Al Sharpton Fears For Anderson Cooper’s Soul

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper found himself the center of attention on his eponymous show last night.

The silver fox had invited Focus On The Family’s Tony Perkins, journo Roland Martin and Reverend Al Sharpton, whom we were surprisingly happy to see you. Well, we weren’t happy to see him, but we were tickled pink when, while discussing James Dobson’s blasting of Barack Obama, Sharpton kinda, sorta outed Cooper: “I may have some very conservative personal feelings but I feel you have the right to live your life differently. I may think that what you do Anderson is gonna put you in Hell, but I’m gonna defend your right to get there.”

Cooper blushed before thanking Sharpton for his concern and insisting that he personally is “not that concerned” about his afterlife. And, really, why would he?

Watch the video, after the jump!

Video via Towleroad.

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  • Daniel

    Al Sharpton is for the rights of all disenfranchised people. He is simply stating that even if an evangelical disagrees with being gay and believe we are all hell bound, they do not have a right to hinder our rights here on earth. I have been in the room where Al has spoken directly to LGBT people and the evangelicals about our rights.

  • Darth Paul

    Sharpton’s a little irrelevant these days. But he’s funny and pisses off uppity white people, so it’s alright.

  • Suzy Goo

    I have the basket to take Anderson to Hell!

  • blake

    Sharpton led a campaign against homophobia last year. If you listen to what he’s saying, Sharpton is speaking hypothetically, and not directly about Cooper’s being gay.

    Let’s not blow this out of proportion. Parsing sound bites for scandal is old and crusty.

  • Alexa

    I think if you believe or even just suspect that Anderson is gay then what Sharpton (and Perkins) said will confirm it for you, but if you think he is straight, as much of the public does, then you will assume he was just talking generally.

  • oneway

    For as uptight as Sharpton can be about almost everything, I like it when he gets a bit cheeky like this… Plus, Anderson is always a good sport about his open secret.

  • CTnSF

    That was not an outing, Sharpton was clearly speaking of defending Anderson’s right to go to hell in a general sense.

  • fredo777

    I just like any opportunity to catch another glimpse of Andypants.

  • Jack Jett

    If the insuation in anyway was about Anderson being gay, then it was clearly a homos going to hell comment. I really couldn’t tell one way or the other. I don’t see why they ever need to bring on the closet cocksucking wussy mouthed, idiotic, fucked up hypocrite Tony Perkins on any show. He is just a little xtion media whore who is giving the original Tony Perkins a bad name…..

    That being said, I would still dry fuck him in his asshole.

  • Nitesurf

    My first thought was that Sharpton was implying that Anderson’s sexuality is sinful, he may or may not have been saying that, but Anderson handled it all in a classy and cool manner. I remember AC having Sharpton and Falwell on his program a few years ago and Sharpton was the one defending gay rights.

  • Michael J

    I can’t stand the way Al Sharpton is such a media whore, but he is smart and funny. Years ago when running for the Democratic nomination some office (Senate?), he spoke to LGBT political club at NYC’ Gay Community Center. He was asked how he would respond to a man making a pass at him, he said that at his weight, he’d be flattered. I find this sort of candor refreshing, compared to liberal Dems who talk about “equal rights” while trying their best to avoid using the word “gay.”


    Aw, Anderson, thank the good loud mouth reverend for his compassion. There he is old AL, giving us a glimpse of what he really thinks and some say this is one of the best friends we have within the black community? Well no wonder homophobia is so prevalent in it, if this is what the best thinks. Goes to prove me right in my response to the schmuck, but alas here he is defending him. No surprise.

  • Snoodle

    On an unrelated note, the guy at the start has a point…

    Lol Anderson is so red…XD Good thing he’s a good sport :p

  • Maxwell

    I just watched the clip. It had nothing to do with being gay. Rev. Sharpton was speaking in hypotheticals. “If I was on the extreme right, I cannot legislate your way into heavan.” We all have a right to beleive what we must, but we must compromise on public policy. I didn’t get anything deragatory about this clip or his statements. We have been so abused that we are becoming hypersensitive even to our allies.

  • ChristopherM

    Typical Churchilly…blast the black minister who supports our full rights and don’t even mention the hateful white minister who spews his bile every chance he gets.

  • while my nails are drying

    You know, I think that that the modern day Evangelicals are actually the wolves in sheep clothing that the new testament speaks of, I think they are the ones going to hell, (if there is one)
    But I support their right to go and the road they choose to take.
    I think that is all Al Sharpton was saying. It does not matter what we believe, or what our personal convictions are, we have no right to inflict them upon another. Remember, Dr, Kings widow was behind all gays being equal and men like Sharpton are products of that great era Dr. King lived in.

  • bill

    Stop giving Sharpton the attention he craves. The man is a race-baiting, ambulance calling hypocrite and above all, he is a racist. He hates Jews, he hates whites, he hates Hispanics. Just let the buffoon rot in his own mediocrity and ignore him.

  • Dean

    Having watched the clip, I think it’s pretty clear that Sharpton was speaking hypothetically, in the abstract. Is it possible that Sharpton was, in a coded way, calling Anderson a fag? Sure. But, if so, the accent is on the word “coded.”

  • Wendy Dalgleish

    Not quite sure why anyone gives a flying f… what Sharpton thinks about Anderson or anyone else for that matter, he’s a bloody moron at best!

  • Ricardovitz

    Do y’all really give a dern what some dumb jiggaboo preacher man says? He ain’t got but half a monkey brain a jibber jabberin like he does. Trust me, boys and girls, it ain’t nothin to get all riled up about.

  • schlukitz

    @ no. 21 – Ricardovitz


    You’re from another era.

    Given the Jewish sound of your name, how would you like it if someone referred to you as a “kike”?

    Think what you like about the man…but definitely think before you speak, man.

  • Ricardovitz

    Schultzy – you can call me kike, jew, yid, Christ-killer, er what not. Thar goes ta show folks that you ain’t got this here internet thing all figured out yet.

    Now, Schultzy, I reckon yer one of them African darkies – dern’t much care fer me callin that dumb jiggaboo preacher man a mush-brained dummy. I reckon you think that’s some kinda reflection on you and yer kind….and know what??? YER RIGHT…THAT DUMB JUNGLE BUNNY IS A FITTIN EXAMPLE OF Americanized Darkies.

    Now, back to schoolin you and yer kind on thar internet. Ain’t no on ’round here printin thar real name. Why would I do somethin like that — jest so Al Sharpton and his Devil Possee can hunt me down and brutalize me? Like he and that thar Jessee Jackson do to all the white folk they shake down? Nosirree, boy, it dern’t work like that ’round here.

    So, Schultzy, now that you done learnt folks dern’t use thar real names, I suppose it ain’t a long stretch fer ya to figure that Ricardovitz ain’t my real name.

    But, I got me some admiration fer thar Jews, yessiree I do. You gotta fear anyone who can murder Christ and not give two hoots about it. They’s a ruthless brutal Godless bunch. They been dealin Justice to the Dark Deamons fer thousands of years.

    So, I reckon Ricardovitz sounds part jew, part spick, part this ‘n that….and I like it that way. So, don’t you never mind my name. Start aiming yer efforts at keepin Al Sharpton’s band of jiggaboos from aping about the way they do.

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