Anal Anna Wintour Redecorated SJP’s Home For Tres-Gay Obama Fundraiser

Last night, Sarah Jessica Parker and alleged ambassador wannabe Anna Wintour co-hosted a $80,000-a-couple fundraiser for President Obama in the swanky West Village townhouse Parker shares with hubby Matthew Broderick and their young kids.

As we reported earlier, a lucky ‘Bama booster won a spot at the Night in New York event and, given the guest list (Parker, Wintour, Michael Kors, Meryl Streep, Mariah Carey), we venture to guess the sweepstakes winner was a friend of Carrie, if you catch our drift.

Well, according to the New York Post, the back story to this posh party was juicy enough to fill a month’s worth of gay brunches.

Apparently Wintour was in full high-maintencance mode, redecorating Parker’s home to suit her more refined tastes. Page Six reports:

Sources said the fashion oracle wanted to clean out SJP’s “shabby chic” furniture. One told us, “Anna was going crazy about the decorating. She was having a lot furniture removed and sending all of SJP’s tchotchkes upstairs.

“Some of the stuff in the house was shabby chic, and let’s just say, Anna wanted less shabby, and more chic,” the source added…

A small battalion of cleaners was spotted scrubbing door handles and windows outside the house. Yesterday, dozens of plump, white roses were delivered along with rental chairs, and a gardener planted mini- ferns out front.

As Miranda Priestly would quip, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

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  • 1equalityUSA

    Thanks for all of your effort in raising funds for President Obama.

  • dave

    Romney is surging. Obama will lose badly. Especially after today’s announcement allowing illegals to stay.


    @dave: Poor Dave. Still upset about Palin. LOL.

  • TracyDom

    “Anal Anna Wintour Redecorated SJP’s Home For Tres-Gay Obama Fundraiser”

    I don’t think anyone outside the core readership of Queerty can decipher this title.

  • JDM

    @dave: Guess you gay RepubliKlans hate people who support gay rights more than you hate your own sexuality.

  • jason

    All Obama wants is your money. What has he actually done to improve your legislative lot since announcing his supposed sort for gay marriage? He’s done nothing. Oh, but he loves your money, doesn’t he?

  • Carl 1

    @jason: Considering the track record of conservatives on either side of the pond, I wouldn’t trust any conservative politician with anything, even running a bath. They have proven to be utterly inept at best, downright dangerous at worst (just look at that thundering lunatic Thatcher). The problem the USA has is that it is pretty much a two party system, which means if both parties suck you have no alternative. Admittedly the UK system isn’t much better, but at least the lesser parties have a chance here.

  • Spike

    Anything that raises money for President Obama is a good thing. It’s ALL about Supreme Court nominations. Anyone but President Obama, get in line, for the trains to the camps.

  • Spike

    @jason: Bless your heart, apparently you missed School House Rock. President Obama, is, the President, not the Dictator in Chief. He doesn’t write legislation, he signs legislation, that passes both the House and Senate, into law. Yes President Obama supports marriage equality, he can’t click his heels and make it law. You silly clown.

  • jason

    President Obama can issue an executive order. He’s failed to do so.

    Keep giving Obama money if you wish. You must love throwing it away to fakes.

  • Carl 1

    @jason: Could he do more? Of course. But at least he has done far more than any conservative, who have almost universally sought to deny LGBT citizens their rights.

  • timncguy

    I heard Anna Wintour speak in a video clip on “The Daily Show” the other day. Once I heard that phoney “accent” she puts on, it was over. What a jerk she is.

  • hassia

    @timncguy, .What accent should a British person have?

  • Kayak

    At this point it’s ether Obama or Romney, which one do you guys prefer?

  • MiltonHarvey

    But she still hasn’t re-decorated her own face! And that hair!!

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