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Accused sexual predator Kimberly Guilfoyle eyeing a run for office because “the best is yet to come”

Ex-cable news star and accused sexual predator Kimberly Guilfoyle is rumored to be considering a run for public office in California.

Why California, you wonder? Well, once upon a very long time ago, Guilfoyle was the first lady of San Francisco when she was married to then Mayor/now Governor Gavin Newsom. After the marriage crumbled, however, she packed up and left for New York, bound for cable news stardom and to be Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend.

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Now, according to Politico, “some Republicans” are urging her to seriously consider moving back to the Golden State to run for office, either against her ex in 2022 or to be a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

The rumors come on the heels of Guilfoyle’s speech the Conservative Political Action Conference, during which she wowed the crowd with her signature hip-shaking dance as she sauntered out on stage.

“I will confidently say that President Trump from his desk at Mar-a-Lago will accomplish more for America in the next four years than Joe Biden and Kamala Harris could dream of,” the former Fox News host told the audience at CPAC.

Of course, the chances of Guilfoyle actually winning a race for governor in California are almost non-existent. Not only did Trump lose the state to Biden by almost 30 points, but the last time a Republican was elected to statewide office there was way back in 2006, when Arnold Schwarzenegger won re-election as governor.

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She may have slightly better odds in a bid for U.S. House of Representatives, but even that seems like a long-shot given how terribly she did as the Trump campaign’s fundraising chair, allegedly underperforming on fundraising goals, abusing staff, and making donors feel uncomfortable by offering them lap dances and hot tub parties.

Then there’s the little issue of the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, when she urged the MAGA militia to “have the courage to fight” and was videotaped dancing backstage during the pre-insurrection rally.

Guilfoyle has not commented on whether she is considering a possible move to California to run for office and she has denied allegations of workplace misconduct in the past.

In January, it was reported she and Don Jr. were shopping for properties in Jupiter, Florida, but that they were having trouble finding a place because their would-be neighbors were doing everything possible to prevent the toxic couple from moving in.

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