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And the gayest states according to the latest batch of Google searches are…

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A new study has looked at where in the US people are actively curious about exploring their sexuality. Or exploring it online, at the very least.

Prosthetics and strap-on brand conducted research into online search terms. It worked on the assumption that people typing “Am I gay?” or “Am I bisexual?” into search engines might be questioning their sexuality. It also looked at other search terms, such as “Gay test” and “How do I know I’m gay?”

The researchers cross-referenced the information with data about LGBTQ+ population size.

It found that residents in California were most likely to be questioning their sexuality. So far, in 2024, its 39 million residents have made approximately 45 million online searches relating to “Why am I gay?”, “Gay test” and “Gay quiz”.

This was followed by Texas, where residents have made around 37 million online searches.

In third place was New York, followed in fourth by Florida and in fifth by Illinois. “Lesbian dating sites” and “Lesbian dating” proved particularly popular in Illinois.

All five states have high populations. It’s therefore perhaps not so surprising that so many people are questioning.

Moving down the list, with corresponding popular search terms:

  • 6th place – Pennsylvania (“Gay test”, “Lesbian kiss”, “Am I gay”)
  • 7th place – Georgia (“Gay test”, “gaydar test,” “Am I gay”)
  • 8th place – North Carolina (“Am I gay?”, “Gay test”, Gay Quiz”)
  • 9th place – Virginia (“Am I gay?”, “Gay test”, “Gay Quiz”)
  • 10th place – New Jersey (“Am I gay?”, “Gay test”, “Gay Quiz”)

Caution advised over ‘gay tests’

Over the last few months, the data analysis says there have been over 282 million “Am I gay?” searches in the USA on Google. California contributed over 45 million of those searches, making up almost 16% of the total.

Commenting on the study, Agata Pajor, a spokesperson from, said: “Wondering if you’re gay and turning to a search engine is a significant step in itself. However, it’s crucial to approach online ‘gay tests’ with skepticism as they are often overly simplistic and lack a scientific basis. Instead, consider exploring online resources that can provide more meaningful insights into your possibly queer feelings.”

Where is the highest percentage of LGBTQ+ people?

Late last year, the Williams Institute at the University of California published a study on LGBTQ+ populations across the US. Around 5.5% of the US population is believed to be LGBTQ+. The largest number can be found in California. Again, this is not surprising given it has the highest population. However, the area with the greatest number by proportion is considerably smaller. That’s Washington DC, where an estimated 14.3% of residents are LGBTQ+.

Oregon and Delaware also punched above their weight in terms of gay numbers. The states had 7.8 and 7.5 percent, respectively, according to the Williams Institute. These were followed by Vermont and New Hampshire (7.4 and 7.2 percent, respectively).

Nearly 36 percent of LGBTQ Americans live in the South, which researchers defined as stretching from Texas and Oklahoma to Florida and north through Delaware. Kentucky, West Virginia.

Organizations such as the Trevor Project and the Human Rights Campaign both offer resources around exploring your sexuality, gender identity and coming out. We’d checking them out over and above a “gay test” quiz.

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