8 Mega-Wealthy Gays: Who Are They, How’d They Make Bank, And Are They Single?


David Geffen, 69
Estimated net worth: $5.5 billion
How he made his money: Film and music
Pet causes: GMHC, UCLA School of Medicine

David Geffen has been slowly building his multi-billion-dollar fortune for more than 40 years, first as a record producer (he discovered The Eagles), then in films (he discovered Tom Cruise), and finally as a studio mogul. (Along with pals Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg he co-founded DreamWorks SKG.)

A previous Forbes Rich List honoree, Geffen (above at center) has allegedly promised to donate whatever money he makes from now on to charity. Geffen gave $200 million endowment to the UCLA School of Medicine in 2002, donated $5 million to what is now the Geffen Playhouse and has made notable contributions to New York’s Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Barack Obama‘s presidential campaign and the fight against California’s Proposition 8

Though he didn’t publicly reveal he was gay until later in life, Geffen did date Cher back in the ’70s—which might as well count as  coming out, right?  And, having recently ended a 6-year romance with 27-year-old model/DJ Jeremy Lingvall, Geffen is easily the most eligible bachelor in all of gaydom. You hear that boys? He’s single!