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A Celebrity Is Coming Out on May 5. But Who?

On May 5, with the handholding of uber-gay publicist Howard Bragman, a celebrity is expected to follow Ricky Martin out of the closet. This person is already booked for a People exclusive, says Zap2It‘s report, with a string of talk show appearances afterward, including The View (and then probably Joy Behar’s show, ’cause that seems fitting). Which begs the question: Who’s it gonna be?

That there’s such a concrete timeline and strategy in place is evidence this is a well-planned, long-thought-about unveiling. But while the mind swirls about who the soon-to-be out star is going to be — Queen Latifah? Ryan Seacrest? Michelle Rodriguez? — it must be noted that this celeb isn’t just coming out, he or she is going on a Coming Out Tour.

Which has us thinking all three of those possibilities are DOA; we can’t imagine any of them taking their sexuality on the talk show circuit. When and if a star of their caliber comes out, we imagine it’ll come in an unrelated interview — Queen Latifah will just casually mention she lives with her partner.

So will this person be young or old? Male or female? A-list or — gasp — C-list?

Meanwhile, Bragman is the maestro behind Sheryl Swoops, Meredith Baxter, and John Amaechi coming out as gay, and Chaz Bono’s transitioning announcement. He’s also the guy representing Prop 8 supporter and hotelier Doug Manchester, trying to get the gays to love his hotels again. He’s a pro at easing gay celebs into this new territory, and he’s handsomely rewarded for it. And he is the one pushing the story, revealing at the GLAAD Media Awards that he’s got a new candidate that’s just two weeks away from swishing it up.