8 Gay ChatRoulette Knock-Offs: Glory Holes of the Internet


WHO’S ON THERE?: About 20 digital blobs and fellow fans of Treasure Island Media’s bareback fuck vids (most of them wearing only t-shirts).

SECONDS UNTIL FIRST COCK: About a minute, but when I finally got one… woo nelly! He had a cockring and an ass like a raw meat slot machine—and so early in the morning too!

HOW MANY SECONDS IT TOOK FOR SOMEONE TO ‘NEXT’ ME: Oddly, the men here NEVER nexted me. In fact, the longer I stuck around, the more vigorously freaky they became.

HOW MANY SECONDS IT TOOK ME TO ‘NEXT’ SOMEONE ELSE: Why would I “next” a man in a wifebeater humping a swivel chair with his fat cock?

IS THE DESIGN SEXY?: Have you ever been fingered in a telephone booth?

LESSON LEARNED: I apparently have more in common with bareback fucksluts than I’d like to admit.