American Family Association Not Thrilled Religious Hospitals Can No Longer Keep Gays In The Waiting Room

Any hospital that receives Medicare or Medicaid financing must allow LGBTs to see their loved ones just as they would for hetero visitors beginning Jan. 16, the Department of Health and Human Services announced, solidifying President Obama’s April mandate. A written policy is required, stipulating legal relationships are no longer a factor in granting visitation. Guess who’s less than thrilled?

Because of the laws of physics, whenever there is an advancement in queer equality, the American Family Association responds with outrage. And quotes from Matt Barber, who is furious there are no exemptions for hospitals run by faith groups. Because religious-based discrimination should always stand in the way of getting to see your partner in his last minutes of life.

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  • Tricky

    To the fatass on the right, just because you have never been in a situation where you have been prohibited from seeing a friend in the hospital, does not mean that it does not exist. He should take every bit of 15 seconds and Google “Gay Partner Prohibited Hospital”, like I did, and just like magic, he won’t be ignorant anymore.

  • REBELComx

    @Tricky: He’s not ignorant. He knows damn well what’s happening. Ignorant is just not knowing something. Knowing something and ignoring it is downright asinine.

  • Cam

    These are the same type of people that would go apoplectic if somebody triedc to discriminate against Christians.

    Nobody is forcing them to allow gays in, they are making that decisions themselves by accepting govt. money.

  • Daez

    I would hope that no gay is as self loathing to actually use a “religious” hospital. Of course, there is always a way out for “religious” hospitals anyways… They simply refuse to take Medicare and Medicaid funds on principle. See how easy that is? They can simply treat all of those patients receiving those funds under the guise of charity. Imagine that… “religious” hospitals giving out charity instead of judgment.

    I also LOVE how wanting to see our partners before they die just like everyone else is “special” rights.

  • B

    No. 4 · Daez wrote, “I would hope that no gay is as self loathing to actually use a “religious” hospital.”

    Hey, if someone has a coronary or stroke, or is in a life-threatening automobile accident, they are going to take that person to the closest hospital, and that might end up being a “religious” one.

  • chris

    These clowns at AFA are fUCKING IDIOTS. Experts on everything, but know nothing but anti gay hate. Wish my dad the physician was still alive – he raised hell abou this issue years ago with the Baptist and Catholic hospitals. These Missiissippi hillbilly christians need to just stfu on this issue. Hateful stuff.

  • Daez

    @B: Find me ONE town with ONLY a “religious” hospital. The vast majority of “religious” hospitals I have seen are in the same city as often better secular hospitals. Oh, and if the choice was between going to a “religious” hospital and dieing, I’d chose death.

  • kayla

    @Daez: You are an idiot!!LOL!!All religious people are not the devil!! Some are even on the pro-equality side!! I love how you’re convinced that you would choose death, before healthcare at a religious hospital!! Easy to say while healthily typing absurd comments online. In real life emergency…not so much!!

  • M

    No 7 Boise Idaho 2 religious hospitals no public.

  • Ashton C

    I cant wait till these zealots die and find out that heaven is a huge gay disco and hell is them having to wait outside in the rain for eternity while all of us get escorted in and welcomed with fancy gift bags. Oh and yes, in heaven it’s always open bar and you are welcomed to smoke inside. (The non-smoking area is right outside with the zealots.)

  • B

    Re No 8 … just to add to what kayla wrote, the reason I gave an example of a medical emergency needing immediate treatment to keep someone alive is to preemptively shoot down the argument that, “if you don’t like the rules, go somewhere else.” It’s an example of why the Department of Health and Human Services’ new policy is needed.

  • Zachary

    “Religious” hospitals?

    Do they just bring people in and pray for them, sacrifice farm animals, etc?

  • McMike

    Funny how he doesn’t know of any instance where a homosexual has been denied access to their dying partner.

    I guess that f’n fat-ass closet case is living in a cave without access to Google.

    btw, it’s kind of amusing he’s sitting there saying he’s never been denied access by a hospital. That’s like a white person in the 50’s saying “I’ve never been denied sitting at the front of the bus.”

  • Danny

    Are they all sitting there without pants and sporting erections? Didn’t studies prove the most obsessed homophobes are the most sexually aroused by the notion of same-sex sex? Is that why they talk about it all the time? Is it giving them all hard-ons?

    I don’t know any normal heterosexuals that spend all that much times thinking about homosexual sex or thinking about homosexuals, do you? Seriously, think about it, these folks have made it their life’s work to talk about homosexuality and they claim not to be homosexual? Really? People believe that? What is the likelihood of that?

    When the camera turns off do they furiously masterbate?

  • Evan

    @Daez: The choice is often not given. Ambulance personnel are required to take patients in critical condition to the closest hospital. In some cases, if the patient is conscious and of sound mind, s/he can request a different hospital (within reasonable distance), but not everywhere, and it’s not even possible to make the request if you’re unconscious. Whether or not someone else is allowed to make it depends on their legal relationship, local laws, the judgment of the EMTs, and whether or not there’s even someone else present.

    And patients who require specialty care – trauma patients, burn patients, anyone who gets a helicopter medevac – will be taken to the nearest hospital with appropriate specialty facilities.

    Basically, anyone who lives alone or who ever leaves their house has to face the prospect of at some point being taken to a religious hospital by emergency personnel.


    Anyone else getting oh so very sick and fucking tired of these obsessed vile scumbags who have nothing better to do than obsess on all things Gay? Take a cock up you asses already and join the party you so very want so much to join……………

  • Bob

    My medical insurance dictates which hospital I must use and it is a Catholic hospital. I do not have a choice so my partner of 37 years and I had to have papers draw-up by a lawyer just to have this visitation right.

  • the crustybastard


    I should caution you that Catholic hospitals do not feel compelled to honor advance directives that they believe are contrary to their religious teaching.

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