle.

The movie version of the popular Andrew Lloyd Webber stage musical opened late last year to less-than-favorable reviews. Audiences avoided the film as though it was feral, and director Tom Hooper and parent company Universal actually had to pull it from theatres due to unfinished special effects. The movie has since picked up a cult following of viewers who love it for camp value, and demands for an anatomically correct “butthole cut” (which apparently does exist) have gained steam on social media.

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Now Dench, who plays the sage-like character Old Deuteronomy in the film, admits she never saw the finished film in its entirety, nor does she have a desire to after an uncomfortable filming process. Dark Horizons reports that Dench hated her on-set costume, and felt disappointed by her character in general.

“[I’m] a battered, mangy old cat. A great big orange bruiser. What’s that about?” Dench says, having hoped to appear more stylish and elegant. Of her costume, she doesn’t mince words. “The cloak I was made to wear! Like five foxes f*king on my back.”

The actress also adds that the film found an unlikely fan in actor Ben Whishaw, who sent Dench a message of encouragement.

“I had a very nice…text, from Ben Whishaw, who just doted on it,” she says. “So sweet. So lovely.”

Cats streams on various platforms for anyone bold enough to brave it.