Yes Olbermann, That Was a Trouser Snake Next to Adam Lambert on Rolling Stone

Keith Olbermann is on the right track here. Acknowledging you’re gay shouldn’t exactly be headline-making news these days. But, well, it is. So we’re glad to see Adam Lambert generate press about how much it is not an issue to be a gay glam rocker on a hit TV show. But then Olbermann used the no-no word: That Adam “admitted” he was gay. We can hear GLAAD writing a press release right this minute. Alas, Olbermann’s biggest problem with the Rolling Stone cover is that there’s a snake approaching Adam’s crotch — because that is too suggestive!

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  • bigjake75

    Olbermann is a pig. You know how many troubles he has had because of his drunken chauvinism towards women? His saying something is too suggestive is laughable.

    Oh, and I ‘admit’ i’m gay too. Trouser snake, anyone?

  • sweetdog

    @bigjake75: So what if Olbermann is a pig. Who isn’t? He is a defender of gay marriage and an advocate for gay rights. Leave him alone and pick on somebody who does NOT support our cause.

  • dgz

    admit v. tr. To grant to be real, valid, or true; acknowledge: admit the truth. (American Heritage Dictionary)

    WHAT is the big deal? let’s just invent a whole new language, since so many words seem to be off-limits.
    and i don’t think Keith had a problem with suggestiveness, so much as having bite-potential in that area makes him sympathetically squeamish.
    but i’m disappointed that adam supposedly likes doing various drugs. x, pot, and shrooms? dude’s 27, he needs to grow out of being a club kid.

  • MB

    What the hell does “I’m going to glue rhinestones on my eyelids, bitch” have to do with Clay Aiken? I was expecting them to pull out this quote:

    “Middle America may think that what I am is gay, but here in Hollywood, gay guys are all about looking and acting hetero,” he says. “Clay Aiken’s gay, and I’m gay, and we couldn’t be more different. The only thing that’s the same about everyone in the gay community is that we’re gay. Do we have anything in common besides the fact that we like dick? Why can’t we talk about a human community?”

    But I guess the mention of dick was too much for them, ha.

  • Alex

    @dgz: You may have had better things to do during this part of high school English, but there is something called connotation, which goes beyond the literally meaning of the word. So while slim and skinny both describe someone with a lower than average body weight, the latter suggests less than full health. Similarly, you would never read the phrase “the firefighter admitted he was the one who pulled the kitten out of the burning building,” unless that implied she also did something wrong, like fail to free 20 orphans locked in a room. Admit has the connotation of something wrong and hidden.

  • rigs

    I don’t even like Olbermann but ya’ll gonna turn on him cause of this after his gay marriage passionate spiel? wow

  • Orpheus_lost

    Um…Lambert did “admit” to being gay in Rolling Stone. That was the big story within the story and that’s how AI and Rolling Stone planned it. They’ve decided to use his sexual orientation for publicity and the best way to do that in their minds was to force Lambert to keep quiet about it till after the contest then to announce it in a major mag. That sounds like “admitting” it to me.

    Also, since Queerty had another post a couple of weeks ago talking about this very thing, isn’t it a little disingenuous to do a 180 now by lambasting Olbermann for pushing the very story you guys were in favor of then?

  • AlwaysGay

    I got so excited when I saw at the beginning of the show they were doing a segment on Adam Lambert. When I saw the segment I was disappointed although I should have expected Keith to make fun of any Idol because that’s what he’s done in the past. Adam’s coming out means a lot to me and every gay person whether you appreciate it or not. Adam is a trailblazer for coming out at the beginning of his career.

    Things are looking great for Adam. The day after Adam appears on a TV show or magazine his music sales jump. He connects with audiences. Kris hasn’t had the same luck. His music sales have dropped every day since the end of Idol, now he only has four items on iTunes top 100 charts while Adam has 18.

  • Joeb1212

    Wow…..someone needs to get a life…..move on folks!

  • Jem

    @sweetdog: LOL, not that I agree with BigJake75, but are you saying it’s okay for someone to be a sexist as long as they’re not a homophobe?

  • sweetdog

    @Jem: No, I’m not saying that at all. I don’t know whether or not KO is a sexist. Apparently he is. I just know that he has strongly defended gay rights and helped to get Rachel Maddow her own program when MSNBC was “leary” of giving an out lesbian her own time slot. And didn’t he recently win a GLAAD media award? I’ll overlook his sexisism as long as he defends my civil liberties. At this point, I think we need all of the help we can get.

  • dgz

    @Alex: gee, thanks. and thanks for the rudeness, much appreciated, really contributes to discourse.

    but now you get to explain why “acknowledge” — which you say has a polar-opposite connotation — is used in every definition of “admit,” and is the first listed synonym in every thesaurus. then, you get to edumacate all us dumb yokels how straights are all supposed to be clued into this, when they still don’t know if “gay” is a noun or adjective. plus, GLAAD only asks that “admit” not be used in the phrase “admitted homosexual.”

    BTW, did you know that GLAAD also doesn’t like the word “homosexual?” props to glaad, but how are het sportscasters like keith supposed to keep up with this, if 99% of LGBTs can’t? diction is important, but there’s a point where censorship goes too far.

  • dgz

    @Orpheus_lost: exactly, thank you.

  • Hot Rod

    I didn’t see anything offensive about the piece. they did leave out that he said that Kris is 100% straight.

  • christy


    Actually, Billo The Clown as Keith likes to refer to O’Reilly is the sexist, misogynist, homophobic pig which is an insult to swine I know but Billo is the one who settled a multi million dollar sexual harassment suit a few years ago without admitting his guilt.

  • Pete

    @sweetdog: You’ll overlook his misogynistic bigotry so long as your rights are defended?! Imagine if that other bigotry was racism or antisemitism. You would be OK with it?! Do you honestly think accepting bigotry against one half of the population will help us in the end?!

    The hell with you!

    My sister has always defended me and the hell I’m going to abandon her because of some “progressive” version of BillO happens to not be a homophobe. The way Olbermann behaved during the primaries last year, peddling in crazy violent hate (e.g., saying Hillary Clinton should be beaten to the point she can’t move), should be a red flag to anyone who thinks he’s anything but a self-righteous blow-hard. He’s the antithesis of Edward R. Murrow, who presented a sobering reports based on facts, evidence, and reason. He’s a volatile version of an op-ed who’s fond of misogynistic hate (Who isn’t at MSNBC nowadays?). That’s it.

  • Addyboo

    Keith Olbermann is a moron. Let us not forget that he used to be a sportscaster on ESPN. I’ve worked for a lot of TV newsrooms and have known a lot of sportscasters. And they are all morons.

    The fact that he is MSNBC’s go-to anchor speaks volumes about the credibility of that “news organization”.

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