You Want More Naked Dudes On Game of Thrones. Will Creator George R.R. Martin Help?

According to New York magazine, Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin is reading your fan mail and taking it under advisement—even when what you ask for sounds more like the inevitable porn parody version, Game of Boners.

Meaning, of course, that many of these messages to Martin involve sex: Some viewers complain there’s too much explicit nudity and humpty-hump content on Thrones (like in this NSFW clip), but others—a.k.a. the gays—take the show to task for not giving them the specific kind of nudity they require.

When episodes focus repeatedly on female bodies at the expense of, say, more clothing-free shots of warrior Khal Drogo (Conan The Barbarian‘s Jason Momoa), this gets some of you all riled up. “I’ve got a few letters from gay fans who, while they were pleased by the naked male sexuality, were upset that the penises were not actually erect,” says Martin.

Honestly, this seems like a perfectly reasonable request. Maybe for every two or three full-frontal lady moments, the show could deliver one erection. Hire stunt penises if necessary, whatever it takes. But please, George R.R. Martin, hear the urgent, needy cries of your horned up homosexual fans.

Winter is coming and they beg for naked justice.

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  • Kamuriie

    When Theon Greyjoy finishes up with his prostitute in Winterfell, he pulls back and is 100% flaccid. Stuff like that just breaks continuity–either show the shot as it really would be, or don’t show it at all.

  • Ray

    Well, I’m good with seeing any junk at all. I’m old enough to remember when that didn’t used to happen, you know like five years ago. Anyway this show is really good considering there is so little action. I can’t wait for it to come back.

  • TJ

    Really gays? You’re worried about erections? Considering all the copious amounts of heterosexual sex in the books, and complete lack of gays getting any fun at all, I’d be more concerned with that. As far as we know, not a single viewpoint character in the books has been gay, which isn’t a huge problem so much as it is a bit of a disappointment.

  • Bryan

    All I want if for GRRM to actually complete the remaining two books before I’m 30. His track record of a book every5/6 years probably says otherwise.

  • sarababe

    If you are looking to try something new, the clothes free lifestyle could be your answer to meeting new friends who look just like everyone is the best choice for you! Nothing wrong with being naked as long as you enjoy it and can handle it. We are all born that way!

  • Matt

    Oh come on, Game of Boners? Much better: Game of Bones.

    Free the dicks!

  • Red Meat

    I want erect penises in Game of Thrones now.

  • Mav


  • Mikelo

    Well, there are, I assume, women fans of the show, too. We all need a good stiff one in our fantasy.

  • Mark

    I’m kind of disturbed by his latest novel where the brother of the pretender to the throne of the Iron Islands sacrifices maidens from Lys to the gods by burning them in a ship while drowning the boy “catamites” because they were “un-natural”. I get they are analogous to Vikings but what made the author think of it? Maybe he was building the character but sometimes you wonder if the author is prejudice of the notion as well.

  • Bron

    I dig/hate Prince Geoffrey. On the show (haven’t read the books). Looks like Eminem in a crown, but even more nasty.

  • Derek

    Good point Mark… any story, tv show or movie that has characters that hate gays betrays the bigotry of their writers. There can be no other explanation…

    Well. Actually. There is an explanation, if a weak one. There are people who hate gays in real life. Maybe it’s about being realistic? After all, Daenerys was only ‘amused’ by Xaro Xhoan Daxos’ offers of marriage, while simultaneously eyeing every half-naked serving boy in the town.

    Unlike reality, very few of the characters in ASoIAF seem to have severe hangups about man on man action. I will also point out that while Victarion did kill the boywhores as ‘unclean’ creatures, he didn’t seem to find it strange that his men had ‘used the maester as a woman’. No one is put to death in the civilized Westeros for liking snails instead of oysters, only mildly mocked for it (when it’s mentioned at all). Unlike in Europe of the appropriate period.

    Calling someone ‘Notoriously uninterested in the intimate charms of women’ isn’t exactly calling them a faggot.

  • Bob

    Can you really complain to Martin about this?? Wouldn’t you think it’s more of an issue of the actors/actresses willingness to get nude?? Besides as a heterosexual male, it’s not like I was complaining that the women’s vaginas weren’t wet. Just be happy with what they are willing to give you/us. There’s too much complaining about the few awesome things left in life.

  • Wolfie

    What about the dude who was sent to the Wall because some old queen tried to “touch his cock”? That was homophobic to me. You’d rather be exiled to the frozen north than let another guy touch your dick?

  • al

    I don’t think George RR Martin is homophobic at all. There’s tons of characters of all kinds of sexualities, even ones that shift and change. There are folks who are celibate or break their celibacy vows, brothers and sisters, grown up virgins, eunuchs. Some are good, some are bad and most are somewhere human in between. I actually think it’s one of the best portrayals of varied sexuality I’ve seen in fantasy.

  • Mikey M

    More male nudity please George.

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