Jonathan Groff

Is it cool to kiss-and-tell?

The post-Pride discourse revolves around the age-old question, with Jonathan Groff and late-night revelry right in the middle.

Early Monday morning, an excited gay posted that he made out with the Tony-winning Broadway star for a half-hour at Battle Hymn, a monthly Sunday night circuit party in NYC. Considering the post came in at 5:23 a.m., it’s fair to assume the partygoer was still riding high… from allegedly swapping tongues with gay acting greatness.

“I made out with J*nathan Gr*ff for like 30 mins at Battle Hymn lmao,” he posted.

Not everybody thought the sensual anecdote was a laughing matter, however.

As Monday progressed, and serotonin-depleted gays across the country woke up to begin their recoveries from Pride Month, responses of indignation poured in. Many questioned why the poster decided to share the apparent experience.

“What happened to cherishing private moments?” somebody asked.

“Tacky,” another person added.

Groff, who made his tear up with his acceptance speech at the Tony Awards, started off June with a provocative proclamation. The Looking star declared he is “single, full of Pride, and PrEP!”

While Groff’s promiscuous tagline indicates he’s ready to mingle, it may not mean he wants his exploits publicized.

Some expressed their preference for privacy, especially when the alleged interaction happened late at night inside of a dark venue.

“The more comfortable people feel making private moments public, the fewer private moments we get to have in public. the more we surveil, the fewer public spaces there are in which to have private moments,” replied writer P.E. Moskowitz.

There is an unspoken code of discretion when it comes to gay nightlife, stemming from society’s long history of discrimination and homophobia. Viewers of Fellow Travelers may recall Hawkins and Tim’s frequent trips to the Cozy Corner, a surreptitious hangout in D.C. where men danced with one another and experienced queer joy.

As Andrew Holleran articulates in Dancer from the Dance, we are all fleeting figments of the night… when we want to be.

Of course, the landscape is much different now, and celebrities like Groff can make jokes about PrEP at award galas. In today’s age, expecting anonymity may be unrealistic.

But there are different forms of kissing-and-telling. As many pointed out, group chats provide a safe forum to spill steamy tea.

“When i hook up with niche gay celebrities, i just text my friends. and then i look for any opportunity to vaguely tweet about it (i.e. this), still ensuring i get some degree of the attention i need to survive,” somebody quipped.

Speaking of gay celebs, Joel Kim Booster and comedian Jay Jurgen also weighed in.

Then again, it’s not like any salacious info about Groff was shared. Somebody said they kissed at a nightclub. That’s very PG… especially for Battle Hymn!

“Omg… these comments are so bitter it’s crazy,” somebody shared. “Meanwhile all I wanted to say was “omg you’re so lucky I’m jealous” anyway hope you had a happy pride month.”

As far as those wanting proof, the poster said he doesn’t have any pics or physical evidence. That would be too much…

At the least, we commend our man for keeping his sense of humor.

“Was not expecting this to take off lol. There is no evidence bc I’m not tacky like that and my friends are bad friends!,” he wrote. “But he kisses so sensually and looks at you with these lustful puppy dog eyes—I get why Richie was down bad! 😩.”

What do you think? Should celebrity foreplay be kept anonymous, or is it fair to share on social media? Let us know in the comments below!

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