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‘Yes, Daddy’…and 9 other wonderful queer books to enjoy at the beach this summer

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If you haven’t stepped into a bookstore in the past couple of years, you’re not alone. You are, however, missing out on a period of time where the shelves are overflowing with new, diverse, excellent queer books releasing week after week, for readers of all ages and identities.

Find here the top ten queer books we think you should bring to the beach this summer – some that’ll have you saying “I wish I’d had this book when I was in high school,” and some that no high schooler should ever be caught reading.

All of the titles mentioned here landed on shelves in the first half of 2021 and are available now.

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JAY’S GAY AGENDA by Jason June | YA

Jay Collier’s family unexpectedly moves to Seattle, where he starts his senior year at a high school with a robust LGBTQ community. If you’ve ever wished other YA books took it to the next level when it comes to what queer teens experience within their communities, this hilarious, sex-positive, coming-of-age YA will take you there…and then, probably, make you feel like you did high school wrong. (Sorry!)

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