8 Mega-Wealthy Gays: Who Are They, How’d They Make Bank, And Are They Single?


David Geffen, 69
Estimated net worth: $5.5 billion
How he made his money: Film and music
Pet causes: GMHC, UCLA School of Medicine

David Geffen has been slowly building his multi-billion-dollar fortune for more than 40 years, first as a record producer (he discovered The Eagles), then in films (he discovered Tom Cruise), and finally as a studio mogul. (Along with pals Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg he co-founded DreamWorks SKG.)

A previous Forbes Rich List honoree, Geffen (above at center) has allegedly promised to donate whatever money he makes from now on to charity. Geffen gave $200 million endowment to the UCLA School of Medicine in 2002, donated $5 million to what is now the Geffen Playhouse and has made notable contributions to New York’s Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Barack Obama‘s presidential campaign and the fight against California’s Proposition 8

Though he didn’t publicly reveal he was gay until later in life, Geffen did date Cher back in the ’70s—which might as well count as  coming out, right?  And, having recently ended a 6-year romance with 27-year-old model/DJ Jeremy Lingvall, Geffen is easily the most eligible bachelor in all of gaydom. You hear that boys? He’s single!



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  • fagburn

    Tim Cook?
    Calvin Klein?

  • fagburn

    Oops. You did TC in the intro – apologies.

  • tj

    David Geffen should be ashamed of himself every time I see that picture I want to vomit
    If you want to have a side piece thats fine I guess but for god sakes commit to someone
    above 40 at least. What a disgraceful embarassing picture. UGh

  • ron

    I wonder what it’s like to literally “come” into money…..

  • Bi-Coastal

    Wait-wait-wait: Judging from all of the OWS support on this site, I was under the impression that rich people are evil “one percenters”—but that’s unless they’re gay, apparently. I guess in the world of gay politics, sexuality trumps ideology. Lesson learned.

  • Clockwork

    The GLBT wealth that matters – All the small households of couples or singles:

    Did quite well thanks to the employment gains, promotion and opportunities in management, equity and bond gains (including stock options), business entrepreneurship, home ownership and real estate ->

    From around 1982 throughout the 1980’s, 1990’s ( a fab decade for gay wealth), and of course the Greenspan Fed gay bubble in home equity of the 2000’s.
    The past 5 years have been a giant sucking sound of losses in wealth for many Americans,
    gays included. I don’t expect much improvement in making new GLBT $10,000, $100,000, and
    millionaires in this economy of wealth squashing Obama-nomics.

  • troy

    Such a silly inaccurate list. Would be different if we all knew who was actually gay or not…

  • Kirk

    @Clockwork: So true. My husband and I played by the ‘rules’ during the 90s/early 2000s, worked hard, accumulated wealth, etc. Now we are doing whatever we can to shelter, hide, protect what we’ve legally earned and accumlated so that it is not taken away from us to cover folks that made bad decisions during that period. My god, if not for social issues, we’d easily be republicans!

  • Kamikapse

    Always fun to read how paranoid republicans like No. 6 & 8 are with their conspiracy theories how everyone is out to get them and their money.

  • Clockwork

    >conspiracy theories how everyone is out to get them and their money.

    Nice try dude, but I have no idea where you get conspiracy from:

    Obama’s economic performance is sub-par that of Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton,
    and even Bush to 2006.

    Obama’s GLBT equality record is unmatched by anyone.

    No conspiracy there…just the truth

  • Mark Snyder

    @Clockwork: Get your facts right. Reagan increased taxes on the rich too.

  • Zach2

    @tj: Ashamed?, heck ,I’m envious.

    (There is always some troll posting who is bitter about some others gays life.)

  • Clockwork

    @Mark Snyder:

    I didn’t mention taxes fool. I’m not even sure what rates you are taking about.
    Maybe you meant Clinton.
    Anyway it’s about more than taxes.

    Either way you slice it;
    Obama’s economic results are very poor compared to Reagan, Bush 1, and Clinton.

  • Alan Brickman

    Such control queens on here…David Geffen can date whoever he likes….isn’t that an equal right too?…

  • Alan Brickman

    And also women are dating younger too I notice….

