2012: Year Of The Penis

This may go down in history as the year the penis became omnipresent. A symbol of power since the Greco-Roman era, the phallus’s prowess in America’s post-fig leaf society has resided largely in its invisibility. But this year the penis suddenly became visible even when it wasn’t. Last month, from within his trousers, Jon Hamm’s bulge upstaged his campaign for Obama. In October, New York’s Mayor Bloomberg appeared turned on, in more ways than one, as he held a Hurricane Sandy press conference. And who can forget the Boner Rower whose Olympic bronze medal appeared to be crowned by a public happy ending? The recent swell in penises on the big screen has served to dismantle the symbolic power of the phallus and, in a time where reality and entertainment are blurred, it is little wonder that celebrities’ off-duty members are commanding our attention as much as Judd Apatow’s penile punch lines – and shedding their masculine mystique at the same time.”

From the essay, The Package Deal by Soraya Roberts, detailing depictions of phallic imagery from ancient times to Michael Fassbender’s (shameless) Shame.

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  • Jaime

    This is the most ridiculous non article I’ve read in a while. Was someone bored? From Jon Hamm’s non existent bulge, to just about everyone else mentioned. I could write a more substantive article with my eyes closed.

  • jwrappaport

    I’m pretty sure every year for gay men can properly be called a “year of the penis.” Can we change BC and AD to just YP? “On July 4, 1776 in the Year of the Penis and by Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen Unites States of America…”

  • the other Greg

    Well, anytime people want to discuss penises, I’m happy. But “A symbol of power since the Greco-Roman era…”? Gilgamesh and Enkidu predated that by a lot.

  • Ajai

    Seriously, if you look at the art of many cultures that predate the Greco-Roman, you will find a phallus.

  • jimmrr

    Lester c’mon now — this is a blatant lift of much of the first paragraph of the Salon article. You didn’t put any of your own effort into this – and it’s just a showcase of how lazy you are.

    At least you prefaced it with a quotation mark.

  • boring

    You know why Jon Hamm got so much attention? Because he’s totally kickin’ rad as hell.

    You know why the movie Shame got so much attention? Because it’s pretty awesome.

    2012: The year of quality things getting deserved attention.

  • Vera Delmar

    Well, all I can say is that it’s about time! After all these years of seeing bare breasted ladies showing off their goods to the delight of hetero men and our lesbian sisters, maybe now we can have some nice quality cock shots, not pornographic, for the hetero ladies and us gay gays.

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