Yes On 8 Sends Threatening Letters To Pro-Gay Opposition

California’s social conservatives will do anything in their power to overturn the state’s gay marriage – even blackmail.

The Yes on Proposition 8 movement admitted this week that they’ve sent letters to about thirty businesses who have donated to the “No on 8” campaign, the campaign hoping to maintain marriage equality in the Golden State. In the letters, the Yes on 8 folks demand an equal donation or say they’ll spread word that the recipients “oppose traditional marriage.”

A threatening letter has sparked a new controversy here in San Diego surrounding the gay marriage debate. Donors who gave money to the No on Prop 8 campaign say they received blackmail letters demanding money, and the Yes on 8 campaign now says the letters were sent by their employees.

The letter from Yes on 8 came by certified mail, demanding at least $10,000. Jim Abbot knows exactly why he’s being targeted – his business gave $10,000 to a group called Equality California, which supports No on Prop 9.

Jim says nearly 25 percent of his staff is gay.

“We wanted to support their freedom to marry,” he said.

The letter says if Jim doesn’t give an equal donation to Yes on 8, the name of his company will be published. It reads in part, “It is only fair for Proposition 8 supporters to know which companies and organizations oppose traditional marriage.

“I feel like it’s blackmail, and as you can imagine, real estate business has been tough lately and to have someone come at you like this… it’s very distressing,” he said.

The Yes on 8 campaign says they’re just doing what the pro-gay forces have done – highlighting which businesses and individuals stand against them. And, yes, they have a point – No on 8 supporters have been circulating lists of businesses who donated against gay marriage and have staged protests. The only difference, of course, is that the Yes on 8 people are attempting to intimidate, rather than illuminate. And, quite frankly, their tactics reveal the movement’s dark, ugly underbelly. Hopefully California’s voters will catch this foul wind and be turned off…

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  • Steve

    Demanding money, and threatening to do harm if it is not given, is called “blackmail”. IANAL, but I’m pretty sure blackmail is a felony.

  • Jaroslaw

    Obviously I support the ability for all persons to marry but I guess I don’t see the difference in the YES & NO camps on this issue. Queerty says “the YES group”….wants to intimidate rather than illuminate – this is probably what they are thinking but if a list is simply published by both camps of who contributed to the opposition, how can you prove this?

    If the letter by the YES group is so “threatening” then print it here for the audience to decide.

  • Timothy

    Actually, unless I’m mistaken, what they are doing is extortion. “Unless you give me money, I’m going to harm you.”

    The No on 8 Campaign did not do this.

    A separate group (Californians agaist Hate) did protest against large local contributors, but they never at any time demanded money or made threats.

    One is a protest. The other is a crime. I would not be surprised to see a district attorney take interest in the Yes on 8 criminal activity.

  • Timothy


    The letter is available at

    It’s blatant. It’s obvious. It’s clearly a threat and it is signed by the heads of the Yes on 8 Campaign. It is frightening how this extortion effort is presented without nuance or even the most basis effort to cloak it in polite terms. It’s just a “give us money or else” threat.

  • crazylove

    As I said in a different thread- do people realize they are arguing with sockpuppets who are more than likely conservatives who have found the site, and probably Prop 8 people? The arguments are pretty much the same “No on 8 people are the same as Prop 8 People” since this story broke.

  • Jennifer

    It’s definitely extortion and these people should have their self-righteous asses dragged into court. What do you expect from the liars for Jesus? They don’t even respect themselves enough to behave honourably.

  • Brian

    Calling for a boycott of anti-gay businesses, as Californians Against Hate has done, is one thing. Saying “give me $10,000 — or else” is another. You can also read a letter at I have a friend who is a columnist at the LA Times, and I sent her the letter last night to make sure the MSM gets ahold of this. Since the letter came from a lawyer, among others, I also reported him to the State Bar.

    I think if this becomes publicy known, we’ll win. I can’t imagine anyone who’s still on the fence not being absolutely horrified by this.


    As everyone knows, the Mormon church is the leading proponent of Prop 8 in CA. and have been saying hateful things about gay people in their churches every Sunday.
    What you probably don’t know is that Mormons have a thing called “Fast & Testimony” meeting every 1st Sunday of the month.
    At this meeting, anyone can get up and bear their “testimony.’

    I challenge you folks in CA to go to your nearest LDS (Mormon) church on Sunday, Nov. 2nd and “bear your testimony” that gay people are okay and how Prop 8 would negatively affect you.
    When you go, wear a white shirt, tie and slacks (or a dress for the ladies) if you can, that way you’ll blend in a bit and they won’t be suspicious of you until you get up and bear your “testimony.”
    Just watch the first few people and see how they go up to the podium and speak and then do likewise.

    Here’s an interesting article from today’s Salt Lake Tribune about how Prop. 8 is dividing Mormons, that not all are typical sheep and following the church’s guidance on this issue:

  • emb

    This threat to “expose” business supporters of the No on 8 campaign simply illustrates the ass-backwardness of Prop 8’s religious fanatic supporters. They obviously assume that homosexuality is shameful and scandalous, and that everyone feels that way. Otherwise, their threat to “expose” supporters lacks teeth.

    They’re sick, sad, and repulsive.

    Economic action is a good idea, so bring on the full disclosure, religinuts: It’ll give us a nice list of companies and businesses to BOYCOTT due to their support of Prop 8, and a nice shopping list to totally support our anti-8 allies.

  • Alan down in Florida

    How does one blackmail anyone or anything when the information used for the extortion is available to anyone who has access to the Internet? My guess is that in California supporting No on 8 opens a whole new potential customer base for these businesses and individual. Doing the right thing morally has always been good for business. Just look what doing the wrong things morally has done to Corporate America and Wall Street.

  • fredo777

    We definitely need to force this issue + try to bring legal action against them for extortion, sooner rather than later.

  • Jaroslaw

    Goodness – talk about not seeing the forest for the trees! I get it. Thanks Timothy. The NO side simply reported who donated to the opposition, the YES folks were trying to extort money and threatened to “expose” the donors. Got it.

  • REVEREND Joe Baytzim

    As JESUS said on the cross: “גוייִש משוגעת” Visit Tactical Syntax for some effective NO ON 8 banner ads.

  • chadnnocal

    ” I just returned from the No on 8 rally at the LDS temple in Oakland. It was awesome at least 100-200 demonstrators and numerous cars honking to show their support. The San Francisco Atheists, East Bay Atheists came together with Gay and Lesbian Mormons to collaborate and show support for human rights. I can think of no better way to demonstrate Christ like behavior than to help your fellow man. I hope this makes the national press. “

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