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Wow, Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis somehow managed to out-embarrass himself in another awful TV interview

Ron DeSantis

It’s been five months since Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis launched his presidential campaign and he still can’t quite make the argument why voters should pick him over Donald Trump.

That’s a big problem!

CNN anchor Kaitlin Collins challenged DeSantis on that point Thursday night, raising the question of Trump’s character (or lack thereof).

But the gay-hating Florida governor wouldn’t go there on the one-term, twice-impeached, quadruply-indicted ex-president… despite being down in the polls by 46 points.

Come on, sister! What’ve you got to lose?!?

“That’s not answering the question about Trump’s character,” Collins says at the start of the clip.

“That’s not a concern of mine,” replies DeSantis.

The former White House reporter then asks the natural follow up: “Why is it not a concern?”

As Collins explains, DeSantis is running against Trump. Doesn’t that mean he thinks he’s a better choice?

First, the flailing candidate deflects.

“Because I clearly believe I would be a better president than he is. I don’t need to take potshots at his character,” he says.  

To her credit, Collins keeps pressing the issue.

“It’s not potshots. The character of a president matters, does it not?” she asks.

Finally, DeSantis kind of answers… with cliches.

“I think I would be a better president,” he says. “The reasons are, I have a demonstrated record of delivering on 100% of my promises like I did in Florida. I’d be focused, I’d be disciplined. I’m not gonna be distracted. It’s not gonna be about my issues. It’s gonna be about the American people’s issues, day after day.”

While that sounds good, DeSantis isn’t exactly living up to his words. For example, his administration is currently mired in a prolonged legal feud with Disney, Florida’s largest private employer and tourism provider.

The company dared to publicly criticize Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” legislation, propelling him to place cronies on the company’s board of development.

They stripped Disney of its special tax privileges and eliminated employees’ free park passes. The latter move propelled outrage among Disney’s firefighters, the same everyday people whom DeSantis claims to fight for.

Instead of fixing pressing issues like Florida’s affordability and home insurance crises, he has focused on attacking LGBTQ+ people, kids, and their families. Many of his hateful policies, by the way, are being struck down in court.

So, yeah, DeSantis hasn’t delivered on 100% of his promises, either.

Not that anybody cares. Nobody is seriously considering him for president. Did we mention he’s almost down by 50 points?

Right on cue, Collins again brings up his sagging poll numbers.

“Why is that message not resonating with Republican viewers?” she asks.

DeSantis, whose campaign is now downplaying the importance of winning, stammers through yet another losing answer.

“I think it is,” he said. “When you get on the ground in Iowa, for example. There’s 99 counties. The tradition is to do all 99, they call it the ‘Full Grassley.’ I’ve done 83 of the 99.”

“A lot of these counties, they’ll be counties where there’s maybe a few thousand people, we’ll get a hundred people to show up at an event. You shake the hands, you answer questions. That’s not something you’re necessarily going to see in polling, that’s something that comes out when people make their decisions to caucus.”

Oh yes, the ol’ “my support isn’t registered in the polls” excuse. Do you know who would say something like that?

Somebody who’s not doing well in the polls!

Despite transferring roughly one third of his remaining staffers to Iowa and spending $2 million on TV ads, DeSantis is still polling waaaaay behind Trump in the Hawkeye State. The disgraced ex-president enjoys 49% of support, while DeSantis clocks in at 17%.

Nationally, the gap is even wider. Trump leads the field with 58% of support, and DeSantis is sitting at 12%.

New polls show that Nikki Haley is right behind him, with 11% of the vote. Unlike DeSantis, she’s actually seeing her support increase, not decrease. Though her chances of clinching the party’s nomination still appear highly unlikely.

It is incredible that Trump maintains such an insurmountable lead, considering he’s spending his days melting down in a New York City court room rather than campaigning.

And yet, he’s still crushing DeSantis.

Come on, “Meatball Ron.” It’s time to punch back. Or, better yet, drop out!

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