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Adult star Tegan Zayne accuses co-star Topher DiMaggio of rape

On Sunday, porn star Tegan Zayne penned a long Twitter post that accused adult performer Topher DiMaggio of rape.

He says he did it to address a serious issue in the gay adult industry that is often ignored.

In the post, Zayne tells a story revolving around a scene both actors filmed for Cocky Boys two years ago.

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He claims DiMaggio strongly pressured him into having sex the night before they filmed the scene.

Zayne says he felt “belittled and degraded” by the experience and was “told how I’m such a girl.”

“I’ve seen a lot of stories come out about the metoo thing,” he writes,  “but it’s (sic) feels like no one cares about the male victims, or the sex workers. As someone else said “rape doesn’t exist in this line of wrk”, and it couldn’t be more true.”

DiMaggio denies this ever happened.

“He’s crazy and twists stories,” DiMaggio tells QueerMeNow.

“He was so happy to film with me even the next day. It’s sad. I’m not going to give it any attention.”


Here’s Zayne’s lengthy Twitter note:

Here’s a preview of the Cocky Boys scene in question: