Yep, Big Brother Brasil’s Jonas Sulzbach Made A Sex Tape

Earlier this month we joked that since his fellow housemate Yuri Fernandes had been busted posting a sex tape, it was only a matter of time before Big Brother Brasil stud Jonas Sulzbach made a “DIY” video of his own.

We should have put money on it.

Mr. Sulzbach, a former Mr. Brazil, made a video at some point in which he can be seen webchatting with an unknown partner (okay it was us). In the full video, he strips off his polo shirt and underwear to reveal his pride and joy (and it’s something to be proud of)  and measures himself with a tape measure.

This NSFW link features the entire scene, as well as an edited loop of him wiggling his junk in front of the camera. (Scroll down for the full video.)

So how long before Jonas or Yuri get into some full-on gay porn like American Big Brother alumni Stephen Daigle and “Crazy” James?

No, seriously—this time we are taking bets.

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  • babio


  • Andrew

    very hor!

  • Marie Cohn

    WTF’s in the water in Brazil? Whatever it is, its magical elixir!

  • Marie Cohn

    21 centimeters = 8.3 inches.

  • Wha'ever

    I thought it had already been reported here… cause I watched the video like two weeks ago and I knew the guy was in Big Brother…

  • Scott

    How proud his children will be.

  • Giovannidude

    Wow! I didn’t realize the video was going to let me get up close and personal with his banjo string lol

  • RT

    Now that GIF file is forever on my hard-drive.

  • Dame

    Quite frankly, I am jealous. What a fine specimen.

  • randy

    He’s pretty hot. In one interview he was quoted as saying that he likes to have sex near a window because he hopes people are peeking in. Clearly, the guy loves his body as much as we do, and is happy to show it off. I’m surprised it took him this long to go global.

  • Mark

    Damn – they do grow em big there! woo too!

  • topsyturvy

    That’s one big beautiful cock.

  • Drew

    He’s way too twinky.

  • D P

    @topsyturvy: — That’s what I was about to say, too. My first thought was that I’d either like to bottom for him and take it to the hilt, or have him swab my tonsils. But moles, especially large ones, bother me. I mean, what is that on his right-hip? And then, am I seeing a couple more – one on the inside of his right bicep, the other one on the outer side of the same right bicep? Then take a good look at his crotch on his left, too. Are those zits, or is that a rash? Anybody reading this heard of the parasites that come from Brasil’s beaches?

    Yeah, I want to get next to that… <:^b

    Tell you what, though, that head sure looks nice and the shape appealing. And, referring to the degree of hardness he displayed, deserved kudos.

  • newcityspot

    Brazil just must have the optimal everything for creating the most sexually appealing men on the planet.

  • Robert

    He’ll still need a metrocard to ride a NYC subway.

  • Bryan

    When I read sextape, I automatically thought of “actual” sex, not 1min+ of him showing cock. Boring.

  • craig

    (yaawn) ………… boring!!!

  • Jacey

    hmmm.. easy to accept in porn industry.. juicy and hard! haha..

  • Jacey

    hmmm.. Maybe he could be to any porn industry.. juicy and hard! haha..

  • titansweet

    Just mouth watering!

  • Teleny

    @newcityspot: the women of Brazil are beautiful as well. It has to be the water…

  • mramseymd


  • Raquel Santiago

    Obviously he is chatting with someone online as you can tell by how he is watching it, this didnt look like just a webcam view so hmmmmm not to mention yummm.

  • Polaro

    Wow…ruined me for all real men who are not perfect.

  • Doughosier

    He’s beautiful. Glad he’s sharing it with the world!

  • readycarlos

    Link no longer works.

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