  • Bipolar Bear

    Shame that this thread has degenerated into a political shitfight. I found this list really inspiring, not because of the wealth these guys have accumulated, but because what some of them have accomplished.

    Starting Facebook and Paypal? Rolling Stone magazine?

    And I always think Elton John doesn’t get enough recognition for the fact that he has made some of the greatest music in the history of rock’n’roll. While we’re busy idolising Kylie and Madonna, we don’t bother namechecking this guy unless he’s had a hissy fit in public. Real talent, and he’s one of ours.

  • EvonCook

    @tj: This is a real queeny and bitchy remark.

  • EvonCook

    @Clockwork: Largely because Obama kept the same pathetic financial people in positions of power advising him.

  • EvonCook

    Always wonder why the super rich gay Koch brother is never mentioned. His straight brothers get all the attention and support such hate and monstrous conservative causes. Also hope none of these guys supports the New York charity Housing Works which pretends to be gay but is very corrupt and financially mismanaged. One more “gay” organization screwing our community.

  • Roddie

    @Kamikapse: I love it when poor insecure queens use labels to cover thier own insecurities about their station in life.

  • adam

    boring, boring, who cares?, and boring.

    btw, why didn’t the gay co-founder or whatever of facebook show up in the movie “the social network”? was zuckerberg an insufferable prick to him, too, as he was portrayed to be toward every other character in the movie?

  • TGC

    @Bi-Coastal: I was going to ask if these folks “pay their fair share” (whatever the hell that means).

  • TGC

    @Bipolar Bear: Inspiring, yes. But my question is where’s the inspiration and the motivation from the left to work hard and make wealth of any amount? There’s very little if any. All you hear about is how eeeeeeeevil the rich are and how coporations are so bad for sitting in their corporate offices and acting all corporationy. Plus, where’s the motivation to work hard and do something great or provide something the market wants when you can get a check for sitting at home and watching Martha?

    Perhaps we could have more wealthy gays and more wealthy Americans generally if so many weren’t taught that you’re an evil bastard for succeeding.

  • Watching

    “Aside from all being white dudes, the folks in our roundup are pretty diverse.”

    That is hilarious. Queerty, you should be on stage. To quote Tom Lehrer, “Apart from that Mrs Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?”

    I’m glad #8 put his overriding concern so honestly and succinctly. That despite other people having completely different life circumstance, gosh, if it weren’t for those SOCIAL issues, he had his husband would be Republicans! I’ve often said that. So many gay men would be Republicans if it weren’t for that petty little annoyance of being homes that stops them from being fully privileged–you know, the way they deserve to be.

    It’s worth seeing the documentary “Vito”. He said it better than I can here. It’s a shame there aren’t more gay activists like him today concerned with real inclusivity and the commonality of so many marginalisations.

  • Kyle412

    I guess wealth can’t buy looks. Not a very attractive crowd.

  • seaguy

    If you think that is bad, then surely you will not like Calvin Klein and his boytoy!

  • Bryan

    Where’s Tim Cook on this list? CEO of Apple and highest paid CEO in 2011…

  • Schlukitz


    Um…where is your picture posted so that we can make unflattering comments about it as you have just done with others?

    Commenting on political differences, social differences and financial differences is fair game.

    Personally attacking people for their appearance is really below the belt. It’s right up there with ageism, misogyny, homophobia and racism.

  • Randall


    Jerk, you don’t know much about Economics. A President’s ability to change a bad economic situation is pretty limited, especially when he does not control both Houses of Congress. Besides Economics have become so international that any one country, however big, can’t unilaterally change the status quo. And what moronic President got us into this mess anyway? He seems to be hiding out in Texas and giving few, if any interviews. He should have been tarred and feathered on his way out of Washington.

  • NYfather

    Sheldon Addelson, Slim Helu, and Sumner Redstone are gay but closeted. All three have had gay lovers.

  • enlightenone

    I’ll take the handsome Black man, the most powerful in the free world! The millions will come! I know he’s heterosexual, but I’m “versatile” – my definition of the word. Lol!

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